Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You're The Inspiration

And I know, yes I know that its plain to see that Drizz has been playing way too much Chicago on his iPod. I'd forgotten how relaxing their music is. Perfect music to ease into the cube monkey work day.

I didn't get to watch much of the All-Star game last night, except to see Santana and Nathan pitch their innings. Nathan has been looking shaky with his control lately, but last night he appeared to hit some corners that just didn't get called. Santana just needs a confidence boost to get back to his unhittable self, like the Twins scoring more then two runs while he takes the hill. One thing in poor taste that I saw was the fans' booing of Kenny Rogers. Yeah he could have handled himself better around the media, he apologized for being human in a press conference, yet still got a welcoming worthy of John Rocker at Shea Stadium. Sad.

Sad doesn't describe our co-ed softball game last night. Ringling Bros. couldn't have put on a better show. I'm not perfect while playing, far from it, but our team looked 10 people crammed into a VW bug and were locked inside. E made a couple of nice plays out in left field but for the most part our infield looked similar to a retarded, disfigured colander. Throw a ball to the cut-off guy that... oh wait you're not even looking, might wanna duck, I've been known to throw hard. Pop ups and throws softer than Little Drizz's behind were dropped, the game should have included a George Dubya national disaster declaration. But we manage to have fun. Beer and chatting afterwards is what co-ed softball is about.

After watching Nathan give up a run in the All-Star game, I went downstairs for some poker. Two SnGs and bed was the plan.

Plans never pan out.

The first SnG was a clinic on how to allow yourself to get trapped. I don't know where the limp with KK and AA into 4 or 5 people UTG came from but I've seen it in almost every SnG I've played in for the past two months. But soooooooooo satisifying when they get cracked when the 97s limper flops the nut straight. The other SnG was a Step 1 on Party, which I "won" my 52,178th re-entry into a Step 1. The only excitement was finding KK in the later rounds and knowing I was up against AA after I raised an all-in to isolate, there was a re-raise by a solid player. No, I'm not Hellmuth and I didn't lay it down (in a cash game I would have since this guy was playing fairly tight). Reading the player has become much easier since I'm not playing 4-5 games at once anymore, can't wait till those 87 to 13 percent favorites start coming in my favor.

JoeSpeaker was grinding through a $20 MTT with tightness stats that would make Felicia look like Layne Flack so I made sure to remind him that my beloved Twins will be taking the AL wild-card instead of his Oakland A's. Do I smell a prop bet? Damn this gambling gene to hell. I played a little NL O8 with those wacky kids who think AAAQ means you have a full house when a Queen comes on the board and push all-in. Please continue to play games you don't understand, I need a new driveway and some tile for the bathroom upstairs. Thanks.

Tonight - Live poker from the Wynn, but aren't a couple of the Tilter's still in playing at the Rio? According to Doc's site: Ivey and Juanda are still very healthy in the WSOP main event. I wonder who will be taking their places? Lederer busted last night, so I assume we'll get the excellent commentary that he's provided for other tourneys. If anyone has the scoop on who's taking Ivey's and Juanda's place, drop me a comment, thanks!

I promise to make Thursday night my night to view and review the rest of the great 2004 WSOP DVD from ESPN. Stay tuned for that on Friday.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out Al's newest Strip Poker Fan. I'm surprised SoCo still hasn't picked up the option for him to become their Poker Pro/spokesperson. Golden marketing opportunity being missed. Happy hump day folks!!

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