Wednesday, July 06, 2005

When Poker Hands You Lemons...

You go on vacation!

Thanks to work schedule changing, I was able to enjoy a five day weekend with minimal vacation hours used, up in beautiful Ely, MN. The weather didn't seem to want to comply with the weatherperson's (not weatherMAN because we like to show PC-ness here) outlook as it was sunny, then windy, then rainy, then snowy, then sleepy, then dopey, then bashful, then doc.... can you tell I watched too many Disney movies this weekend?

Despite the earth's weather having a PMS weekend, I was able to do all the things I wanted. Starting out on Friday morning at Grand Casino Hinckley, the wife dropped off her degenerate gambler of a husband so he could frolic in the -EV games since live poker didn't start until it was time to leave. -$60 for an hour and a half of new slots. I would have played some blackjack but there was some kind of tobacco convention going on at the two tables that were running. Last time I'd seen a cloud of smoke that thick was my pot dealing roommate's room in college.

The five hour ride was peppered with the wife trying not to get mad at Little Drizz for expressing his displeasure of being strapped into his car seat. If I had ANY thoughts of going on an extended road trip this summer it got squashed this weekend. Not even Walt nor endless Baby Einstein movies could calm the little one down enough.

Saturday was spent on the lake flinging little plastic minnows and live ones at the water with no return on investment. The water was a bit choppy and I got a cold reminder when Burnsie hit a nice size wake bringing a small wall of water to the back of my neck while he sat behind a glass shield. If my neck wasn't so sunburnt I might have planned out some kind of revenge. The girls went in town to shop for nick-nacks at the many garage sales being offered but came back empty in their search for the perfect $.25 lamp.

Golfing was on tap for Sunday and it didn't start out very promising as it downpoured for the majority of the morning. But, the sun came out just as we tee'd off at the par 4, 379 yard dogleg right with the hole tucked behind a wall of oaks and I was in a bitter mood. My mood didn't improve much despite another downpour that lasted two holes and the perfect weather that followed. Here I am golfing with my favorite buddies, downing a couple of macro-brewed barley pops, and I could do nothing but bitch about my golf swing. Much like how poker has been going for me. I can't avoid the seemingly endless streak of bad beats and start complaining about them. Its starting to get to me. Even playing a little SnG later that night I was still in tilt-mode as I got snappy at some normally fun-natured ribbing.

Monday brought changes finally, the sun stayed out all day. I figured out that a nasty headache was the cause of the burr up my ass. Pop a couple of migraine pills and voila! I was finally able to enjoy the peacefulness that comes with being up there. Granted Little Drizz did not share this sentiment everytime we'd try to get him to take a nap.... But, close your eyes and imagine a loon calling in the background, a gentle ripple of water hitting the side of your boat, a bright blue sky with wispy clouds above you, a fishing pole in your right hand, and a proper chilled beverage in your left. As stated in my previous post... utopia wrapped in flannel. I'm sure the city-folk that reads this blog won't understand, but I'm not exactly Babe Winkelman and I still love getting out on that water to cast a line with little hope of snagging a fish or two.

The final night ended with me, E, and Burnsie staying up and telling North Hennipin Community College stories while playing poker variations such as Maverick, Guts, Baseball, Follow The Bitch. Perhaps I'll bring a story of a man-child called Nad someday in the future. He was the epitome of college relationship sexual awkwardness. I was definitely no Don Juan myself in college but he made our favorite magician seem like a man of the cloth around the ladies. Best line heard used at a pool with the girl's volleyball team... "Do you like my body?" but stated in a serious not flirtatious manner. Ah, I miss those days sometimes.

The weekend ended with me hopping on Party to see a new reload bonus was available and getting a couple of nasty river beats while playing O8. You'd think one of these times when I get a nut full house the straight flush won't hit, right? Sigh. Oh well, gimme the cards, I'll keep putting my money in with the best of it :)

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to learn more Jessica Biel's hometown :)

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