Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sometimes Even A Blind Squirrel...

... gets a nut.

I can barely open my eyes right now, so a picture will have to suffice for a thousand words.

I got lucky once with K8o having to push all-in UTG vs. 63s, and the rest of the time I got my money in with the best of it. Busting out on a coin flip (of course). But at least it was a final table... 1420 started, I outlasted 1411.

I took this screenshot (sorry if they suck) since I was waiting for the ol' AA vs. 83o suckout.

But it never happened.

Money in with the best of it all night. Or as a certain father of a future photographer reminded me... play perfect poker, play perfect poker, play perfect poker. And I did, I gave myself the best CHANCE to win. Only one play was questionable, and I'll post it before I slip into comatose here at work.

Blinds at T6,000/T12,000 Ante 300... Sixteen left in the tournament, seven at my table, and I look down at AQo UTG+1. The UTG player with T180,000 has been very actively stealing blinds but has shown down some decent hands, he pops it to T50,000. I have T52,000 which puts me at one of the bottom three stacks. Can I put him on a steal/medium ace/King plus paint here? I have zero fold equity and still have everyone to act in front of me. The table has been a solid mix of blown steals and monster hands so its tough to tell if the hammer or AA is being played. Knowing my record with coin flips, would you push and pray here?

I passed for a better spot and managed two blind steals in a row, then got KK on the next orbit, doubled up and I was on my way to the final table. I have to wonder if I had UTG in a bad situation, or if I dominated by AK, AA, KK, QQ.

Before poker deprived me of a decent night sleep, I found some blogable material all ready for the post today containing MILFs watching their four and five year old sons and daughters play baseball. But, poker came into the fray fast and hard last night keeping me up until 2 A.M. Getting up two and half hours later for work is not nice and easy like the mentioned motherly females. Things sure have changed since I played ball, I don't remember seeing a late 20/early 30 something woman in the stands eager to show off her well-endowed chest held up a see-through sundress with matching g-string. I guess my attention was in the wrong place and makes me wish I could play T-ball again. I think I'll be taking Little Drizz up to the park more often in the future. So he can play outside of course.

Thanks for dropping by and putting up with whatever I splattered on the page above. I'll try to improve tomorrow.

Oh.... a couple of shout outs!

BG is now the king of Kings and Ponies over at, definitely check out his new blogging abode!

Star Wars Film Producer and occasional online poker tournament crusher Chris Hanel is now working with Hdouble and fhwrdh at Full Tilt Poker (use clicky above or Bonus Code: Drizz99)!!!

Congrats to both of you on your new endeavors!

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