Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hard Habit To Break

Instead of getting easier
It's the hardest thing to take
I'm addicted to ya babe
You're a hard habit to break

- Chicago "Hard Habit To Break"

Head ringing from lack of sleep, body tired from constant running around for the past week, and a chance to get a decent night's sleep so what do I do?

Yeah. I played poker. I am a weak man and whipped like a freshman in high school who finally got past second base.

It was well worth it because I won... a quarter. Yep, only $9,999.75 away from fullfiling one of the three things I'd like to do before I go into the great beyond. I can feel that WSOP main event seating ticket in my back pocket in May 2991. Maybe I can pull an Austin Powers/Ted Williams and get cryo'd for a thousand years only to learn that in 2990 they raised the buy in to $20,000 and everyone plays from their TV sets for four months to determine a winner.

Winning session is a winning session though. I'll take it, especially from Absolute where my luck has been the worst, minus a nice 2nd place in an O8 MTT earlier in the year, my results at this site are fit for a bad Sunday night sitcom with an overused laugh track. The lineups at a normal $2/$4 Hold Em' table are difficult since its set up more like a Party $15/$30 table. The table has two idiot/donkey/manaics, a couple of calling stations, and a three or four sharks waiting for the turn to check-raise you. It seems to be a big theme there to always wait for the turn to check-raise, the only other site I see this is the Crypto skins and the European players check-raising on the turn/river a lot. Unfortunately this play makes me tighten up my turn betting standards and becoming weak-tight, leaving bets on the table and giving free cards where I shouldn't. Do I need a shot (double SoCo) of confidence? Maybe a "don't play like a pussy" like Pauly's advice to uber-blogger Wil at the WSOP?

Maybe I could take a page out of the pro's books like on the Full Tilt tourney last night on FSN. I think Howard summed it up nicely in saying "its refreshing to watch ALL of the hands and not just the all-ins". And one again he was excellent behind the mic, commenting on a how Clonie Gowen (who was looking rather beautiful in that black dress if I may add) and Ted Forrest kept softplaying (maybe stressed it a little too much) but after a couple of hands it was just the respect Ted had for Clonie's known tightness. It was awesome to see Ted shift gears from aggressive on some weak hands and strong hands alike, then tightening up. Kristy "Star" Gazes managed both a card rush and some excellent aggressive play to fight back from a 3:1 disadvantage to win in the heads up match against Ted and $250,000. I thought she was done for while on tilt from the flopped flush which Clonie managed a runner-runner full house. Again we got to see Kristy's real emotion then and there, not after she had time to cool off. Awesome. One thing itched me about her continuously looking at her watch, did she have a hot date with a boy-band member or something?

I may have started to watch late because when I turned on the set there was only 6 people left (did they televise the entire tourney?). I know that live poker telecasting may only appeal to the die-hard fans/players but I hope last night's coverage is a start of a trend because it gave a true feel to how the pros play hands like K3o from the blinds, rather then AK vs. QQ or other similar top tier hands. Also a perfect example of how they do not allow (for the most part) their emotions to control the cards (Gazes coming back to win after the bad beat). Unfortunately, I didn't catch the heads up match between Lederer and the fan's choice (Danny N. was leading the poll at 9pm CST when sirens of online poker called my name). Maybe its been played before, but the hammer bluff commerical with Chris "Jesus" Ferguson rocked. YOU GOT BLUFFED!! HAHAHAHAHA!! OWNED!!! And the other guy's face of depression/amazement was perfect.

On a work related note, I got to be a tour/training guide yesterday for a new young and attractive female. I am not the one on one type when speaking about work related matters with people I don't know (poker I could sit for hours and discuss things). It was supposed to last a half hour... 120 minutes later we were finally wrapping up. I figured after five minutes of listening to me talk about chargebacks, promo allowances, and slotting fees she'd be screaming for an extended break. I guess accounting can be a riveting subject to some people? Or was it the Axe body wash that I used yesterday morning? Ooooooooookay. Back to reality McFly.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to see if you have my mojo to swoon the ladies with sexy talk about ledgers, ten key stroking, and cooking the books.

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