Friday, September 30, 2005

Little Drizz Explains Week 4

Hi hi!

Football go go go!

Ok, Little Drizz doesn't have much of a vocabulary yet, so I'll relay the handicaping information he bestowed to me this morning...

Straight Wager

Bucs -6.5 (this is my pick of the week, avoid it like that chick with the bad breath and the 350 pound tattoo'd boyfriend at your local bar)

Gophers -3 (this line has been moving for good reason, look for the running game to dominate once again)

Seachickens +1.5 (finally looking like the playoff contenders that they should be)

6.5 point teaser bet

Broncos +10, Bengals -3.5, Titans +14 (Peyton, please wait one more week to return to your 14 TDs a game)

Four team straight parlay

Bucs -6.5, Bills pk, Cowboys +3.5, Cards -2 (not sure on these picks other then it gives me a reason to watch the games all day)

Shortened post today since I'm still getting sobered up this morning. Seeing off my friend to Iraq last night was good fun and Red Bulls with Jag bombs are evil. That is all.

Have a good weekend folks, and good luck!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Recipe For Success

C'mon in and see what we're cooking up today. Apologies to Roy West.

These last few weeks have reminded me that once in a while even total emus/donkeys/lemurs like myself can manage to snag part of the poker pie.

How do you get to cut your share out of that pie?

Well... many new players think success is found by watching WPT reruns and trying to bluff with T5o into a calling station because he/she saw Gus Hansen do it last night.

Bluffing IS part of the game. But probably not so much at the $.50/$1 limit Hold Em' tables. "But but but Jimmy said he wins EVERY NIGHT bluffing people off $3.50 pots!" Son, I'm going to say this one time, Jimmy is a crackhead and does unspeakable things with spatulas and sheep. Stop listening to him.

Kidding aside, why DO people try to emulate others while playing poker? Gus Hansen's success is from being... Gus Hansen, not Barry Greenstein or Jennifer Harman or Paul Phillips. Some of our higher limit poker blogger brethren have found success from playing how THEY feel they should play and what THEY'VE learned while playing. You can read about them using the links on the right.

Tight is right? It can be in certain games. Game theory guru? Yep, another excellent strategy, maybe a bit advanced and better used in middle to high limit games. Maniac facade then getting paid off with your monsters? High variance, but VERY profitable if you can ride it out.

The point is to find YOUR playing style. What good does it do if you don't know WHY a certain player bluffs at a pot? Unless you have ESP or have sat down with the player for hours discussing their play, chances are you'll go broke attempting such tomfoolery and ballyhoo. Sorry, watched Good Will Hunting on Sunday and George Plimpton never fails to crack me up to look so serious saying those two words.

Henry Lipkin, Psychologist: Now no more shenanigans, no more tomfoolery, no more ballyhoo. Ballyhooooooooooo. Gets me everytime.

So here's your recipe for poker success, jabroni.

1 Tbsp. poker books (don't read them, study them, highlight, put cute little stars next to important points if that floats your boat)

6oz. of patience (poker isn't Blackjack, you're not going to get instant gratification playing)

1 1/2 cup of courage (as stated by Iggy... stasis = death in poker, keep learning and attempting new limits)

2 slices of humility (if you never learn that someone IS better then you at the poker table, you're going to get a cold shower moving up in stakes after the lap dances dry up in lower stakes games)

Add a dash of internet resources (there's stories about lives, strategy, and how to keep the game fresh with the links I have on the right. Read them)

Garnish with 1 Gallon of Captain Morgan (that's my addition, you probably have a more refined taste like a 40oz Natty light) Its an ingredient to remind you to have fun. You can substitute anything that reminds you that poker is social even on the internet. Grinding out .5/BB win rates on 16 tables WILL lead to burnout without this.


A big thanks to Helixx for his rockin streaming DJ show last night (start bugging him to come to Vegas though, he needs a shove or four). And to a certain poker princess for once again helping me break out of uber-rock mode. Not very nice picking off my semi-bluff though ;) Awesome job Maigrey, I was humbled!


Since Bet365 was gracious enough to turn $10 to $170, I got an email from Pacific Poker *shudder* stating they were going to give me $5 NO DEPOSIT NECESSARY! OH MY GOD!There's no PLO8 (just limit there) so I'll be braving the NLHE games for my next attempt to turn a freeroll into my fun money for the WPBT Imperial Palace event.

Day 1 of the $5 to Penny slots fodder challenge + $22.37

Very first hand... set of tens flop four all-ins at the $10 NLHE table, I lose to a flopped straight.... but he only had .50 in his stack at the time, so I take the big side pot :)

Thanks for dropping by, I'll be at the cabin for the last time this year and wife willing, may get a couple hours in at Grand Casino Hinckley to swim in some low stakes live poker pool. Little Drizz will be handicaping the NFL games tomorrow. Drizz the Greek needs a week off to celebrate his first break even week of the season!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There's Was A Time...

No Aerosmith, no sappy broken-heart, limp wrist love songs today.

Can anyone explain why Club crackers are so damn addicting? Light, Flaky, Buttery... yum.

My shortened work week begins today as I'm leaving the office to control 60 gigging Jr. High School volleyball players in their first game. I took up the post to be the head ref of the games because
a) my wife coaches one of the teams and
b) it pays three times per hour then my regular job (gambling money anyone?).
When I first took to the stand three years ago I thought of angry soccer-mom/dad types mobbing me after games when I'd make a call against their daughter who everyone just KNOWS will make varsity next year.

That never happened.

In fact most of the parents come up to me to ask why certain calls were made because no ref had ever bothered to make such calls. I don't treat the games like those you see on TV with the amazon A-cupped ladies in dental floss spiking the balls at 35 MPH. There's no sense in blowing the whistle more then an ex-Enron accountant. I teach the young ladies after making a foul what they can do to prevent it from happening again. And every year by the last game they finally get it and stop the eye rolls and generally get better at the game. I help coach them (for free) with my wife on Fridays to teach proper technique since my wife is more of a supervisor then a coach. Doing it for good karma? Naw, I do it because I enjoy playing volleyball, much like Euchre, it took up the majority of my time in college.

Typical college day: Go to required business class, play euchre in the student union, go to required computer class, go play euchre, blow off rest of the day and play volleyball in the gym, go to The Townhouse and play euchre till the ability to deal ceased.

And that's how I became the academic stud I am today! Sigh. Oh well, at least I can spell l-u-g-e Mr. Omaha!!

Last night's WSOP viewing.
This was the first time I'd sat down to watch both hours of the WSOP recap on ESPN.

