Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Name is Mudd

My name is Mud
Not to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or Dennis
My name is mud and it's always been
- Primus "My Name is Mudd"

And I just got off the phone with a "customer service specialist (CSS)" at my doctor's office. I was making an appointment for Wyatt (Little Drizz) and his two year check up.

Me: Hi, I would like to make an 2 year check up appointment for my son
CSS: And his name?
Me: Wyatt A***
CSS: And your name?
Me: David
CSS: And your last name
Me: its the same as his (what else did you expect it to be genius?, look who paying for the insurance)
CSS: And what is the same
Me: My last name is the same as my son's
CSS: And what's your son's name?
Me: Wyatt A***
CSS: Ok, please hold (sound of keyboard clacking in the background)
CSS: What is your son's DOB?
Me: 08/07/03
CSS: And what will you be bring him in for?
Me: His two year check up and shots if needed
CSS: You mean his one year check up?
Me: No, he was born in 2003 making him 2 years old next week
CSS: So, do you want the one year check up or the two year?
Me: (Mumble to myself: what is he a frickin car and what the fuck did you smoke at lunch?) No, ma'am I'd like him to get his 2 year check up
CSS: Ok, and what day would you like this on?
Me: This friday (July 29th...) if possible in the morning
CSS: Great! I'll make the appointment for August 5th at 10am
Me: That's fine, thanks for the help (mumble: asshat)


I think similarly intelligent people hopped into my space of online poker last night because I had a winning session (keep it on the down low yo). Yes, JTs and 77 are AWESOME hands to push all in pre-flop on in a cash game! The deck hit me, the LAGs paid me off, pure and simple. Nut peddle to the metal. But, I'm still learning how to NOT try to push people off hands that won't fold. Why the hell do I continue to do it? Flush card hits, I come over the top of calling station who holds only middle pair yet still get called down. Unfortunately, I'm playing at a level ($100max) where nut peddling is the road to success. Its boring poker, yes, but profitable and lets you keep your sanity.

Now more then ever I need to find some verbage to get my brain to fire a command to my itchy internet finger (STOP SEMI-BLUFFING THE CALLING STATION). If there's a good psychological book out there (Theory of Poker? Tao of Poker? Chicken Soup for the Gambling Soul? ) send me a message. I made some cash from Suckout's video poker bonus and would like to apply said profit to some poker books. Felicia has suggested for cost, which look very attractive much like the Susan Powter (when did Susan get her hair back???) look-a-like.

I heard through certain A's loving, ex-Reds smoking, Metrosexual dressing folk that my site has a shitty format for long posts (and I agreed with his assessment).

I suck at the internet.

So.... I'm looking for someone who can re-format my site WITHOUT LOSING THE CONTENT! I'm not sure how much this would cost to do (yes, I'm a sucker take meh money). But, I'm not looking for an overhaul, just make the site easier to read maybe a coolio nickel and dimes pic for the header.

I'm heading up to the cabin again this weekend, so no poker once again unless the wife drops me off (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) at Grand Casino along the way. Or, I'll have to put up with drinking too much and playing golf all weekend. Darn.

Thanks for dropping by, now here's a gross tidbit I read from Maxim magazine this morning... Sweden made beastiality legal in 1944. Maybe Daddy could fly overseas to teach an advanced Donkey fucking course to all those shy Swedish farmers. Have a good weekend folks!

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