Monday, July 11, 2005

I Feel Sorry For The Softball Tonight

To generate a little extra propulsion while hitting a softball I generally put the face of someone on the ball that has wronged me during the week before sending it skyward, sometimes over the fence, sometimes hitting a cloud and coming back down into the pitcher's mitt.

Tonight, the face of PartyPoker's average idiot at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables will be implanted on this ball. Are you listening to me I_Rulez_420? Yes, you will get running Aces to beat my flopped full house. Don't mind my raises, I have shit.

Sigh, I am a whinny bitch even after chatting with Iggy and Felicia (thanks again guys, I know you two have MUCH bigger things going on, thanks for the shoulder though ;) ). I can't seem to shake the bad beat bug. Its a endless road of river suckouts that has my head spinning and considering to stop play for the first time since the poker bug bit me hard a yard ago. Just one of these nice pots would make me a winner for the night but alas the 5% card always seems to come in for the oxygen deprived graduate of Stupid U. after building a nice pot.

What do we do about this? Read. Felicia suggested a book which I will be acquiring soon since its a staple to any serious player's library and for some reason I was putting it off till a reached high stakes. In the meanwhile I'll still be fooling around with Omaha 8 or better since I can keep the variance to a minimum there, but no more swimming on the shallow end with floaty wearing BBJ players. Mike McD's advice about spotting the sucker? Don't worry they're still wearing florescent orange deer hunting jackets and playing 94o for 3 bets cold, happy hunting.

Ok, with the usual poker whinning out of the way how about the guys only weekend... oh wait mom and dad called and want the sweet, loving, grandchild to come up the cabin for the weekend. So much for those plans. Me and Little Drizz went to my parent's cabin a day early for a belated Father's Day dinner on Sunday for my dad. After a 40 minute ride that consisted of the little guy screaming for 39 minutes we arrived at the cabin my father and his six brothers built by hand. Small and cozy rambler with new air conditioning (thank god, because the humidity would make a cockroach sweat). Its where I learned to play cards and have many good memories of horseshoe games and fishing off the dock for sunnies and perch thinking they were walleye and northerns. Since my dad has been in New York for the past 3-4 months there were no groceries in fridge, so I offered to help my mom shop while Little Drizz watched Shrek with my dad for the 15,998,401th time. Eddie Murphy as the donkey still makes me laugh though.

I am a GREAT grocery shopper. SPECIAL 24 PACK CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES $3.99!!! LAYS POTATO CHIPS 2 FOR $3.00!! I get the good stuff. Grocery shopping brings out all the fun people in society since people generally need to eat and show off their tits in public. Yeah, who knew the grocery store could be every bit as stimulating as a day at the beach? Ok, the chicks weren't wearing dental floss g-strings and tops two sizes too small but no bra in the frozen food section? Yes, I'm looking and yes that's a slab of summer sausage that suddenly appeared in my front pants pocket. Pervert? Sorry even the ladies who read this blog would look too if a woman was looking at you with two pairs of eyes. On the opposite end of the sexual shopping experience is the woman wearing daisy duke shorts.... with her gut flapping against her thighs over her shorts. Ok maybe not THAT bad, but is Cub's Food really the place to be showing off your groove thang with your four kids knocking canned goods off the shelves? Please remember grocery shopping is rated G for General Audiences... except in the frozen section where you'll find deviants like me.

I received the 2004 WSOP video on Friday, and unfortunately due to grocery shopping and steak grilling at the cabin I was unable to watch all three disks. But after watching disk one, the series has me ready for more. Excellent clarity, a tad longer bust out interviews, and NO commericals! My only negative about this set so far is the lack of closed captioning. Being the deaf-mute I am, its nice to not have to turn up the volume to Metallica concert levels to hear Mike Matusow tell the future champ about his pea sized nads when I can read it. That was the only negative thoughts I have about the video set so far, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the main event coverage, and the special 3rd disk packed with interviews and Kansas City Lowball coverage (not seen on ESPN's regular coverage!).

Thanks for dropping by, now go here and find out how to pick up a date at the grocery store! (Note this is JoeSINGLE not JoeSpeaker... but I could see the suave dressing writer pick up a lady or two in the produce aisle) I kid. I kid. :)

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