Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Can't Live Without Your Love And Affection

Why is there a picture of the Nelson brothers here? Because they're pretty I guess, I dunno.

Just be happy G.W.A.R. wasn't playing first on my iPod this morning. I'm sure these two blondes are easier on the eyes.

Lets see, can we tie the Nelson brothers into something to do with poker? Probably. I'm pretty sure nowadays you could effectively tie some tree bark/pot odds analogy if you were a crafty wordsmith unlike this crabby suburban dad.

I'll leave the arbor-like analogies for another day and possibly when I'm not working off three hours sleep. No thanks to a trio of bloggers staying up late to fight off some fishes in a Limit O8 tourney. Chad, Bobby Bracelet, and Joanne were deep into a Stars tournament when I got home from softball and since I'm a much better cheerleader then player I decided to railbird for a bit since they couldn't play too long...

... two hours later and $20 missing from my virtual wallet due to a possible boneheaded call at a $200 NLO8 table (hand history and question later!) there was two bloggers still standing for 1st place money (Bobby was busy salvating over some damn good travel bargains to be bothered with cards and was knocked out early). Joanne clung for dear life going all-in several times and winning but was knocked out when she ran a flush into a flopped full house on the last four tables. Despite several whiny pleas to hit the sack, Chad was doing quite well and I figured him for the final table after a nice scoop when someone over played his low draw and Chad's AA23 double suited was overkill when the board showed no low. But double slick on a low board whiped out his sizable stack and left him tap dancing on the bubble. Out 29th with 27 paying when someone called his all-in with junk (probably uncomfirmed because knocking off a blogger is unattractive and morally repugnant).

Now for that hand history question for the NL/PLO8 experts there on the internet. Yes I'm talking to all three of you. My hand AcQc2d8h, 4 limpers, both blinds complete with blinds at $1/$2 and I'm on the button. This is my first hand and I have my starting stack of $200. The flop comes out 5h 9c 10c, blinds check, UTG+1 pushes all in for ~$43 and limpers fold to me. With the blinds behind still to act (they both have me covered), and my read is to put him on a set of Tens or Nines, do I have the drawing odds to call this? I have the nut flush draw, gutshot straight and backdoor nut low draws.

I missed like a Twinkie trying to hit a Barry Zito curveball, and he even filled up to add insult to injury. Omaha is all about the draws, and I'd feel more comfortable about pushing with mega-draws if I knew it was "correct" to do so. My T-Rex size brain doesn't always compute the right numbers and I tend to go by what feels right. Yes, step right up Drizz's Fortune Tellings is here to predict your sex life and hole cards.


Theory of Poker and Harrington No. 1 arrived from Amazon today which gives me cabin reading material for the next month or so. Unfortunately my Playboy Hawaiian Tropic, Strip Poker, and Midget MILF-hunter DVDs are still in transit. The Shana Hiatt video for, um, journalistic research on the recently departed WPT beauty icon. Yeah, I almost believed that myself.

Thanks for dropping by, now here's a WTF quote from FHM magazine. Mark Nuckols on his human flesh subsitute HuFu... when asked "Will Jeffery Dahmer be used in your ad campaign?" his reply "No, we want to be associated more with fun cannibalism, not scary cannibalism". Well that's a relief, maybe FUN cannibalism will become the new fad like wearing those yellow rubber bands from Lance Armstrong.

"Dude you gonna finish that toe nail?"

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