Thursday, April 27, 2006

Its The Difference Between Rolex and Timex

Tournament night turned into catch-up-on-sleep-night. I ended up staring at the 99 cent glow-in-the-dark stars/planet stickers that the previous owner of the house didn’t bother to take down in our master bedroom a little earlier then expected last night. At least I was able to have snuggly peep sex on Full Tilt (click banner above if you haven’t signed up for this site!) with two of my favorite totally gay online diary poker chicks and was fortunate enough to walk away with a token in two attempts.

Ménage a blog?


A disappointing night all around, bad beats, Twins lose to an abysmal Royals team, and someone actually chose the million dollar suitcase on “Deal or No Deal” and didn’t have the balls to choose the last two numbers.

Did I just admit to watching this show?

Yeah, I watch it for the um… models?

Ok, I watch it to yell at the paint thinner sniffing contestants trying to calculate the odds while their “dog pound” (where the hell is Arensio these days???) of well-wishers give them great advice like “the offer is only $194,000 you could win much much more!” when there’s only one big amount on the board and they could go home with enough money for a super-sized dinner at Sonic if they choose that last big amount. Nevermind that the sum mentioned is 6-10 times what the contestant brings home from their place of employment annually.

On a similar note having that kind of cash in relation to your annual take-home income does make you think twice about gambling for bigger cash.

Much like my poker bankroll.

It has been as high as $6K and currently stands between $4K-$5K (4 month going on 5 month slides hurt). I bring home approximately four times my bankroll annually from flinging poo as a cube monkey 40 hours a week. I will not make more money anytime soon since I only have a two year degree with little motivation (at this time) to attempt to snag a four year piece of paper with fancy calligraphy and a bright gold sticker proclaiming me to be a Bachelor of Cap’n Cokes Consumption and Keg Stands.

I am ok with my income, and I enjoy my job (on most days unless some jackhole from BFE Corp calls in and starts a coma inducing conversation about how I personally ruined his/her day by charging their multi-billion dollar company for fifty dollars because they overcharged us on some Mickey Mouse g-string underwear last month).

Yes, in a sense, I audit panties. *insert immature boyish giggle here*

I’m at a crossroad where I don’t see the chips as money once I click the buy in for _______ amount on a PLO8 table, but I do realize after I’m done for the session/day that “holy shit that’s a lot of money I gambled today!!”. Especially when sixty dollars is in our checkbook this week after buying softener salt, 2 for 1 popcorn chicken, some milk, and tin-roof ice cream at the grocery store last night. Sixty bucks is supposed to last us until next Thursday when we both get paid, but I managed to blow twice that amount in about 45 seconds when Full Tilt’s RNG decided to give me a second best hand. I’m sure other players have similar financial constraints, I am not a snowflake nor do I have the need to pull my bankroll offline to pay for bills. I am not HURTING for money, but I’m not rolling in it either.

My question goes out to the totally gay online poker diary community:

If your bankroll consists of a sizable percentage of your yearly income, how do you prepare/numb yourself to the stakes that you’re playing at and/or take shots at higher stakes?

After all, scared money is just a base for firewood and other aggressive player’s bankrolls. In the past during my run at a WSOP seat on Monday I would have given up several hands I played because of size of the prize. Instead, I played the game, not the stakes, and if a few cards would have fallen in my favor I coulda been a contender.

The problem is after (not during) I’m done playing a losing session I feel a little remorse for spending money on virtual cards. I’d like to move past that before I decide to take 10% of my bankroll and take a shot at a higher stakes game. Spending time after closing up the Gateway poker trophy and replaying all the hands that cost you an extra box/pint of ice cream or maybe a toy for your too cute kid that refuses to eat anything but Cocoa Puffs one day and clears half the refrigerator the next, brings an internal struggle that I really don’t need right now (especially since I get to start diaper duty again soon after finally being honorably discharged by the under three foot tall platoon leader).

Thanks for dropping by, now if you’re in the Twin Cities and a Twins fan, yesterday brought some good news as ESPN reports that the Minnesota House voted in favor of the new stadium proposal. Granted the Senate vote will be much tighter, but seeing an open-air baseball game is one step closer for Twins fans. Skol Twinkies!

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