Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Forgive me if I'm a little tipsy posting today. No, I didn't bring a flask of Jag to work, but not a horrible idea. Working off 4 hours of sleep reminds me of those delightful first months of Little Drizz's existence. I was all ready for a pic post for his 2nd birthday party, but I forgot the important part of a pic post.

The pics.

Yeah, I struggled making my wife's jelly sandwich and mixing some peach tea this morning too, so something as intellectually straining as copying a URL to blogger might cause my head to explode. So today you get the short version of everything. Kinda like the Vespa/Lonestar wedding part in Spaceballs.

Do you?


Do you?


Good your married!

Speaking of Spaceballs, I saw Daphne Zungia nekkid in a movie with Tom Berenger while drifting in and out of consciousness on Saturday night. Yowza! Makes me want to seek out some Melrose Place reruns immediately.

Softball ran a bit long last night since I busy fending off all the sport bar waitresses/groupies after the game while they chased me with wings, pitchers of beer, and frilly Fredrick's of Hollywood outfits while admiring the long balls I hit last night.

Wha? That didn't happen? Oh.

We did wrap up the softball season last night however, which means I'll need to find another way to get some exercise and keep the mini-keg from blowing out to a full 16 gallon container over the fall/winter. Bowling starts in three weeks? At least my right arm will stay strong for next softball season. I'll have to work out the left arm while on the computer...

with the free weight I keep under the desk...

not in my pants.

Sick people, all of you! Go say three hail marys and take two SoCo shots to absolve your perverse sins and stop watching Skin-a-max till the sun comes up.

Bobby Bracelet and Joanne kept me up for a few hours last night after getting home from softball, dragging me kicking and screaming into a rebuy tourney on Noble. I still hate the software but the games are so soft it makes up for the clunky control bars and how hard is it to mash the fold button for two hours? The bloggers got together to discuss free phone sex, Brad-o-ween, and Bob's not-so-micropenis. Time flies when you're having fun.

To Joanne: I request one or two pics of the flannel, thank you in advance :P

My tournament play was uneventful as I only hit two big hands:

- 32o flopped a straight got one push monkey to fall for the slow play as he over/underplayed AK by limping in and I completed in the SB with 5 others in the hand (POT ODDS BABY, EXPERT POKER PLAY AT WORK!!).
- Nailed quad aces awhile later that got a round of applause from the table. Once again my expert poker play, extracting maximum value because you never know when you'll have to lay down Aces.

AJo was my doing in 14 people short of the money, as the table luckbox won a race with 88 and flopping a set. If he had Ax, I had a chance but we know my history with coin flips from all the whinning I type out here.

End whine.

PartyPoker bonus grinding featured a pure high-stakes cockjob last night.

As taken from the chat: "I won 16 grand this weekend"

"the buy-in is equal to a big blind in my game, so the money doesn't matter"

"I'll play heads-up with anyone here for $500"

"I like sheep"

Yeah, ok buddy thanks for dropping by, I like your money in my pocket. What compels high stakes people to do this (for his credit he was playing $2000NL at the time)? Don't they have something better to do then to try and impress the WPT fanbois and guys posing as women at the micro $25NL tables? He pushed all-in preflop 75% of the time, raised 100% of the time if he played the hand. I managed to shave one buy-in off him with AQo vs. his A3o, not a great CALL with AQ pre-flop but I felt the play was +EV due to his pushing with most likely any ace and any two sOOted and me closing out the betting.

Anyone else have a strategy to extract dollars against a total manaic? Sit and wait? Throw out bets when I have position? Appeal to his ego, in hopes of more stupid plays by him?

Because later on I dumped AQ while in the BB when he pushed but had four people behind me who limped in. ABC poker I know, but I'm wondering if the call here had the same +EV with all those potential callers behind me, none of them being "tricky" with limp-reraise type plays.

Poker discussion is welcome here by one and all.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out the Northern Lights that we saw on Friday night. If you've never had the pleasure of viewing them, its truly a remarkable sight.

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