The first hour was meh, until they got Chan/Laak heads-up. Chan is unflappable. Not once did he look annoyed by Laak's pixie stick high jabbering and routine. The third person thing was funny, and I enjoyed the "can I have a lifeline" joke as well, could have done without the dancing and push ups though. It leaves me confuzzled to see someone can bust out pop culture jokes while playing for $250K however. Seeing that I bring home about 1/10th of that per year.

The PLO tourney that Ivey wins needed more Hellmouth. I have never seen nor heard anything like him. Cooler?!!? Are you kidding me?!?!!? Why was the only bluff shown throughout the whole telecast done by Hellmouth? Are they trying to pump up this guy's ego beyond its current interplanetary size?

Robert Williamson once again proves he rocks at Omahahaha makes his fourth final table in four years, and having the sense to lay down a set with two all-ins in front of him. But, unfortunately the one hand (trip queens bad kicker) that he should have laid down heads-up vs. Ivey he didn't.
But hey, at least he won at air hockey! L-O-U-G-E? Good job Robert, you just made a Winter Olympian in Colorado Springs (or is it Lake Placid?) cry.


My attempts to crawl over the final line of the $10 to plane ticket challenge at Bet365 were met with heavy resistance as I couldn't help myself to push my edges with a maniac last night. Final balance $168.54

Won't get me to Aruba with DoubleAs, but it will pay a hefty chunk of the Vegas trip ;)

AA2X (X being a wheel or broadway card) double suited was shot down by K678 and KT27 (rainbow!) respectively when we got all-in pre-flop. And getting quartered on the river twice in a row to eliminate all of the profit for the night. Thank you sir, please come back when this red cloud forming in my head goes away. I didn't have the patience to wait out this mouth breather unfortunately because I recognized I was tired and I took my one stack loss and went to bed.

A sign of maturing at the table?


Ugh. I suck at pictures and the internet.

I was tired for other reasons that I'll reveal in a couple of weeks, maybe... DRAMA!

Thanks for dropping by, now go here next time to combat tilt with the sounds of relaxing TV!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Growing Pains

Ah, The Seavers. I had a tough time deciding my TV crush growing up between Carol Seaver, Topanga from Boy Meets World or Mallory from Family Ties.

Rachel's nude leg crossing pic from Friends immediately dispatched all three of them.

Everyone goes through growing pains as poker players, writers (I am NOT considering myself one see Otis, BG, and Pauly if you're looking for the next best-seller), and as a person.

I look at myself three years ago. A person who wallowed in self-pity due to an unfortunately accident at work two years prior, that left me with some additional disabilities. I don't need to list them all, but on a daily basis after wiping away the mist on the mirror, I would hate the person looking back at me. Broken. I felt one part Phantom of the Opera, and one part Helen Keller. Sure, I still tried to go out with friends and put on a fake smile that usually didn't last and I'd end up begging to go home. At work I'd count the minutes in my cube until I could return home to the safety of an online video game. I didn't want people to look or talk to me for the simple fact that I couldn't speak with clarity and confidence.

Life wasn't much fun back then. Routine is what kept me afloat. Work, play/feed Little Drizz, Dark Age of Camelot, and a little sleep. Anything that jarred my routine got me confused and was most likely met with a scowl. My marriage was a routine, it wasn't a friendship, it wasn't love, it was convenience and financial necessity. We both needed each other for other reasons besides intimacy. I look back on this and wonder why we're still together. And I realized why.

We both try to improve the other.

Not in a competition sense, but growing as a person. I used to have a one-track mind as to what HAD to happen on a particular day. If it didn't I was crushed. My wife's constant encouragement to break my death-grip on a routine, is what's helped me enjoy getting out of bed at 4:30am every day. I enjoy listening to Little Drizz scream for 15 minutes in the morning if he has a cold and we woke him up too early. I enjoy coming to work again and chatting with co-workers about poker (yeah, they're catching the bug as well, but don't invite me to their home game for some reason... I SUCK AT NLHE! :P ). I enjoy helping my wife coach her Jr. High School girls volleyball team on my day off, instead of sleeping all day.

And I helped her realize that things don't NEED to be done this very second. To enjoy Little Drizz trying to drink out of a regular cup and spilling it all over his head. Enjoy jumping in the leaves after raking for two hours. To stop belittling her co-workers when they didn't do the things she asked (she's a manager). To have a little fun again.

The only reason I got to be where I'm standing today? I got out of my comfort zone. I threw my woobie into the wind.

Playing like a rock is comforting and profitable at lower stakes. You can make a decent profit, its proven by the nickel and dime NLHE pros you see in the chat bar. Its proven by those who 12 table limit games sticking to strick ABC poker and grind out a .5BB/hr win rate.

But, is it poker? Are you really learning anything by only playing AA-QQ UTG or only attempting a blind steal from the button?

Hank has a GREAT new post about the stages of a poker mastery, go check it out. Go on.

I would have to place myself between around stage three. I've been tearing down my old rock game lately, and striving more to push the edges when I feel I'm the favorite. I'm still trying to plug the known leaks in my game like calling out of position with a one-sided dry draw, and being more selective with starting hand requirements in certain positions. I've become more aggressive in my bluffs and semi-bluffs with blind steals. I'd be lying if I wrote that I feel comfortable playing this way, but its definitely brings a new aspect to the game. If I'm shaking while playing its a good thing. See Otis' most recent post on UpForPoker about getting excited to play, hopefully the thrill of making the final table will come back to him before he falls again.

Learning can be fun and even profitable once in a while. Try it out in your next game. Raise with 97o when its folded to you from MP after folding for the last 3 orbits, see if your opponents recognize/respect your rockish facade. In low stakes games they may not, but if you hit that flop hard, I'm sure you'll get action on your AA, KK, and sets for the rest of the night, they DO remember those straights and full houses.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out the many write ups about the recent Boathouse Bash put on by Sir/Rev/Rabbi/Dr. AlCantHang.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stay On Target

I tried to upload a coolio Star Wars pic but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload pics for some reason. Stupid free programs not working, what the fuck people?!?!!?

Ok I've gotten my sarcasm out of the way for the morning. Maybe.

First I'd like to send out a big thanks to the customer service team. For some reason my address will not send out emails to them, but Yahoo! did. Head scratching and annoying like dandruff but life goes on with or without the flakes. Anyway... the bonus they are currently peddling ($10 per 50 raked hands up to $100) is easy to clear but you need to email their customer support to request the bonus monies transfer. If you've ever had to deal with PartyPoker's email dis-service you'd probably be groaning.

PartyPoker this is not.

