Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day 3 and 4 Tournament Challenge: "The Quest for Mediocrity"

A little late with my posting but being a parent and a tournament director for a family home game takes some time away from the poker playing :)

Day 3:

PokerStars: Limit Omaha 8 or better $10 + $1
Full Tilt: H.O.R.S.E. $5 + $.50
Full Tilt: NLHE $24 + $2

Limit Omaha 8 or better $10 + $1: 83rd out of 126, card death early and didn't play very well as I got impatient when the blinds escalated. Some very bad play by the chip leaders, but they could afford to hit their runner-runner lows and flushes. It is a drawing game, so they draw, and won!

H.O.R.S.E. $5 + $.50: Never had a chance here, the blinds go up very quickly in this game and I didn't catch early, aggression was turned aside like a used condom. Out 46th of 81

NLHE $24 + $2: CASHOLA! Left on a runner runner flush suckout but, the cash was mine all mine! 17th out of 123 Winnings $29.52

Total amount spent (to date): -$140.00
Total amount won (to date): +$29.56
Cash Game winning/loses (to date): +$40.00
Balance: -$70.44

Cash games hurt as I got a little restless with AK in NLHE and played a low in PLO (clicked on the wrong game AGAIN!

Day 4:

Full Tilt Stud High/Low $5 + $.50: Final Table but no mOOlah, played aggressively passive and had to take my shots in spurts. Lost with Jackd Up to a rivered anti-christ. 6th out of 30

Full Tilt NLHE $24 + $2: KK crippled me on the second hand early vs. AT and 44??? Pre-flop, yes he rivered the ace. But I took my chip and a chair all the way past the break to lose a coin flip. Out 102 out of 243

Weekend with Pauly $10 + $1: Took my 59o blind steal suckout early all the way to 19th out of 98, losing AKs vs. AQs, yes a queen flopped. Dem are da breaks! Awesome fun though with bloggers and readers duking it out for the iPod nano to be given to the top point getter over the next couple of weeks.

Full Tilt $20 + $2 Pot Limit Omaha: Went out on a draw late in the action, missing the final table, but managed to snag $8 from the other bloggers in the tourney, does this count as "winnings"?

Total amount spent (to date): -$204.50
Total amount won (to date): +$29.56
Cash Game winning/loses: +$230.00
Balance: +$55.06

Cash games came back in a big way for me, and wiped out all the loses from yesterday's black hole of tilt and second bests.

I know the pokery stuff isn't for everyone, but I need to see just how much I'm pissing away playing tourneys. Its a rather shocking amount at this point.

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