Monday, August 29, 2005

I Like To Gamble.... Why Do I Choose Poker?

Is it true that gamblers like to play poker, but poker players don't like to gamble? True, poker players are always shooting for an edge on the particular game of their choice. Whether that edge is game selection, pushing an +EV hand, or spotting the weak player at the table.

But, do we gamble?

Sure, we'll make bets on "tinny" tasting water and slurping condiments in a cup. But, we do it because we think we have an edge (or because Al got us to drink too much again). And that's why so many degenerate (smart?) gamblers have chosen poker as the place to spend their hardly earned gambling stash.

No other casino card game offers such skillful +EV plays as poker. I suppose you could make an arguement for gin rummy, pinochle, or euchre but unless you're willing to grind out that penny a point work rate at the local American Legion hall, poker will have to do.

Are we gambling yet?

Fold, fold, fold, post blinds, fold, fold, do a dial-a-shot, fold, fold, fold, read 15 million offers by online casinos to make a deposit, fold, fold, find porn, put game on hold for 10 seconds... fold, fold.

Not very exciting?

Where does the "gamblers rush" come in? Its all in the build up to that +EV chance that lands squarely in your lap. No, you're not waiting for AA23 double suited in Omaha 8 or better, or A2345 in razz, or a pat wheel in 2-7 triple draw. That +EV play can come in the form of a limp bet by a weak player and you're sensing weakness to pounce all over that bet like a motorist getting off the interstate to get gas when the price drops five cents a gallon. Its the sizing up your opponents to guess what they have. Its the arguements after the hand is completed about how so-and-so played the hand.

Poker brings the human element into the game, and that's the beauty of it.

You can't go into a slot machine and rearrange the reels to force a winning combination. But in poker you can check-raise a player off his top pair top kicker which beats your busted straight draw.

You can't triple your bet once you're dealt an ace and a face in blackjack. But in poker you can raise while looking at quads.

You can't move your bet to the tie in baccarat after the dealer deals out an extra card for two natural nines. But in poker you can value bet hitting the nut flush on the river because the other players "just wanted to keep you honest".

I played some video poker last night and hit a pat quad 9s on a 50 play machine. I also hit a nut low/nut flush in Omaha 8 or better earlier in the day. Both paid about the same amount of money.

Guess which one got my blood pumping more? If you guessed the video poker machine... go here.


Minnesota State Fair by the numbers:

1 - Non-miltary people wearing berets (in Minnesota?)

4 - Midway games played

4 - Prizes taken home from said midway games (I rock at Roll-a-Ball and made the little kids cry from losing)

12,721 - Calories consumed, this is an estimate due to 10,000 of those calories probably came from the cheese curds

29 - People older then me wearing Motley Crue t-shirts... I thought this was rather odd until I saw who was performing at the grandstand that night. Duh.

6.2 - Miles walked between the lovely 4-H buildings to the tractors and combines yard in sandals. Great choice in footwear idiot!

10 - People playing lifesize foosball, if Little Drizz wasn't with, I would have shown off my foosball skillz

21 - Bags of junk collected by my pack rat wife who couldn't pass up another free pen from the Mensa society booth

3.2 - Pounds of junk collected by the wife, including 4 chip clips, 7 rubber band bracelets (DAMN YOU LANCE ARMSTRONG!!!), and a booklet about "How Not to Bully"

5 - Cute peel on tattoos that people felt compelled to add to my son's arms

40HHH - Size of bust a woman tried to squeeze into a small Motley Crue t-shirt, I'm guessing she had front row tickets

1 - New organ donor, bless my wife for making a good decision

XXX.XX - # of pounds my wife weighed on the official state Weights and Measurements department scale

2.7 - # of minutes Little Drizz screamed when a piece of candy was taken away from him

.00001 - # of seconds it took for him to calm down after giving in and giving it back to him

5 - # of women seeing wearing lingerie as outerwear, no it wasn't a swimsuit unless they make silk ones that I didn't know about

800+ - # of pounds the biggest pig at the fair weighted

No, I didn't go into the haunted house this time. Gotta wait till Little Drizz is older so we can share that fun together :)


ABC television I have something for you....

That's for switching to "World News Tonight" and breathtaking views of a guy getting rained on after watching the entire Little League Championship game and seeing the US team from Hawaii score three runs in the bottom of the sixth (last inning) to tie it up. Fuckin idiots. May you never get to broadcast another major sporting event or at least let John Madden continue to grind Monday Night Football into the abyss. Even Al Michaels can't overcome his incoherent babbling.

Thanks for dropping by, now check out the latest in hurricane coverage. Yes, I realize its important but couldn't they wait 30 minutes when the storm had not hit yet?

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