Within only four hours I got the following email in surprisingly well-versed English (probably because is in England where they speak English for some reason):

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that at the last count the total number of raked hands you
have played in the September Bonus Bonanza promotion was 311. I am
therefore pleased to confirm I have credited your account with $60 worth
of bonus chips, taking your total earned in this promotion to $60.

Please allow 15 minutes for these funds to show in your account.

If you require any further assistance with regard to this or any other
matter please do not hesitate to contact us here at Customer Services.
Our team are available 24 hours a day by e-mail or telephone on 1 866
3333 238 and will be pleased to assist you.

Kind Regards


No, thank YOU Craig. Awesome. I thought I'd have to pull teeth to receive the bonus but it ended up easier then hiring an escort in Las Vegas.

Blogger ate my post from here. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll try to match the mastery I had down. What a fuckin joke.


Day 7 of the $10 to plane ticket challenge on $148.92 Bonus money certainly kept me afloat to due to some cold cards and worst "plays" I made at calling stations that won't lay down that ten high flush. Back to nut peddling I go.



My friend E was gracious enough to open his home to his friends and little rugrats for the game. Also whipping up some of his famous chili (unfortunately I'm not much of a chili eater, and resigned to eat too many cookies and brownies).

In the first half they looked like the promising over-hyped team of the pre-season. Culpepper throwing darts to wide open receivers, a running game that managed to get past the line of scrimmage while on their two feet. And a defense that came up with turnovers and sacks.

In the second half the defense was still hot but the offense certainly took a cold shower during halftime. If the Vikes want to be dancing in Detroit for the final game of the year they need to find some consistency for all quarters, not just after running up a 24-0 lead.

While we're on the football tangent, did anyone else catch the Gopher game? Best. Gopher. Game. Ever.

Wow. I nearly turned off the set after Cupito managed to throw to the wrong team who ran the wrong way to score a touchdown for the wrong team deep in the fourth quarter and groan something about the loss to Michigan last year.

But this team came back. Big. For the first time in the Glen Mason era they fought back against a ranked opponent and scored with less then minute left, completed the two point conversion, and won in double OT. I'll be glued to the set for the remainder of the season even if they go 4-8. Rock on oversized chipmunks, its your birthday, and this year you might get roses as a present.


Back to poker-ism... I have erased three months worth of red ink in one week. No, I didn't cash big in a MTT, just grinding out cash on the PLO8 $100 and $200 cash games. I'm staying on target for the WSOP, in which I will hold myself to my promise to play if I should acquire a five figure income by next June. I know my current streak at the cash games will not last, but a steady profit from these games should provide me enough to grab a seat next to the 860th ranked player in the world at the Rio next year.


Still pissed blogger ate my post. Yes I know about the Word thingy, but I'm at work.


Repeating commercials.

These annoy me greatly.

I wish throw sharp objects into the eyes of those at the TV stations that allow this. Yes, I know all about IBendUOver's employee discount sale PLUS $1,000 CASH BACK ON ANY tricked-out Aerostar PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND!!@!@#@! I remembered it after the dude with the comb over and pants five sizes too small came on the first time to audibly clean out my waxy build up in my ear from shouting about the sale for 30 seconds straight. Maybe it was a different car salesman, but my point is why must you repeat the commerical 6 times between Chris "back back back" Berman's Plays of the Week. I'd much rather see some overpaid athlete make a diving grab or a crushing tackle, then an overweight sleazy car saleman selling me something I have no intention on ever buying. That goes for feminine hygeine product commericals on ESPN as well. Douche somewhere else thankyouverymuch.

Next time a commerical repeats more then twice in a five minute span, I'm sending Little Drizz down to your station to help with the editing. He likes buttons.


Thanks for dropping by, now get those tickets for the WPBT Imperial Palace tourney!! I'm still pissed about blogger eating my post. Stupid free programs.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

One Short... but encouraging

Image hosted by

PokerStars Tournament #12672566, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $2.00
1416 players
Total Prize Pool: $2832.00
Tournament started - 2005/09/23 - 22:47:00 (ET)

Dear Drizztdj,

You finished the tournament in 11th place.
A $22.66 award has been credited to your Real Money account

Friday, September 23, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 3 NFL Picks

I know you get up early to view this.

You don't?

I suck?

At least you're being honest.

First a poker musing since I need to remind myself when I actually cash in tournaments. I tried the insane $11 Rebuy at Stars with 1670 other fellow strait-jacketed players. This tournament marked the first time I came out of my fossil encased shell and became an aggressive player.

83o in position and folded to me? RAISE IT UP! Blind steal from the button? Not taking my big blind on my watch bucko. I got caught twice in over nearly four hours and didn't give up when my stack became a little low. Usually it only takes one hand to make me give up on a tourney, this time I fought back. But damn what hard work! Actually watching who's active at the table, who can lay down their pocket pair when you check-raise them, and remaining sober for four hours is tough!

Did I get lucky? No, I got my money in with the best of it through EVERY showdown (all three of them). Including the required AK vs. A8 bustout beat. The cards were laced with liquid nitrogen as I never got aces, only saw KK and QQ once, and AK twice (second time didn't work out too well). Because of this I'm not sure tournament poker is for me. I don't seem to have the patience required to go deep in these fields. All of my steal attempts, slowplaying (yes, yet more uncharted territory for this same proclaimed rock), and check-raises were planned unlike the usual "aw-fuck-it" bets, but the amount of decisions and noting on my opponents was very taxing. I'll keep tourney poker as a "fun" thing to do when the cash games get a little stale with cold cards.

PokerStars Tournament #12672502, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $10.00/$1.001609 playersTotal Prize Pool: $67270.00 Tournament started - 2005/09/22 - 22:15:00 (ET)Dear Drizztdj, You finished the tournament in 171st place.A $53.81 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Better then nothing.


Now for what you've all been waiting for..... My NFL picks of the week!! *cue the cool CBS "NFL Today Show old school music* bah-bah-bum, bah-bah-bum

If you want to know how to lose those poker earnings effectively STEP RIGHT UP!

Cinci -3.5 (Bungles no more, I'm betting heavily on this game like maybe $11 instead of my usual $10)

Two Team Parlay
Bills (-2.5) and Bucs (-4) They played each other last week, this time they're free'd up to win some green for me!

Three Team Six Point Teaser bet
Can you tell I like weird bets?
Rams (-.5) , Eagles (-2), Bungles (+2.5) I figure on winning exactly one of these bets through the 17 weeks

Money Line
NYG (+220) Go Eli Manning? Gotta say these guys are looking impressive on both sides of the ball

Round Robin pick (courtsey of BoDog)
A round robin pick is much like an Exacta-box bet at the horse tracks: except here you pick 3 to 8 horses, must come in first and second. Except in this case, your team needs to win and you get paid for each combination you get right. Much clearer and more grammarically correct explanation is found here.

