Wednesday, July 20, 2005

And The Thunder Rolls

Wow, Mother Nature has decided its too frickin hot here in the Twin Cities and has let go of all the water she's been retaining. The wife woke me up twice from my usual power nap on the way to work this morning while hitting kiddie pool size puddles. Very inconsiderate of the weather to disturb my beauty sleep. I'll be filing a complaint as soon as that inquiry I made in 1985 gets answered (losing baseball cards due to rain sucks, especially when some of those cards are worth $100 a piece today).

Ah, a new day. I doubled up the amount of sleep I got from the previous night but I'm still running on fumes today. But, they're good fumes since I have some lady companionship to look forward to tonight. I'm going to be playing some live poker tonight! If you have been reading the Minnesota boys poker blogs there's free bar poker tourneys now legal in this state. Granted the road is long to win something significant (WPT/WSOP event seats, cash, date with Lindsay Lohan pre-crack addict diet). Ok, maybe no date but she was here last week filming a movie! Yes, getting her cig flicked at a guy's bike was deemed "newsworthy" in our Star Tribune paper. I'm still disappointed she didn't call, and will be drowning my sorrows tonight with rivered Aces and Cap'n Cokes. The Lookout is a local bar that's been around my humble surburb before it became the commericalized sell out that the city is now. Name the restaurant chain, we got it, name the department store chain, we got it, name the strip club... oh wait there's only one place that even sells porn (you won't find even Playboy at the gas stations). The Lookout used to be three blocks from my former abode and has the BEST broasted chicken wings and BBQ sauce. Granted the service can be slow, but they've retained the friendly "everyone knows your name" hole-in-wall bar service while upgrading the place significantly. Highly recommended to check out if you're in my neck of the woods and don't feel like going to a cut-and-paste place to eat.

Registration is at five, cards in the air at six, Drizz out at 6:02, Drizz downs 3rd Cap'n Coke at 6:03, Drizz calls wife at 6:30 asking for a ride home and a quickie, Drizz sobers up at midnight and tries to walk home after pissing off the wife (its a 3 mile walk now...). Despite the assured asshat play that is sure to be on display by myself tonight I'm going to enjoy it. How can you not enjoy live poker? Plus, there's a bonus... but that might be revealed tomorrow.


Anyone hear a song on the radio and immediately think of a place/person/event? "Lets Get Rocked" just came up on the iPod and reminded me of my pathetic attempts to get into the pants of a female Dairy Queen employee while in high school. Rico Suave I was/am not.


Co-ed softball was fun last night despite the windy conditions. I was being my normal pseudo-cocky self out there and just trying to enjoy the company of my family and friends. I may or may not have injured my father-in-law when a girl didn't catch the ball that I threw and skipped off the top of her glove and hit his knee that have one of those funky braces on it. Ow. It makes it easier to enjoy when you don't lose by double digits. Burnsie didn't show up last night since he was working. The asshole told me he was working at six yesterday and that's why I agreed to go out to the bars Monday night, since we'd both be dragging ass yesterday. But he failed to mention he was working at 6 PM (there's a not amused look on my face). So, I suffered through the lack of sleep while he got in double digit hours of slumber. I'll have my revenge, oh yes, revenge will be mine. He gets wicked can't-see-straight-for-half-a-day hangovers from mixing beer/hard alcohol while drinking, I plan on a night at the bars alternating drinks in the near future *insert evil laughter here*.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to learn more about Minnesota Bar Poker. We only have one major card room in this state, gotta play somewhere, even if its for a bar tab and t-shirt ;)

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