Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Now Isn't That Special?

I guess Gardy didn't hear my pleas yesterday. Two hits for the Twins' ace and reigning Cy Young Award winner, great run support guys!!

And minus $10 out of my pocket. Hell, I'll sign up for the league minimum. I already can show I can crush a softball, hitting a 90 mph slider can't be too much tougher, right?

Heavy sarcasm at use here.

Heavy heart going out to this dying team, its on life support being late in the season and Bret "I Need My Juice Back" Boone wasn't the answer (as foreseen by less rose-colored glasses baseball fans).

Poker last night was a waste of time also. I was tired, I played tired, I tiredly lost all three of the SnGs I entered. Lost to a manaic who hit every conceivable draw known to man and woman and I didn't have the patience to wait him out. Lost to a good player whom I didn't give credit to when he smooth called my bet with TPGK (he had a flopped set) while on the bubble. And didn't have fun playing. Wah wah wah. Plus I was ready to nail a few PLO8 wins with Felicia but I got home too late, hope she's feel better after her most recent round of chemo. Send her a kind word or insult (she likes both) to her if you get the chance.

No poker tonight for this trooper, going to clean the house like a good husband and melt into the couch to watch the "new" WSOP tourney on ESPN. Plus I need a night to go over why I lost last night. I haven't been diligent in diving into PokerTracker and finding those leaks in my game as I should have been while on a losing streak. I won a decent amount last week and would like to continue the up-swing by figuring out the difference between my play now and for the last five months.

Full Tilt (use Bonus Code: Drizz99) is having a neat promotion. They are giving away $10K a day through various drawings. You earn entries based on how many Full Tilt points you acquire each day. The points do not roll over and you receive 100 drawing tickets per point earned. There are 127 winners each day! Hmmmm... the gambOOOler side of me is itching to play now. We'll see if that itch is still there after spending some quality time with Mr. Clean, Lysol, and Norman Chad.

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