Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 6: Tournament Challenge "The Quest for Mediocrity"

It started with a sniffle of bad beats and ended with a loud sneeze of “WHY ME” after being outdrawn in a cash game. A viral infection of crabbiness mixed with running bad is a sign to walk away. Anyone got a flu shot?

No poker tonight.

I’m going to catch up on WSOP viewing and see what all the hype about Tiffany Williamson is all about with a nice bowl of peppermint bon-bon ice cream and go nowhere near the virtual felt tonight.

Day 6:

PokerStars NLHE $20 +$2 180 person SnG
Full Tilt NLHE $20 + $2 9 person SnG
PokerStars PLO8 $10 + $1 9 person SnG

After the first MTT of the evening I quickly figured that putting money into other MTTs would be a total waste of cash (as if me playing tournaments isn’t already a vortex of dead money). The beats keep coming, and I keep losing. I stayed aggressive, ahead of the blinds, stole when I could, backed off when I knew I was beat but it just wasn’t meant to be once again as I failed to make the first break AGAIN in the 180 person SnG.

You must be playing like shit Drizz.

Quite possible, I can’t explain my horrible track record with MTTs. I could point to the bad beats, but shouldn’t those even out “over time”. Is it possible to run badly for more then six months? The impending doom of any hand where I’m not a favorite by 11:1 gets me ready to hit the “ok” button with the “you’ve finished 178th place, nice going idiot!!” dialog box.

Bad attitude?

Step right up, I got plenty of it. And I have no remedy for it. Books? I suppose some more books may help, but do they really keep me in the game when I get outdrawn night after night? Get over yourself? Done, a looooooong time ago. I don’t see myself as a good player, but I’d love to have just a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down Ms. Poppins.

I follow the Theory of Poker and “play my hand as if the cards were face up”, you WANT to get your money in when you feel like you’re in a dominate position. If I were to play meekly in those situations then I would be costing myself money, correct Mr. Sklansky? When I get my money in with AKs vs . 86o and flop a King, I should be happy, right?

In a few interviews Greg Raymer stresses his ability to make good decisions and not worry about the results. We know tonight he’s going to be tested by this statement with the monster suckout that knocks him out of the tournament after five long days (sorry for the spoiler).

If he can handle it, why can’t I? The answer is probably why I’m a cube monkey, and he’s traveling the poker circuit with a platinum WSOP bracelet on his wrist.

In a cash game, draws are completed without proper odds, but it doesn’t bother me as much because I usually understand the nature of the draw, and why the person did it (in PLO8 that is). I might not like it immediately, but I’ll understand it. Outdraw me in a tournament and I’m bound to tilt, because I don’t understand risking all of those chips as a huge underdog. Whine whine whine.

I tried this challenge to myself to see if it was bad play or bad beats that was preventing me from cashing consistently in MTTs. Even though 20-25 tournaments in a very small sample, it’s a mirror to how bad I’ve been running for the past six or so months with tournaments.

PokerStars NLHE $20 + $2 180 person SnG: Won a close race early with QQ vs. 22, but managed to succumb to the table maniac getting beat with QQ vs. TT, AK vs. KQ, and my favorite AKs vs. 86s after flopping a king and getting beat by rivered trips. Out 83rd out of 180. This tourney was the final straw. I know “look at the long run” and all that jazz, but every person has a breaking point, and I reached mine. Tourneys are done for a long while, unless it’s to have fun with other bloggers.

Full Tilt NLHE $20 + $2 9 person SnG: Ran right into the face of a card rack, who hit his cards while I stood back and looked for a spot. Got AT vs. his KT in for a pre-flop raise with the flop coming out KKQ, no jack for me and I was crippled. I pushed on the button with K8 to see his AK. Out 5th out of 9

PokerStars PLO8 $10 + $1 9 person SnG: Ah, home sweet home. I have forgotten that Stars had regular PLO8 SnGs and decided if I going to steam thru another tourney, I might as well do it with my favorite game. I took 2nd. CASHOLA! Was behind starting heads-up but I couldn’t do much because my opponent was very aggressive and very good about picking his spots. Tip of the cap to him. Out 2nd of 9. Winnings $27.00

Total amount spent (to date): -$308.50
Total amount won (to date): +$83.56
Cash game winning/loses: +$ 275.00
Balance: +$50.06

I will follow through on this challenge tomorrow, playing in one more 180 person SnG and hopefully a mixed game MTT at Full Tilt. Wish me luck and no whammies.

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