Four team Round Robin Parlay!
Eagles (-8.5) , Bungles (-3), Indy (-14), and Seachickens (-6)
They're all "boxed" so each two teams is treated like a $5 parlay with the other.

Have a good weekend folks, I'm actually staying home this weekend and hopefully taking a shot at paying off that plane ticket through Bet365 and maybe some more tourneys if time permits.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Big Storm

Nothing like those hurricane storms in Louisiana and Mississippi but some powerful winds and rain ripped through Minnesota last night (hopefully Chad and Halverson don't have too much yard work this afternoon). Our house and trees were spared but many people are still without electricity this morning.... like my office building.

When the supervisor comes in and says "see you on Monday" I'm not one to argue :)

A little R and R for today and tomorrow is just what I needed after some nefarious bloggers have managed to keep me up past my bedtime with bribes to play Euchre. As Otis mentioned last night "euchre cash games will be prevailing in Vegas".

Bower up!! I can always use some extra money for those penny slots ;)

My winning streak continued at the PLO8 tables last night to chip away at the sea of red numbers on Pokertracker...

*** Props from the Author *** I had an issue with several hands from PokerStars not loading into the database, 2 emails in two hours from Mike @ Pokertracker and I was up and running. Thanks again for the wonderful service you guys provide for this product. Any chance of getting BoDog hand histories soon?


Day 4 of the $10 to Plane Ticket challenge on Bet365... current balance $124.38
Luck hit me over the head like Badblood wielding a chair vs. the resident poker blogging Bulldog last night, as I correctly put the opponent on a dry A2 low draw but I managed to catch a wheel when his low got counterfeited to go with my flopped two pair for a scoop on the second hand that I played. Right now I'm trying out the $1/$2 LHE *shudder* tables to acquire 50 raked hands for the $10 bonuses up to $100. I'd play LO8 but there's never a game, and the $.50/$1 PLO8 tables are a bit high to multi-table for the promotion.


Wife is calling for me to help with the yard work. I guess her definition of "taking it easy" isn't the same as mine.

Thanks for dropping by, tomorrow be prepared to watch Drizz the Greek take his 2-9 NFL betting records to lows that the 80s Tampa Bay Bucs couldn't match.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fishin In The Dark

And it don't matter if we sit forever and the fish don't bite
Jump in the river and cool ourselves from the heat of the night
Baby get ready.....OoooooooOoo.

"Fishin' In The Dark"

- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Got the song stuck in your head? Good. The damn thing wouldn't leave my head after K102's morning show played it. I was going to meld in whatever song came on first on my iPod this morning but I'm not sure how 5th Symphony by Beethoven could be used in a poker blog. A challenge perhaps?

Sorry not this morning.

I got home from softball late last night to hear the usual ribbing going on between bloggers but unfortunately could not see the action as I did not have the funds to take full advantage of the 100% match bonus by Titan (I am not an affliate, go see other well deserving blogs for that). Since I didn't get to see him last night, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULY!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, continue to ride the wave my friend. That and more pics of hot European women thank you very much.

I WAS going to chat a little with WPBT Euchre tourney partner BG and a certain Pokemon Backpack sized blogger who typed like he was at a bar with Al, and go to bed. So much for best laid plans. As the chatting got interesting, I decided to pull up a couple of PLO8 games on Stars and BoDog to work off their bonuses while conversing about the upcoming WPBT Imperial Palace event. Then a flood of bloggers join in the chat and soon I was whisked away to the land of bowers and alone bids.

Euchre baby.

And we played until 1:00am which is why I am just hoping not to drool too much on my desk this morning despite being wide awake for no known reason (I don't do coffee). Me and Otis gave an euchre tutorial for two matches thus catching the ire of a poker princess and a G-Vegas self-proclaimed Euchre Grand Master. At softball I watched a team get beat 24-0 in 15 minutes... our victories were only sightly more difficult.

Wha? Smack talk? In my best midwestern twang... ubetcha!

It wasn't until a mysterious figure by the name of Uncle Ted showed up and CJ going alone 50,000 times did I lose for the night. It was that kind of night, maybe I should have skipped softball and possibly won a coin flip in the WPBT tourney... that just silly talk, you never win coin tosses Drizz.

The tournament will begin in one minute, please take your seat.

Among the mass IM'ing and euchre playing I signed up for a PLO8 MTT. I wish I could foreshadow into a cash/final table/win but my mind wasn't into it like it should have been. There was loads of horrible play, and if this is a regular tourney I'll suck it up and try it again on a non-school night. Without paying attention I finished in the top ~20% 49th out of 227. People overvalued their lows WAY too much often putting their tournament hopes on the line to draw at splitting the pot. Why? You're risking your tournament life to get your money back or if the low doesn't hit you're gone. Extremely -EV play. Granted this was my first PLO8 tourney but there's no reason to chase a draw for all of your chips unless its going to get you a 3/4th or a scoop. Its probably the biggest leak in the game of a newer player. I know I'm not immune to chasing a dry low draw from time to time and its a leak I'm getting better at controling.


Day 3 of the $10 to Plane Ticket Bet365 challenge: Bankroll now at $81 and I'm playing the .25/.50 tables but I found out these are NOT eligible for the $10 per 50 raked hands promotion (only .50/1 PL/NL and 1/2 limit and up) so.... I may switch over to $1/$2 limit *shudder* if/when I hit $100 to pick up the free cash for raked hands.


On a more solemn note we buried my wife's grandfather yesterday in a short, personal service at the cemetery yesterday afternoon. He passed away several months ago, but wanted to be buried on his birthday. Since he was creamated, token items were placed into 100 pound "vault" along with a box containing his ashes. Little Drizz brought coins representing Denver's ability to find loose change while taking the my wife and her sister on walks when they were little. A golf ball and an old, beat up fishing lure were also placed in the vault so he could enjoy his favorite hobbies. It was tough dredging up those feelings again, but Little Drizz's fixation on the trains going by in the background CHOO-CHOO! CHOO-CHOO!, kept the air light for everyone.

Sorry to switch gears faster then a tired PMS'ing woman but its my blog about my life. Good times and bad. Wins and loses. Spanking CJ and Maigrey senseless in euchre and losing to the shady Uncle Ted. You get the picture.

Thanks for dropping by, now go visit the winner of last night's WPBT event... hell I can't find anyone who has posted the results yet. I'll edit this once someone points out the victor or victoress.

