Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taking My Shot

After last night's nut kicking, I'm attempting to right my sails with playing over my usual limits.


No one has accused me of being intelligent in the past so right start now?

So far, a half a stack won, and a little lost on a different table. The numbers are different but the play isn't which I'm little shocked at. I was expecting a lot more tricky play, instead there's just more overly aggressive push monkeys. I understand the mind-set of being aggressive to run over the meek players but it seems most of these players rely on it, rather then stepping off the gas once in a while.

Update: I'm going to book a $80 win after pissing away some profit but taking home enough to enjoy a win :)

Another observation: lots more internet gods/table coaches in chat

I think someone turns the ego-o-meter once the digits on the blinds increase. I know this isn't a fact in the poker blogger realm as the person who plays $30/$60 gives/gets the same respect as someone who plays .01/.02 tables. Its a throw back to my MMORPG gaming days where the size of your dick/boobs were measured by how many realm points/level/drops you acquired. How many times have you seen "OMFG I'LL KICK YOUR ASS HEADS UP LETS PLAY FOR $5,000?!@?!#?!?" in chat after your flush draw, or suckout comes in? That type of chat seems to be more prevailant in the higher levels. I'm considering closing off chat while playing a little higher but as many people know while I railbird I like to chat with people :)

Post is short today due to me being a little under the weather and trying to rest up for a long day of work and a trip to Canterbury with the department right after work.

Note to self: Do not chug as many $1 beers as possible this time

Thanks for dropping by, now go out there and let Hotshot11283 know who's boss on the felt :)

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