Thursday, July 21, 2005

Free Poker

I arrived at The Lookout a little before five, having the dear and patient wife (she's much calmer when there's no yard work to be done) drop me off right after work. Hmmm... no sign up sheet, no poker tables being set up, not good. So, I inquire with the lovely afternoon bartender who would be better off modeling swimwear yet prefers to sling drinks for the drooling male population instead. I ordered up a Cap'n Coke while I asked about the free poker tournament, she said the sign up was at six and starts at seven. Sigh.

On Monday I emailed the "entertainment" director, or probably the only person in the place that knows how to open email and type and she penned it was a five o'clock registration and six o'clock start. Later start, later the dear and patient wife would have to pick up my handi-capable ass, thus increasing the chances that Drizz would be subject to ridicule and flogging. Or just some dirty looks, not the bedroom type either.

The later start did give me a chance to enjoy my dinner of a dozen finely broasted chick wings w/BBQ sauce and a cold Mich Golden Light. Three beers + wings = Ten Bucks, can't go wrong with that. Not to mention the cute waitress serving me that looked like a grown up Stephanie Tanner sans supermodel robbing Uncle Jeese of course. After the wings were polished off, I hit up a quick game of Golden Tee (which isn't very fun playing alone) and the tables started coming in!

The set up wasn't as polished as the one at my sponsor's bar, as the poker tables were plywood tops put over a banquet table. But the chips were professional, the felt was clean and soft, and the KEM cards meant a decent set up. Free Poker put on a decent show with a chrome domed, bespectled, tall, friendly guy making sure the three tables had equal amounts of people playing at all times. I didn't get in the top 2 or 3 for the snazzy prizes but I did make the final table. Yes, it was my awesome poker skillz that took me to the TV table to play for the elusive Free Poker Tour t-shirt. Or it could have been that I knew not to call an all-in bet with queen high. I'm bluffing please call my all-in with that busted inside straight draw with a board of A A K 9 8 after I raised pre-flop (I'm pretty sure my readers could figure out what I held). Playing was only part of the reason I was there, I wanted to chat and meet fellow poker fanatics. Ok, maybe not fanatics but people who don't throw up when you discuss playing AJs UTG with a short stack. That and I didn't mind sitting next to the luckbox blonde hottie with the loose fitting shirt that had her boobs spill on the table while she dealt. Yes, I looked, I am man, me like boobs. She was probably the strangest player I encountered as one hand she'd play a suited connector, hit her hand and play it fast and win and play a donkey hand the next one. She bluffed me on two consecutive hands pushing me off the winning hand with good bets on a tough board. She was chatty whether she had a hand or calling my all-ins with the suited hammer pre-flop. I think it was the rack that messed up my bullshit radar, maybe blinders would be better to wear at the table for me.

I finished 7th out of 31 (maxed out participatants), I played for about three hours (very decent blind structures) and the final table did represent the better players in the tournament and a couple of Tiffany Williamson's ANY ACE IS THE NUTS GO ALL IN. Three players were very decent players, but best one had a tell in which he'd re-stack his chips before calling/raising if he held a monster (another reason I was playing, to look for tells).

No T-shirt, pissed off wife, and ten pounds added to the gut for the wingys and beer. Worth it? Ubetcha ;)

Tonight? Hey lets do it again! Grand Rios, normally an overpriced waterpark, but in the bar... FREE POKER TOURNAMENT! I'll have to gauge the wife's temperment after work to see if I have enough marriage points saved up to attempt another night of poker.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here if you desire some oversized racks. Man you people have dirty minds, did you think you were going to get this (probably not work safe...)?

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