Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tourney for Charlie

The poker blogger charity tourney of Charlie Tuttle is here, thanks to the organizers (if I'm leaving someone out kindly smack me upside the head with your preferred piece of solid metal). And you should be there, I'll be there probably with splinters in my hands from trimming trees in the backyard... instead of going to the Wynn for three days (grumble something about being a responsible dad instead of degenerate gambler that I am).

Being the great reporter I am I have half of the facts and an iota of the information. Maybe there's a spot for me behind the CNN news desk?

$20.00 is the entry fee, ALL going to Charlie's charity. Its at PokerStars under the "Private" tourney tab on this Sunday July 17th, 2005 tourney # 9680072 (I think Lee Jones has a sense of humor...) at 5:00pm CST (Thanks Chris!!). If you don't play there or have been living under your Winnipeg Jets blanket for the past 10 years and don't know how to find it, IM me at Yahoo! under hrking275. I'll be happy to help you get set up. Not sure if any bloggers are affliates of Stars but I'll try to find out who is and link you up through them.

For some reason I'm wide awake and cheerful this morning despite getting about as much sleep as some hard-working, MILF stripper chasing, WSOP picture snapping folks have been getting for the past month or so. Maybe its because after a crushing the softball around the diamond last night, I played some GOOD poker for once!

The results were meh, but my aggression was in the right spots, I folded before getting myself setup for a second best, and I even threw away the best hand a couple of times and felt good about it. Its refreshing to enjoy good play despite the small win. Whereas this weekend it was mostly good play and bad beats from hell. Nothing gives your poker game a kick in the junk then bad results. Kind of like doubling down and getting 20 versus a dealer's 6 up in blackjack and losing. You made the right play, just didn't get the results. I think that is part of the concepts I'll find when I read Theory of Poker. But my thick skull has only been looking at the dwindling bankroll due to a mix of suckouts and "I REALLY REALLY know I'm beat but I want to see it" type plays. To the books I go forth!

Being a hometown pro sports fan, I saw some good news concerning the Twinkies on my way out to softball last night. Hold on to your Steve Lombardozi, Tommy Herr, and Chuck "I Can't Hit the Wide Side of a Barn" Knobauch cards kids because Bret Boone is coming to town. Hopefully he can provide a spark to the limp infield the Twins have been putting on the field lately. The infield has great players but they look like they're studying for an SAT exam instead of playing baseball. Lighten the fuck up guys!! I predict he'll do better then a different Boone who's making three million to bat closer to my sister's softball batting average (I think she got her first hit in 10 games last week...).

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to learn more about Charlie and please join us for this tournament. I guarantee you'll walk away with a smile on your face and a story to tell. Make sure you have your flask ready, I'm sure SoCo drinking god, and fellow O8 lover AlCantHang will kick the festivities off with an IM/dial-a-shot :)

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