Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Shhhh... please don't tell variance I won again last night. She may get upset after using me as her favorite whipping boy for the past five months. I was able to put in a nice two hour session last night while wearing my lucky softball jersey and new Absolute Poker PJs that will not be washed until such time that variance decides to bring back the pain.

The night definitely did not start off on the right side of the whip as a one-outer hit for someone else in a three-way all in pot while playing PLO. Not O8. But I didn't figure that out until after an hour of playing I kept wondering why the pots were not being split. Twice I pushed "nut lows" and won the pot before showdown. Maybe I should start playing rolled up kings in Razz like a wheel draw.

When I think over what I have said, I envy dumb people. Seneca (3 B.C. - 65 A.D.)

My night was not without other mistakes. Calling an UTG all-in pre-flop late in a three table SnG at Stars with JJ. Villian having 16BBs (4th out of 7 left), I figured he would have a mid pocket pair or a strong ace and was looking to take down the blinds and antes (anyone else have the same read?). Luckily for me he flipped over KK, but I had him covered and recovered to take 2nd. Even managed to drop the hammer in the final three which made my night and caught some praise from the rail .


Last night also marked the start of bowling season with a meeting of the captains. Yes, your favorite "sport" in which consuming beer and wings is part of the pre-game routine. Instead of having another triscuits and cheese dinner, I feasted on some breaded Caribbean Jerk wings with ranch last night at the bowling meeting. Yum.

One observation while at the meeting: people take this "sport" too seriously. In what should been a time to greet people you've been playing with for several years turned a debate fit for CNN's Crossfire.

The usually jovial and semi-drunk group had issue after issue about when to start, handicaps, lane conditions, and whether or not Laura should be allowed to wear those skin tight shirts anymore without a bra.

When it bounces and its not attached to your chest, time to cover it up. Thanks.


After returning home and playing a little more poker, it seemed to be a blogger party on Yahoo as G-Vegas woke up from their afternoon bong hits and 'shine shots to discuss some little party soon to be commencing. I will use my space of the internet to whine about not attending this little porch light shindig while curled up with a pint of Chunky Monkey, watching Circle of Friends over and over. Maybe after I shock the world and manage to cash in next year's WSOP I'll observe first-hand drunkiness that is Bradoween. Or just go to watch Otis fall.

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