Friday, July 08, 2005

Guys Rule Weekend

First I'd like to offer my condolences to those in the United Kingdom. I can't express enough how twisted and mindless these terrorist are to prey upon innocent people. On the gaming board I post on, a British friend lives fairly close to the bomb site and has been passing along information, and its sick to hear of the carnage. My prayers go out to the victims and families of the victims. And my anger of wanting to pierce a sharp object up the asses of these terrorist cowards will not subside till they stop hiding behind a religion and a "cause". There is no "cause", there is no end game, just mindless killing. Diplomacy will not work with these people, what are you going to offer a group of people who treat human life like a game of Half Life? Its just a giant scoreboard to these people, more kills, more numbers on the board for no purpose. There's no ransom demand, just hatered for people who do not follow their way of life. Some life fucktards (see JoeSpeaker's site for definition of Fucktards).

End rant.

Onwards to good stuff like a weekend with just me and Little Drizz. The missus is heading up to the cabin for one of those card/scrapbooking making foo-foo things. Yes dear, the scrapbook/cards/envelope look great with all that frilly stuff on it. I never knew how many different accessories you could buy for this hobby: tables, stensels, 50 billions types of pens/markers, press machines, different paper, etc... Oh don't forget the classes, workshops, and "tupperware" type home parties where they get you to buy even more of this crap. Hell, if I spent as much on poker books as she does on the scrapbooking I'd have a book collection that would rival the Library of Congress.

Won't you take me to Funkytown, won't you take me to funkytown!!.... sorry iPod moment. If only could be a sex toy too I would live happily alone. Just me and the iPod. No one else. What? No, I'm not addicted but I do have the strange urge to go purchase a Mac.

Not sure what me and Little Drizz will go do this weekend, I'm thinking the park (hopefully to watch some T-ball games...), maybe some ice cream at Coldstone, and a long walk in his oversized radio flyer. Exciting stuff I know, but since I can't drive I need to things that are within walking distance. Maybe some Chuck E. Cheese for some migraine-inducing fun. Nothing like some pizza, soda, and 50+ little kids in an arcade fighting over who gets to play Dance Dance Revolution Extreme! next. Of course if I was alone for the weekend, I'd be down at Canterbury rocking to Metallica, Anthrax, Toby Keith, and Ronnie Milsap on the iPod while bitching about how 8 people cold called my UTG raise with AA. I need some live poker action damnit!

There will be some online poker while Little Drizz is dreaming of Thomas the Tank Engine and that cute girl next door (she's 31). I got a freeroll at Stars as a result of the final table yesterday, plus the PartyPoker reload to work off. I think someone asked how many sites I have over $50 at recently. And despite my best efforts to stop spreading my money among the 300+ poker sites, the number is six. Full Tilt, Party, Stars, Absolute, UB, and Noble (thanks to some free "cmon back" cash). I think I found my new cash game while waiting to bust out of the tourney on Wednesday night with JoeSpeaker. Overbetting in Omaha is sweet money for the pockets of the patient ones is the only clue I'll give.

Cause I'm long, and I'm strong, and I'm down to get the friction on! 36-24-36 Ha! Only if she's 5'3".

Sir-Mix-A-Lot out!

Thanks for dropping, now please do yourself a favor and check out Pauly, Prof's, and Otis' sites for up to date WSOP coverage. The main event is here! Cyndi V. is my horse at 24-1 to last longest among the ladies. Hopefully she's not eliminated as I write this... Have a good weekend folks!!

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