Edit: Type "euchre blog" in Yahoo's search engine and see what pops up first.... CJ's dream has come true.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something For Nothing

Waiting for someone to call
And turn your world around
Looking for an answer
To the question you have found
Looking for
An open door

Something For Nothing - Rush

Everyone loves the quarter/dollar/hundred that you find in your pocket. Easy money. How about that iPod that someone dropped while you were shopping at Gap? Sweet! Its packed with the complete remix-collection of William Hung as done by Cyndi Lauper? Score!

There's a fun quote from Fast Eddie Felson in the Color of Money "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned". Every person who gambles on a semi-regular basis believes this. How often to you look at your weekly/bi-monthly/1st and 15th paycheck and start doing the Icky Shuffle in your Powerpuff Girls boxers? Now how to you feel when you check-raise the unsuspecting mouth-breather across the felt on the river and he calls with a second-best hand? Feel the difference? Can I possibly put more question marks in a row? Think I should keep going? Are we having fun yet?

As I'm lining up my travel arrangements for the Imperial Palace WPBT event in December I would throughly enjoy having people on the virtual felt pay for the trip. How do I get them to donate to such an unworthy cause? Play PLO8 with some money I found and roll it (hopefully) into a plane ticket. I was bored after the first half of the Vikes game (must... suppress... urge... to... smash... Culpepper bobblehead) so I clicked on some of the poker sites I haven't visited since my bonus whoring days and found a whopping $10 JUST SITTING THERE at Bet365. I played a little .10/.20 PLO8 since it was the only table where I wouldn't be severly short-stacked and rolled it up to $25. Me likey. Now I see that the site is offering $10 per 50 raked hands up to $100. Hmmmm, I figure the plane ticket will be in the $200-$250 range, why not try to win it here?

Day 2 - move up to the .20/.40 table and the plane-roll (get it? its like BANK-roll but only... ah forget it) creeps up to $75 after yet another session where someone thought he had quads holding 4449. I remember Prima players not being the brightess but you'd think they would figure out how to play before throwing away a stack in a big bet game as opposed to limit. Caveat Emptor my friend.


One of the few TV shows I view on a semi-regular basis premired last night. Las Vegas. Oh man those helicopter-views across Las Vegas Blvd. are not helping the urge to go. Since I missed out on the final few episodes of last season the beginning made NO sense to me. Re-opening? Hot new bitchy owner? Where the hell is Scary Spice?!?!?! Nikki Cox was looking striking as ever but I didn't really understand the "Jake" thing and if she was starting work again or just there to party at the end of the show. James Caan needs to caan the chin fuzz thingy and stick with acting bad-ass. And more pool/party scenes thankyouverymuch.


Up 10-0, 4th and 15 with little under 4 minutes remaining in the game. Drizz put a last minute bet on Dallas -6.5, he could feel the money doubling in his pocket then... they forget to cover the one guy who can actually catch and run for the Redskins TWICE and they lose. Stick with selecting hot ladies for the sidelines because you obviously can't win a game that's been tied up in a pretty little bow for you. Just for that I'm betting on your team for the rest of the season. Hope you enjoy being 1 - 15 again.

Thanks for dropping by, now go view the only pairs of legs that were working for the Dallas Cowboys last night.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Winner's Tilt

No, the Vikes and Lions don't have to worry winner's tilt this morning. Considering the amount of completions their quarterbacks threw to the other team, they should worry about signing Jeff George or Andre Ware back to the team for a fresh arm.

As a fan, am I worried that the team isn't going to meet expectations?

Damn straight.

What. The. Fuck. Mr. Culpepper?

Whine for more money when you can't keep your interception number lower then the Twins offensive output for a week?

Jaded fan? Yeah, that's me. You have a rockin defensive line, corners that would make any NFL team drool with envy. And an offense that has been feared for almost a decade. And you look like an Andro-induced version of Little Giants trying to run a screen play. Last week I thought it was just jitters, this week there was no excuse to this pummling. I'd like to wear my #99 jersey in Vegas in December for the WPBT Imperial Palace tourney (see Bill Rini for more cool updates) and not feel like a Browns fan. I stopped watching early in the 3rd quarter to go play some low limit PLO8 with $10 I found on BET365 and turn it into $60, thus paying for my hotel room in December for two nights. I'll be thankful for that once I get to sin city.

Anyone else believe the NFL Central is going to be won by the team who just doesn't suck more then the other teams?


Another semi-relaxing weekend, as we only spent one night up at the cabin since bowling started. I tried to stay awake for the car ride up, but something about playing poker until 2:30am the night before didn't help my sleep patterns. The wife was not amused by my snoring, and I was not amused by her waking me up. Am I rude for sleeping when she doesn't have anything to say?

Yes. Your a terrible husband and a pox on society in general.

Closing up the cabin with the exception of dropping by in two weeks to have the place winterized made me realize what a great investment this place was. The walks with Little Drizz are nothing short of a shot of adrenaline when I'm dragging. All two years old of him is always asking me to taking him out on these walks and watching him learn and question things is what makes all those dirty diapers and tantrums worth it. He clings to me everytime a golf cart comes down the tree lined dirt roads, but immediately turns around to wave to the driver and passengers which are met with the "oh, how cute" look. I'm a proud dad much little every other dad out there. Can you tell?

Also caught a little time to break the seal on Split Games for the Advanced Player by Ray-Zee. I'm not advanced, nor am I a limit player, but there were some decent concepts I shall try to segue into my weak-tight PLO8 game. I've already started to become more aggressive with blind and pot steals when I hold cards that warrant it.

For example: I hold A 3 J Q with the A being a diamond and the flop comes out 7 9 J with two diamonds and 6 people in the pot. I'll call off a bet with the intention of raising/check-raising on the turn should the third diamond fall. Why, especially when someone could have flopped the straight? PLO8 is about drawing to the nuts, granted in the lower limits you CAN get away with doing nothing but nut-peddling because people will call you down with that Queen or King high flush (I was guilty of this, but that was short-handed, different game and mind-set there). But, when there's regulars at a table (and if you play the same level even for a period of a week, you'll see the same names come up since Omaha tends to be a specialized group, kinda like those kids who wore helmets to school) you have to outplay them in order to make a profit. Semi-bluffing while holding the key to the nuts is excellent strategy against these type of opponents, just make sure your read is dead-on or it can end up costing you a good portion of your stack.

I made two brain dead plays last night, trying to call down a cinch player with just trips (he filled up on the flop) and not giving enough respect to someone who called my semi-bluff on the flop. These two plays cost me half of my profits for the night. It took a three way stack all-in scoop and a nice 3/4th to get me unstuck and back into the black. This time I couldn't blame having six games going, but yet another distraction.


