Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Penultimate to Non-Cash

When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy.

-- Samuel Goldwyn

Thanks again for the sweat guys. Sorry I couldn't suckout on the massive chip leader.

Actually I was squarely the last to non-cash, not next to last. I just wanted to use the word “penultimate” and try to be a cool kid. Bubble boy again for the third time in three days.


SirWaffle mentioned on the Instant Messaging box that a PLO8 tourney was starting up on Full Tilt while I was just planning on checking my email, maybe find some midget porn, and head to bed with the nasty migraine I’d been fighting all-day. But, a PLO8 tourney stirs my loins more then seeing garden gnomes getting it on in a back seat of a school bus.

I think I threw up a little bit there.

Card death combined with calling stations and having the chip leader raise every single hand while getting blinded down is not a good mix. Granted ANY hand is playable when you have five times the stack of second place in an Omaha tourney, but it didn’t help my position of having to pick my spots to call and hope for a good flop with draws to try to snag a cash. I was more patient in this tourney then in the past. In fact I've been far more patient recently in tournaments and the results are finally coming in. I didn’t shove my chips in the middle without thinking about it first. This is a corner I’ve finally turned with tournament play as in the past I’d shove my chips in with a coin flip then write some whinny post/IM about how I never win the flip.

*** Warning stupid unwarranted poker advice is about to commence ***

The following presentation is not-suitable to those under the age of 21 or people who think that grape kool-aid is better then cherry.

In PLO8 it is FAR more advantageous to see the flop THEN take a course of action. If you shove pre-flop even with the holy grail of all O8 hands AA23 double suited, you’re only a slight favorite over two or three donkeys playing a two pair hand or four mid-range cards (such as 89TJ).

Being aggressive by shoving pre-flop (without a huge stack, bludgeoning people with a stack is different) is turning your tournament into nothing more then a War-styled card battle. I’ve read several blogger’s suggestions over the past week concerning the advantage to winning post-flop rather then pushing small edges pre-flop. I don’t think there’s a better game to do this at then PLO8. “Sweetening the pot” with min-raises is an excellent tactic with a potential scoop hands (three to a wheel and suited ace), that way if/when you do hit the flop hard (nut-low plus four to a flush/two pair/a set) you’ll get paid off without risking your entire stack in a game that your course of action is very dependant upon the flop.

Unlike Hold Em’ where a small pair can pull off a stop and go with a raggedy board if you put your opponent on two overcards, in PLO8 if the board comes out with three to a low and you hold AAKJ with no potential flush, your hand is now dead to half the pot the majority of the time, and you’re getting free-rolled for the high. This is a prime example of a hand I see overplayed in O8 tournaments time and time again.

I must really be sick for trying to offer poker advice. Please accept my apology to those who are rushing to the medicine cabinet for some quick dissolving Maalox-Plus.


Ever gone to a retail store and had to pick the line you wished to check-out your exfoliating lime infused body wash and catnip toys for your cat, but three cashiers all ask you at the same time “would you like to check-out sir/ma’am?”.

Which one do you choose?

Think hard here.

Last night, my wife chose the cashier with a little Pillsbury doughboy thing seeping out underneath her straining red ribbed shirt instead of the Tyra Banks look-a-like. Even Little Drizz barely turned around to say his usual “hi hi” to the display of flesh oozing out between the stretchy pants and boob enhancing sweater top. I was going to mention the Six-Pack Abs video featuring a very sexy John Basedow was on special in the clearance rack, but that seemed a little immature.

Personally I’m not one to expose my midriff since my six pack from playing hockey is gone along the lines of a Budweiser party ball now and I shouldn’t be critical of others. But I wasn’t the one trying to accentuate my bosom at the expense of rippling wave of flesh across the belly button ocean. Even the pregnant wife gave a “what the fuck” look as she could tell those weren’t maternity pants the cashier was wearing.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out Hank’s latest post concerning the psychology of poker. Your ego and sanity will thank you.

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