Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No Final Table, No Cry

Three tourneys.

Three buy-ins safely pocketed by other players more fortunate then me.

One cash game.

Pays for those tournament buy-ins safely pocketed by other players more fortunate then me.

I don’t know if this zero-sum game I play with tournaments is the best form of money management, but it certainly is the best I can hope for as I learn more about how to play tourneys. I can attribute many of my losses to “bad luck”, but why sit and whine about something I can’t control, and try to change what I can. I did manage to get through 75% of the field in two MTTs on Full Tilt last night, which was promising but unfulfilling. Kind of like scoring a date with the head cheerleader... and having the protective dad sitting between you and her on the couch during "Say Anything". The LO8 head-ups bracket tourney on Stars was definitely different, as I played very aggressively to start, and held a sizable lead. But, I didn’t take my foot off the gas when the limits were raised to an amount that would hurt until it was too late, and lost.

Moral victory once again?

I’m getting tired of moral victories, show me the money damnit!

Perhaps I’ll never “get it”, because there’s a reason why other bloggers have had great successes in tournaments. Its not “I got lucky” or “I didn’t get unlucky” there's a reason why certain players win. He of milk fame, Louie Pasteur quoted “chance favors the prepared mind”. My mind isn’t prepared; it’s a bowl of cherry Jell-O that’s held up by what’s left of my skull. I try to remain positive during tournaments, even after a beat (if it doesn’t wipe me out…). But the mind-set of playing for 2-5 hours and have nothing to show for it except a super-cool bad beat story doesn’t seem like a very productive way to spend my hardly earned poker dollars.

Why do I still play tournaments then?

Because I hold more lottery tickets then most of the other kids and one of these days my powerball is going to get called. Pushing that 88 vs. my AA pre-flop? Yeah, I’m going to win four out of five times. I’ve been trying to keep this in the back of my head each time I’m on the receiving end of a beat. I’ll have my day again sometime soon when the post headline will be a smarmy quote followed by a screenshot of Little Drizz’s or the hellooooooooo nurse’s icon holding all of the tournament chips.

A self-imposed challenge this week.

Play at least three MTT tournaments with a $10 or higher buy-in (unless it’s the $3 rebuy at Stars which is a $9 minimum in my eyes anyway) per night for the next week and record the results for better for worse. No hand histories, just results.


And for those who have been living in a crack house for the past few days, two all-star bloggers have stepped up and created some very cool tournaments to play on the weekend while we’re crying about the hometown football team doing so poorly.

Everyone is from Minnesota right?

First tourney is worst to first WPBT Aladdin champ Bill Rini’s creation:

Six Gun Shoot Out in the Desert
Ok boys and girls, after serving up a little trick, I’m here with the treat I promised the other day. I’ve decided to add a little excitement to the World Poker Blogger Tour Winter Classic in Las Vegas on December 10th. I’ve scheduled three $10 +$1 blogger tournaments on Full Tilt Poker on Nov 6th, Nov 13th and Nov 20th. Since I wanted to mix things up a bit, they’re satellite tournaments. Top two players from all three tournaments will be entered into a LIVE 6 person shoot-out tournament at the Imperial Palace immediately following the regular blogger tournament. But wait, there’s more! The 6 person shoot-out is a winner take all.

Now the details:

Nov 6th, 13th, and 20th at 3pm Eastern (do the math for your local time zone)

Full Tilt Poker. Go to the tournaments section, click on private and scroll down. The tournament is private so you will need a password. Please email me for the password (you’ll see my reasoning for not posting it here later in this message). Here’s a hint: They’re tournament numbers 1718580, 1718582, and 1718583.

The top two lucky winners from each tournament will be entered into a winner take all freeroll, six person shootout at the Imperial Palace immediately following the main blogger tournament on December 10th in Las Vegas.

If you don’t plan on going to the blogger tournament then it’s pointless for you to enter. You will not receive any sort of cash compensation!!!! When you are given a password for this tourney, do not give it out to others unless you absolutely, positively know they’re playing in the blogger tournament on the 10th.

