Sunday, November 13, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 10 NFL Picks

Bet against the Vikes today. No team is worst against the Giants/away/outdoors. If there was such a thing as a lock, this is as close as it gets.

I love my Purple People Eaters, but too many factors going against them today, including Love Boat Smoot being out.

Here's some picks that are sure to hurt your wallets today:

2 team parlays:

Pats -3, Giants -9
Cards +3.5, Colts -18.5

5 team parlay:

Panthers -10
Broncos -3.5
Seachickens -7
Falcons -10
Steelers -7.5

Single team bet:

49ers +13 (stop laughing)

3 team 12 point teaser teaser:

Giants +2
Colts -6
Steelers +4.5

I got a squirrel stuck in my chimney with no way getting it out. The poor thing is making some sickly noises :(

Gotta go.

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