Ugh, I need to lock myself in a room when I play big-bet poker or this cycle of shipping virtual chips off on idiot plays is going to continue.

Think the wife will notice I forgot to throw her panties in the dryer? Oh well.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you're not caught up with your blogger reading Iggy lays out the next WPBT online event in his most recent uber-post. I'll be railbirding this one since its softball night. Someone be sure to CALL an all-in with 99 for me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 2 NFL Picks

Starting off a wonderful 1-4 on the season is the norm for me early in the season as the strength of the teams are still being defined.

Ok that was a load of BS.

Matter of fact the online sportbooks lick their chops every time I 3/4th a pot in PLO8, knowing the money will be redistributed to the vig and parlay bets.

But, I'm here to offer my picks this week with absolutely no research, I picked them because it seemed like the cool thing to do at the time. Kinda like hitting on your friend's sister at a party and offering to "drive her home".

Anyway.... here's my contribution to the quasi-legal sportsbooks this week.

Cinci -3 (Being a die-hard Vikes fan I know one thing that hasn't changed in 15 years... the inability to win on the road, on grass) No, I'm not giving up my helga horns and Culpepper boxer shorts just yet

2 team Parlay
Lions -2.5 and Miami +6.5 (Lions looked impressive last week in shutting down Farve, and Miami's D should manage to befuddle Chad P. enough to cover)

Bills -2.5 (I think I got a good line here, watch this line probably hit 4 by gametime)

Three team 6 point teaser
49ers +19 (Just gonna pray on this one) Packers -.5 (betting against the Purple and betting on the Pack is enough to get your state ID revoked, don't tell anyone about this okey-dokey?) San Diego Super Chargers! +9 (Brees welcomes back his TE who scores TDs)


On a side note thanks to all the bloggers who kept me up till 2:30am. You guys rock.

Have a good weekend folks, going up to the cabin once again this week for a little R and R and to get over winner's tilt from my VERY good PLO8 session last night.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Came, I Saw...

... I walked home a happy man.

There's a freedom I don't get to feel much anymore. The freedom to tip back a couple of beers and shoot the shit about whatever is going on in the sports world or whatever politico mumble-jumble CNN is plastering across the screen at that particular moment.

Although I enjoy my family life and all its ups and downs, there's nothing that replaces a night at the bar alone. The ability to let loose when you're supposed to act a certain husband/daddy/co-worker way is refreshing, much like taking a dump after eating at KFC or Taco Bell. Being with the WPBT crowd in Vegas is another example of this freedom. You can be yourself with no thoughts of social repercussions. Drink as much as you want! Discuss the finer points of an effective porn slapper! Play poker until all the cards look the same! The down side could be your angry spouse wondering why you knocked her off the bed in your flea-riddled hotel room at 4am while pushing your blood alcohol level past the mendoza line (or should we call it the CantHang line?).

I had the freedom to drink to my heart's content and make a few friends around the oval shaped tables that were laid out across Boston's swank bar. Unlike the Lookout, Boston's is a little more upscale with its plasma screens, an oak finished brightly lit bar, internet sport tickers, futbol from Gol TV, and a page which showed a biography of a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader that popped up every three minutes or so. If you must know Brianna is a student at Normandale Community College, she enjoys baking and playing her daughter, and has 14 years dance experience!

Enough about Brianna, well actually they could have shown more but that's besides the point. I was at Boston's to play a little live poker, which is something I don't get to do often. Any chance I get to embarrass myself at the poker table is a gift. Much like my gifting a stack or two at the blogger tables. Those tables are sooooooooooooo rigged by the way.

40 people started the chase for the elusive exclusive three satellite seats to a tourney in Sommerset, WI. Former home of Edgefest outdoor concerts I through V that I attend in body and many many spirits. Maybe a post for when I'm not feeling very poker-like. Winner of the satellite gets a WPT/WSOP package. Not bad for a freeroll.

Instead of ordering a Cap'n Coke I went with the 32oz. Newcastle as I didn't have much money and they weren't exactly serving $1.50 drinks here. Saddled up with my very tall beer it was time to play. I promised myself I'd take it seriously, looking for tells, and not shoving without a reason. First hand 66 UTG. Normally I'd pitch it, but with the double the blinds escalation and with only T1000 chips starting at 25/50 blinds I needed to catch a hand early or risk not being able to make a pressure bet if needed. After 5 limpers on an eight person table, the flop got an older William Macy look-a-like excited as he pushed all-in after being checked around to him, everyone folded to his top set.

Nice play sir.

The table make up was an assortment you might find at your local casino. The overly aggressive Asian player, the WPT wannabe, the old guy with a little gamble in him since his wife kicked him out of the house for drinking too much, and the happy/getting buzzed poker blogger choking his way through his worst game.

With 20 people left I was blinded down to T800 on the BB with the blinds at 100/200 I look down at KQo and after three limpers I push hoping to take the dead money. Chip leader with a Vick jersey and a mohawk growing on his chin called as do the old guy and Asian. Flop of 4 4 2 rainbow gets checked around, and I grab my nearly gone beer and get up since I expected someone to turn over a naked ace. Turn was a 9 completing the rainbow, and Vick decides to bully the table and push all in. Isolation bet, hopes sunk, bye-bye Drizz. I start to thank everyone for the fun while they fold and I turn over my KQo to see his... um... Q3s? No 3 on the river means Drizz is now fourth in chips. I don't know what just happened there but I like it!

I managed a couple of nice wins after that: KK vs. 76s, AKs vs. KJo quadupled me up. The final table didn't last very long as I waited out the three small stacks and attacked the big stacks blinds with any ace or face until only four were left. A pale, nervous kid who moved a little slow but played aggressively when he did. A heavily tattoo'd big guy who spoke with a British accent and played a great tight-aggressive game. And a Vikes fan with a "Packers Suck" t-shirt on showing a Packers cheerleader giving head to a Viking player (yes a very cosmopolition type clientele list at this bar despite the $7.00 price tag on mixed drinks) on my right who refused to complete his small blind after I'd pushed all-in twice on him pre-flop. After two orbits the British guy's 75s was forced all-in vs. the nervous kid's J6o, a 6 on the flop sealed the inked one's fate as we were all handed this for winning...

The Winner's Spoils

I know it was a bar tourney, and the competition wasn't exactly WPBT material, but it felt good to win something. A $10 gift card, Satellite seat for the possible WPT seat, and an awesome image building hat for my next live session. Through my moonlit walk home, I felt free'd from things that have been bringing me down lately, poker or not. With the 9 to 5 grind (or in my case 6 to 4) its these little moments of freedom that recharge you to face another day. My normal day is get up, work, play with Little Drizz, eat, play poker or sleep.

