Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Due to circumstances beyond our control, today's Little Drizz pic post has been delayed once again. Please enjoy our alternate (and short) programming today.

At least I turned on the computer last night to start uploading the pics at home but sleep overtook me swifty and harshly (or the cold medicine kicked my ass). I'm currently battling a cold given to me by about 10 other people who found it funny to cough/sneeze/blow in my direction over the past few days. The loving wife said instead of staying home and getting better and I would be better off going to work to stay active. Yes, I could have called her bluff since SHE couldn't stay home, I wasn't going to. Nice logic hon. Sigh. So off to work I go!

I fell asleep and awoke several times during ESPN's run and re-run WSOP poker-fest last night. Why do they push the current new episode to nine o'clock and replay the past episodes during "prime time"? I certainly don't mind rewatching Lindgren, Jesus, and Jennifer Harman but the wife gets irked if there's reruns on. I wonder if people who are not full fanatics of poker feel the same way. Jean-Robert as a cheerleader? Interesting. He didn't seem like the friend/compatriot type... unless of course he had a piece of Lisandro and was merely cheering on a potential big payday.


Twins Baseball. Last comments of the year about this "team".

I've seen less solemn faces at a well-liked grandfather's funeral. There's no spunk, no life, no extra effort, no confidence, no fun. What made the Twins such a good team in the past 3-4 years was the cohesiveness of the squad. It wasn't talent, they don't have superstars (good players yes, but no Cooperstown candidates) on their team. But the daily jokes, the laughter, the funny daily quips I would read in the local Star Tribune are all gone. Blame it on injuries or tougher competition if you want to, but the real reason this team tanked late in the season is because the internal epoxy resin that carried them to three straight Central Division titles, turned into water and the team fell apart. Plain and simple, put a fork in em' they're done. Yes, you may pick out the flavor of Schell beer now MrSpeaker (delivery in October though :D )

How about dem Vikes? Dante can feed his family now with a well deserved raise. The defense is starting to shape up into a powerhouse (I'll predict right now they will be in the top 5 in total defense this year, and no I have not ingested any illict drugs this morning). A new owner who takes a more personal approach, and doesn't sell used cars. I'm figuring a 10-6 or 11-5 regular season record. Too high of expectations you say? There's probably a little fanboism in there, but what's not to like about this squad?

Defense? Check, for the first time since the Purple People Eaters days (one eyed, one horn, flyin' purple people eaters whoo whoo!).

Offense? Always there.

Offensive Line? Duh.

Special Teams? Eh, the choice of kickers isn't exactly English Premiere League talent but hopefully there won't be a need to lean heavily on which ever kicker wins the starting job.

The only "hole" is all-world WR Moss going off to the team that fits his personality. Minnesota nice just wasn't for Randy, and I wish him the best of luck with the silver and black. No sarcasm.

Thanks for dropping by, now here's an article I found disturbing while reading the DAoC boards this morning. I don't know which was more sad, playing 50 hours straight, or quiting his job to play games, or a 28 year old still living with his mother to play games?

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