Thursday, August 25, 2005

Let's Go Baby!

Let's go baby, let's go baby, come on
Let's go 'cause we can't hold back no more
There's no way, there's no way
No, no way

- Wang Chung "Let's Go"

Yesterday spent the day people watching while my wife shopped (my new favorite activity besides poker and online porn) and resting up watching "Swingers" with the Vaughn commentary. If I could channel Trent for a second... Baby it was so money. I'll be watching it again this weekend, and hopefully not fall asleep this time from the Nyquil.

My shopping experience led me first to Victoria's Secret, home of all things frilly and overpriced lingerie. While I waited for the wife to pick out a free part of panties from an offer she received in the mail, I had sensory overload. Giggly teens in back "trying out the merchadise" for their friends. Ads for APEX bras "MAXIMUM NIPPLE COVERAGE!!!!". Be-thonged saleswomen showing just a hint of that $150 Victoria Secret bra sneaking past the cold business woman dress, asking me if I needed help. "Yes, ma'am I need a drink and a cold shower if would be so kind". Who the hell needs peep hole porn, just hop down to your cliched mall and stand around in one of these shops all day. Whether or not you wear a trenchcoat is up to you.

Next up was World Poker Store. Jump the shark? This store jumps the ocean. Lit poker table tops. $800 "poker" chairs (which were very comfty by the way). Several varieties of cards, including some Copag's. Several more chip sets and tables available. Poker player bobbleheads and T-shirts, include one autographed by Mr. Rocks and Rings Antonio Esfandiari!! I nearly fainted. In all honesty, the store was pretty cool if you'd like to buy a good home game setup but the Field of Dreams- like memorabilia stuff was a little over the top. Unless there's a market for it that I didn't know about.

Then over to Best Buy where my wife is getting a new cell phone with picture capability. I'll be borrowing this for the WPBT event in Decemeber, instead of lugging around my digital camera :) Her salesperson was actually knowledgable and courteous to her many questions. Then there I was looking by the MP3 players still looking for a TUNER for my iPod and once again I get directed to the transmitters by the high school techno-geek. I know I'm techo-defunct but when I called him on it, he STILL insisted that the transmitter is what I wanted, especially the $150 one. I gave him my best "what'cha talking about Willis" look but his strawberry flavored pixie-sticks and Red Bull high saw right thru it as he continued on with the thousand mile a minute sales spiel. After he finally shut up for a second I offered a polite "thanks, but I'll keep looking". I saw the collectors edition of "Swingers" on for $9.99 and couldn't pass it up.


Trent: You know what you are? You're like a big bear with claws and with fangs...
Sue: ...big fucking teeth, man.
Trent: Yeah... big fuckin' teeth on ya'. And she's just like this little bunny, who's just kinda cowering in the corner.

Bunnies beware, Drizz is coming to take your money. Or at least stop donating it so freakin much. While sticking to NL/PLO8 I've moved up in limits to the $200 tables and I believe I'll be staying here awhile. As noted yesterday, the play was pretty much straight forward with the usual one or two people over-valuing their naked A2XX, pocket pairs, and low flushes. And I even called a push monkey's all-in preflop with AKJT double suited yesterday (he had a short-stack) and lost from a runner-runner low flush. Them the breaks, but it felt good NOT to be totally shell shocked about the $$ behind the checks and play decent poker.


I did have a question about a hand that I busted on during the $3 rebuy satellite to the weekend tourney at Stars. I know I made the right decision, the only thing nagging me is could/should I have tried to fold into the seat....

The players in the hand, the big stack at T156K, me at T49K, sb at T55K. 38 people left, 22 seats blinds at 2K/4K, antes can't remember and I'm in 20th position.

Dealt 88, I raise from MP to T10K to try to steal the blinds as most everyone has tighten up and a raise usually takes it down (first mistake here? not pushing?). SB flat calls, big stack after limping calls. Flop is 9 8 2 all diamonds. Sb bets 30K, big stack folds and I have middle set knowing he's got the A of diamonds but probably not the made flush.

My dilemma is I'm risking my whole stack here and next to no chance that he'll fold to a re-raise. With a steal or two, I could get the satellite seat if I folded and leave T39K behind OR I could push and basically post and fold from here on out if I won. Is the risk of losing here worth it? Remember this a satellite, all I need to do is come in 22nd, I'm not shooting for first here. Regular tourney this is a no-brainer, but with it being a Sat, there's the rub.

I'll be out at Canterbury Park tonight, but it looks like no poker and all horse racing since none of my co-workers seem interested in the card room so no attempts at the $4/$8 or $6/$12 game tonight :( Any ponies look good in tonight's races BG?

Thanks for dropping by, now check out WPT's store for your very own Phil H. bobblehead to berate the next time someone sucksout on your hammer.

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