Every day, Monday thru Thursday, same routine.

Breaks in the routine are rare and very welcome, much like the WPBT Aladdin tourney. What may have seemed like a regular weekend out to most folks, was truly a eye-opener and recharger to me and my poker game (but not my bankroll...).

Thanks for dropping by, now check out these awesome trip stories:

Dr. Pauly's latest advertures that are taking him through Europe.

JoeSpeaker and Bobby "don't call me just Bob" Bracelet tear down the NL game at the Aladdin in a recent Vegas trip.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Donkey errr... Emu Poker!

Dude, you've got a couple hairs sticking up.

Yeah, that's good.

No poker-y goodness for me last night as I had marital things to attend to and softball.

You gave up a night of online poker for co-ed softball and sex?

Yes, yes I did.

A perfect night with good breeze to shoo the 10 million mosquitoes that attack unsuspecting outfielders around this time of year. We took both games rather quickly, and not from my usual dazzling offensive explosion as I hit a few constellations while poping up in the first game. Second game, I smacked a nice long home run to make sure the pitcher with his Kent Tekulve looks and delivery knew what's up. Stop throwing that weak submarine shit or get taken downtown!

You're playing slo-pitch softball dipshit.


This league is more of a family affair then competition. We play against long-time former teammates and cousins. Ribbing the umpire and taunting the pitcher is acceptable for the most part. We're 6-1-1 and have won by the mercy rule 5 times (10 run lead after four innings). This is in stark contrast to the summer league when we were the ones getting beat up. What happened? We have the same players, and we're playing basically the same teams so why are we winning?

Warning possible poker tie-in incoming!!

We got better with practice.

All through the summer league my sister, and reknown klutz, has gone from striking out every at bat to hitting the ball with regularity because of practicing. It doesn't go far mind you, but the simple fact that she makes the other team get her out defensively increases her chances of getting on base by 100%. That's a big number and a big help when 10% of the lineup isn't an automatic out.

My game needs practice, its how you get better, so I've been told by many people who have offered their help in getting me out of this rut in my game (thank you all!!).

Allen, don't look at me like that.

Taking time off for an extended time might revert my game back to when I was hugging a poker hand strength chart and not understanding why my aces got cracked with eight people in the pot.

I've vowed after completing my round of bonus whoring for the WPBT Vegas trip, that I'll be taking a more serious approach to play. I'm not going back to playing NLHE yet. I'll be sticking with what is profitable for me (PLO8) . But no more playing three tournaments and two ring games while in the blogger chat room and watching Sassy use her toys with the limberness of an Cirque du Soleil performer in her $4.99/min "private chats".

One or two tables will be open and only the same variation of poker (no more playing H.O.R.S.E. at the same time). The IM chatting is still a must because what's poker without the social aspect of it? Yes, I want to become more serious about learning but if you can't fun with a hobby why do it?

Now for the Donkey err... Emu poker part. I've signed up for a bar freeroll. Yes, they've gotten so popular here in Minnesota you need to call ahead to reserve a spot. So, I'll be getting some live play practice in while downing a few Cap'n Cokes at Boston's in Maple Grove tonight at 7:30pm. If you're in the area call em up and I'll be the guy wearing a UB cap, a grey Full Tilt t-shirt, and tight Absolute Poker pajama bottoms with my apple green iPod and mirrored shades on.

If you detect sarcasm in the last sentence about my wardrobe, give yourself a pat on the back. If you don't then you're probably my wife as she'd expect me to wear something like that.

Thanks for dropping by, here's a complete list of bar tourneys in Minnesota. Most of the Monday night games have switched to other days due to people's attraction to listening to John Madden mumble for three hours about football.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Head Games


Just ugh.

The tires are spinning in the mud and all I'm doing is sinking and spraying dirty water in five million different directions. Same mistakes, different night. The "aw fuck it" calls are here to stay appearently, and I can't find a way around them.

Just another night of mediocre poker played by yours truly. Yeah, the suck outs were harsh, and the coin-flips turned their backs on me once again but I'm still pissed about my horrible psychological play. Yes, I know I'm beat, I call anyway.

Great poker there Drizz, thanks for your donation.

I'm starting to feel like a guy stuck in a bad relationship or situation. You can SEE the problems, you KNOW there's a problem, but you fail to ACT on the problem. It becomes a routine. You start to accept things you do not agree with and carry on thru the day and the next and the next. This chips away at your patience (and bankroll) and you might even become something that you cannot look at in the mirror after your morning shower.

There's a big difference between settling for something due to compromise, and compromising yourself to settle. One is a choice YOU consciously and voluntarily make in order to improve the satisfaction of waking up in the morning. The other is involuntary, and most likely weighs heavily upon you every moment your awake.

Are we talking about poker? I suppose we could segue into a relationship/life-introspection type thing. But, take the words however you wish as Tony Robbins/Dr. Phil I am not.

I like to discuss poker. And this morning, my play is weighing heavily upon me. Yes, as stated there was cold cards, but once again I failed to control the things that I can use, like the fold button and setting the amount of my bet. Hulk smash all-in button!


I'm not burnt-out, or overworked, just stuck continuously compromising my game to settle for what's easy. For example: Late in the Katrina tournament on Stars last night. AKs with 20BBs left, right around the average stack. I raise 4XBB and get flat called one ahead of me, flop comes out with none of my suit and ten high. I was in no danger of getting blinded out, nor did I tell myself to pull a stop and go pre-flop, and there was no game theory type "if the 3 of diamonds flops I'm pushing" type thought.

I pushed with no game plan, and a total disregard for the opponent's cards. He CALLED my pre-flop raise with something, he didn't re-raise push like several other monkeys were doing with QTo and A2o. He was playing the game, and not mindlessly shoving his stack like the monkey typing these words at the moment. In retrospect its easy to say "ah, he flipped over queens and you were in a coin-flip situation" (which I know to avoid like that KFC that's been sitting in the fridge since St. Patrick's Day). Did I use the information I collected after watching him play for the past 40 minutes? Noooooooooooooo. My monkey fucking a football thinking or non-thinking got me into trouble again.

Will the relationship get better over time? I'd like to think so. I know my marriage is probably a poster-child for reaping the rewards for persistance in overcoming adversity. I think a card game should be cake compared to the things I've had to overcome. Paying two mortgages and consoling a crabby Little Drizz after having to wake him up too early in the morning, are things I look forward to and are not hinderances. I voluntarily do these things, because I want to, and because I've taken the time to think them out.

Unlike my recent poker play.