The six players in the shootout will be allowed to chop. You can even chop before the tournament starts. It’s totally up to you. Personally though, I would recommend maybe a six way chop of 50% or 60% of the prize pool and then battle it out for the remainder.

Due to the freakish nature of how this tournament will work, the satellite tournaments were entered into the system as winner take alls. The winner take all prize pool for the event will be temporarily deposited into the first place winner’s account where it will be immediately withdrawn by Full Tilt and put into a holding account. In other words, don’t get excited when you see the money in your account and don’t freak out when you see it disappear.

Do not enter the tournament unless you will be in Vegas to play in the shootout. You will not be awarded any money for winning the satellite (for those who might have missed it the first time).
Right now, the plan is to transfer the money to the Full Tilt account of the winner of the shootout. Of course, if deals get struck or whatever, those percentages will be transferred to the respective Full Tilt accounts as well. In other words, I’m not planning on bringing the cash with me to Vegas. I might be convinced otherwise if the six finalists bug me enough but I’m not hot in the idea of carrying around a few grand in cash that isn’t mine.

If you win more than one satellite entry, you can either gift or sell your additional spot to someone else or play against fewer players. For instance, if you somehow won three entries, you could compete against just three other opponents if you so choose.


And anyone who did not receive an iPod at the Stars Blogger tourney… has a second chance, as Dr. Pauly puts together a series of point based tournaments with special prizes to those who finish in the top three overall:

What: Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

Where: Poker Stars

When: Saturday November 5th at 1pm EST

Tournament Info: #14338880 (check under Private Tournament Tab)

Password: hiltons

Eligibility: Anyone with a Poker Stars account

Attire: Pants optional

Special Prizes & Bounties:

First place (weekly): Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

My Bounty (weekly): Free iTunes Gift Card (Bust me and get 15 free songs!!)

Grubby's Bounty: Visit the Poker Grub for more info

John "Shecky" Caldwell's Bounty: Bust John aka "Shecky" and you get a free Poker News t-shirt and $20 added to your Poker Stars account!

Saturday's with Dr. Pauly Champion... Overall Winner: iPod Nano

Overall 2nd Place: DVD of the Big Lebowski

Overall 3rd Place: Daddy calls you on Christmas to wish you Happy Holidays

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Tour Dates:Tournament #1: Sat. November 5th at 1pm EST

Tournament #2: Sat. November 12th at 1pm EST

Tournament #3: Sat. November 19th at 1pm EST

Tournament #4: Sat. November 26th at 1pm EST

Yes, that's not a typo you see. I will also be giving away a special bonus prize... a brand new iPod NANO... to the player who does the best in all four events!! I'll even try to get it engraved for the winner.

Disclaimers: To be eligible for the iPod and DVD, you have to play every Saturday. If you are not of the Christian persausion and finish in 3rd place, you are eligible to get Daddy to call you on any other day of your choice. Offer is valid from December 24th, 2005 thru July 4th 2006.

Here's a loophole: If you are busy with life stuff, and can't play in all 4 tournaments, you can always sign up and post and fold until you get blinded out in order to maintain your eligibility for the free iPod.

How will I determine a Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion? Simple. You add up all your places in the four events. The player (that plays in all 4 events) with the lowest total number wins.


Iggy finishes 5th, 27th, 33th, and 15th. He has 80 points.Pauly finishes 11st, 119th, 5th, and 25th. He has 160 points.Derek finishes in 9th, 2nd, 17th, and 54th. He has 82 points.Iggy would win the iPod beating out Derek by 2 points.


Both of you give yourselves a pat on the back or ass or whatever feels good. Because its people like yourselves that make our little poker blogging community like a second family. We play a cut-throat game together, yet still manage to be friendly afterwards. Mind-bOOgling (intentional super-cool misspelling).

Thanks for dropping by, now go visit Bill and Pauly. Let them know that their efforts are appreciated. And if you don’t appreciate them, then just go and indulge in Rini’s PokerFilter or Pauly’s conversations with horny people in Las Vegas casino bathroom stalls.

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