Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Working For The Weekend

Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end

Loverboy - "Working For the Weekend"

I'm not looking for romance this weekend... well maybe if we visit a "gentlemen's club" I'll take romance one song at a time then.

Wow, I don't think its possible to pack anything else into this weekend coming up.

Here's the itinerary:

Today - Put together Little Drizz's swing set, have family over for dinner
Thursday - Possible trip to Canterbury to make money for this weekend, if no Canterbury playing MTTs all night online
Friday - Bring Little Drizz in for doctor's appointment OR go golfing with 1/2 of the bachelor's party, then head to Izaty's to stay overnight for the start of Bobby's bachelor's party/weekend
Saturday - Puke and rally, go golfing all day, play poker, possible side trips to casino and/or a gentlemen's club, then more poker at night
Sunday - Carry drunk ass home and put on a happy face for Little Drizz's Thomas the Tank Engine theme'd 2nd birthday party! Hope he likes the swing set.

I had to cancel out on two softball tourneys and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in addition to doing all that. Now before you get all judgemental we made plans for next weekend to head to Duluth for a day as a family to go see this. Is it bad that I can name about 15 of the trains by looks? Little Drizz still gets them right more often then I do though.

Is the weekend "relaxing" if you're running from event to event while doing "relaxing" things? It feels like the old family road-trips we'd take while growing up. Ah, memories of driving all day thru the Nevada desert with no air conditioning inside of an overstuffed baby blue Caravan. Not to mention dad's rule about no stopping, for anything, unless we needed gas. But, the places we went to were "fun", like the Motel 8 where the front desk guy left a nice collection of freshly killed flies on the desk to show off his mastery of that fly swatter he won at the county fair last weekend. Yes, Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo were nice as well, but at the time it didn't seem worth it after being in a tight car with two siblings and no game boy, PSP, iPods, etc... to keep from getting on each other's nerves.

-------------------------------- <---- Cool thought break!

With the cleaning done and Mrs. Extreme Homemakeover finishing the bathroom, I turned on the computer to look over some Pokertracker stats and read a bit on 2+2. I wasn't planning on playing any poker last night, but I saw this conference invite from bad ass, purple chip chasing, poker chick Maigrey and sat down to play a little NLO8 at Full Tilt to earn some drawing tickets towards the daily $10K they're giving away (sadly I did not take home the $2K yesterday). When I got into the conference, a certain Michigan blogger who's never lost for fifty cent words, was expressing his displeasure of the play at the NLO8 tables (keep at it you will win at these tables, trust me). When I jumped on, Maigrey was sitting up three buy ins already and was bullying the table with her raises. I just played patiently and after an hour scored 24BBs (we were playing $.05/$.10). A win is a win though, but the table showed some play that outlines the reason why I've switched 95% of my poker playing to O8. 4466 is a big limp-reraise hand, and chasing a runner-runner low for all of your chips is a good strategy. Yeah. Thanks for the chips, I'll be back tomorrow.

Shout out, holla holla to E for fixing up the blogger template yesterday. Much appeciated!! Hope its easier to read (not the actual words I'm throwing up into the cyberspace with my limited Engrish skillz, but you get the picture).

Thanks for dropping by, now go give your cat a hug today. Hmmm, only one game going, must have been tired that day.

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