Monday, August 15, 2005


I am in a burnt, twisted, sore, coughing, achy-breaky-heart condition this morning. First weekend home in over two months and you'd think there would be some relaxation in order.

If playing softball for 12 hours over two days is relaxing to you, put the beer down and get off the bench. Actually I would have prefered the pine riding during game #9 of the weekend. Yesterday was a firm reminder that I am gaining some years on the newer players, especially since I was the only player on the bench who had a nine in the years on his letterman jacket. Class of '93 baby! 32 teams started the tourney, only two were still playing at five o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Unlike the Twinkies, we actually scored more then 5 runs this weekend and took 2nd in the tourney.

Entire Twins team for the weekend: 15 hits. Drizz: 17 hits in 19 at bats on Sunday. Where's my contract Gardy? I'll work for free shuttles to Canterbury and bar tabs at Buffalo Wild Wings. I know I said I wouldn't mention the Twins again, but c'mon START HITTING PLEASE! If I pitched for this team I know I'd be getting on the hitter's cases.

Before I showed off my all-world softball skillz (sarcasm is dripping like grease from hot McDonald's fries here people) the weekend started with a pleasant drive to Duluth, MN to spend the day with Little Drizz's favorite blue steam engine Thomas the Tank Engine! Yes, there were too many screaming kids, and it was crowded, but I was amazed by how much fun we had. With the long drive and walking around all day I figured some tantrums were in order but we enjoyed some pics with Sir Topham Hatt, playing with two tables worth of railcars, and roaming within various working trains. My only beef about the whole thing was spending $16 a person on this 20 minute train ride (which I thought was supposed to be an hour long). There was no story-telling (as advertised), and the conductor's guide of the railways and Duluth scenery was more suited to an adult's taste. The rest of the activities were free...

After the train ride we hopped down to Canal Park to view the vastness that is Lake Superior. Did you know that... if Lake Superior were ever emptied it would take until 2147 for it to fill back up? Good bar room NTN trivia answer there. A sizable bacon cheeseburger with a $4 pitcher of Kamis at Grandma's spelled lights out for this trooper. I passed out in the car ride home much to the dismay of the loving wife. I mentioned Little Drizz was sleeping too, but I might as well been arguing with T.O. about being a team player.

After getting home and playing softball on Saturday, we played well enough to receive an afternoon game on Sunday. Time for some poker! Lessons learned... do not play NLHE, LHE, Limit O8, and SoKo while in a chat room. But, things turned out fairly pleasant in ADHD-ville. Cashed in the Limit O8 tourney finishing 27th out of 900+ along with the hottest blogger north of International Falls (who was still playing after I meekly went to bed). LHE still isn't my friend, its not even a disliked cousin. I was down to $25 of my $100 buy-in when my favorite hand (99 off-suit) snapped off the hilton sisters and sent them back to SoHo without any breakfast after I was done with them and finished the night down only 6BBs. I know I made some bone-headed plays but something about limit I'm just not "getting". Its like having to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, you know you have to, but don't feel like getting out of bed. Maybe some experts that are killing the games have some hints I could steal for profit. Had another decent session of NLHE featuring more and more plays off opponent's betting patterns rather then playing off my cards. I snapped off someone's river flush draw bluff with JJ on a board of Q 7 3 Q 3 to make the entire night profitable.

This is Little Drizz taunting the bluffer after the hand:

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