I don't take the time to think things out. I should constantly be asking "why" before acting at the virtual table. Instead I'm finding myself saying "aw fuck it" again and again and again.

And that needs to stop. Soon, before my only mode of transportation to Vegas becomes Little Drizz's cherry red Big Wheel with the cool flame stickers on the sides of course.

Thanks for dropping by this sitcom/soap opera poker blog this morning, not sure what got me all misty but I needed to get it out so I can feel good about donating money to my favorite bloggers again.


Monday, September 12, 2005

2nd Best?

"Yes sir, your queen high flush is no good in this Omaha game".

"Why's that?"

"Oh, I bet pot and raised for the first time in 45 minutes so you thought I was bluffing"?

Well played sir. Well played.

The weekend started out at the 5th Annual Big Johnson Volleyball tournament in scenic (rustic?) downtown Albertville's 152 Club Bar where you can still get a draft for under $2.00 a pour and the waitresses/bartenders (they all pull double duty) have that hot farmer's daughter look and tight jean shorts to match.

Our team captain Rice takes time out with the one and only waitress at the tournament trying to serve 11 co-ed teams worth of drunken volleyball players. Never waited more then five minutes for a beer timeout. Can't get that kind of service in the Cities.

A photographer I am not. Maybe I'll rent out the AlCantHang Bar Hopping Photo Studio to do the next volleyball shoot. If you look way to the right there's probably another eight ladies with long legs in bikinis ready to go on the court.

Our team Sticky Rice took home 2nd place out of 11 teams and $150 in FAKE MONEY after walking through the pool play 4-0. For some reason beers seems to cut my vertical in half and during the final match as I couldn't put down spikes and our team didn't walk over the final two teams in bracket play as we did in pool play. It paid for the bar tab, breakfast, and a couple of scratch off lottery tickets. Can't ask for more.



I'll keep it to a minimum because I'm sure Daunte is feeling bad about coming out like flat tire on a 75' Pinto. The only good news was the rest of the NFC North looked equally inept on Sunday. Lions/Packer game was only exciting for the final five minutes. Da Bears couldn't manage ONE FUCKIN FIELD GOAL to make my betting week a wash. I did like the Vikes defensive debut, aside from that useless 3rd down long TD run by Caddy Williams, they played some great defense and outscored the offense. Something I thought only the Ravens did.

Next week, no excuses for coming out flat. Five turnovers for one of the top QBs in the league is inexcusable. You can do it Daunte, rest up and kick some ass next week.



Yes I'm still giving away money at the tables, but there's a difference... I'm taking some back as well. Ok maybe Party is just giving me the money directly. $27.36 profit from the latest re-load bonus. Wasn't it a $100 reload bonus? Yes, yes it was. I shot for mediocrity and attained unremarkable.

My leak at the present time? Gifting a stack. Yes, the "aw fuck it" hands have come back. Four times this weekend I CALLED knowing I was beat and blew my well earned stacks. Beating the game otherwise is not my concern, those four hands are my concern. It wasn't chasing a low or overbeting a low with no possible high, it was betting with 2nd, 3rd best knowing the nut hand was out there. That sounds like "gun shy" talk, but in Omaha its not. Many times that King high flush will pay off your nut flush. Straight with a flush on the board? Most people can't lay it down, even in the $100 and $200 games. I rarely profiled other players while playing hold em' and maybe that's why my results have been break-even. In Omaha 8 or better, I carefully watch who's chasing naked A2 low draws, who's betting with straights with a flush is on the board, and who's smart enough to fold two pair under resistance.

Ya thunk this here ob-sore-vation thingy might lead to profits?

Stupid is, stupid does sir.

Also, I broke down and purchased PokerTracker Omaha to see if I'm really profiting from this game. I haven't put in my Stars NLO8 games yet, but the initial Party and Interpoker numbers gave me a hard on. I saw green numbers for the first time since FDR was president and a gallon of gas cost less then my hourly Limit Hold Em win rate at the .05/.10 level. Its nothing spat-tack-u-lar but its a start on the road to profitable poker for once. Which makes heading to Vegas in December for the WPBT event easier on the bankroll. Well... at least the plane ride, can't budget for the umm, kosher activities while there.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you've felt like you're always coming in second best just go to this website and you won't feel as bad. Hitting that one time out of 21. Ouch. I've seen better odds on a roulette table.

Edit ALERT: If you haven't already, Professional Dice Thrower and occasional Blogger tourney crusher Bill Rini has the next WPBT live event set. My pale ass will be there alone this time, and I will need to be kept on a leash. Who will be my chaperone at 4am while playing $1/$2 limit hold em?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 1 NFL Picks

I am NOT a handicapper like certain other poker bloggers so take my picks at face value and laugh at the money I'm losing.

Here we go....

14.5 point 4 team Parlay:
Pats+ 6
Broncos +8
Vikes + 7
Rams +7

Pick from BG.... Chicago on the money line +230

Rams -6.5 (this looks good on paper, lets hope they're good on the field too)

Bengals -4.5 (Browns are bad, Bengals offense should squeeze out a large victory here)

Countdown to kickoff... 3.5 hours + 1 semi-hangover from last night, more on that tomorrow. Good luck to all!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sanity Is Found At Home

Not always, but a nice three mile walk with Little Drizz on a mild Minnesota afternoon can really do some good.

Even to my fledging poker game.

After failing to stay awake for the Raiders/Pats game conclusion last night (waking up on the couch at midnight is not cool). I was refreshed enough to offer the little guy a long walk to clear my mind and grab my favorite sesame chicken dish at Leeann Chin's, as well as ship back the copy of "Drop Dead Fred" that mis-shipped. I know it contains hottie Phoebe Cates but the lack of a pool/spanking scene its just not the same.

After a filling lunch and holding up the line at the post office because my retarded ass forgot to package up and address the movie, we headed to...

Two good things about this place in the afternoon.

1) No shortage of MILFs bouncing around trying to keep their sugar-induced kid under wraps.

2) Excellent "check in" idea, they stamp your hand with a number that matches the one that's also stamped on your child, can't leave without em.

One bad thing.

1) No diaper changing rack in the Men's bathroom.

There's one in the women's room ( I checked for journalistic integrity). I forsee feminist around the world burning their bras in the ball crawl because of this sexist oversight. So, Little Drizz's diaper explosion had to be replace on the cool, dirty bathroom floor. He was not happy.

On the way out there's pictures with the various "theme characters" and sayings like "Hope you come back soon!" and other pleasantries. One with Chuck E. Chesse all dressed up in a baseball uniform ready to swing for the fences and the saying "The Big Cheese Is Batting a .1000!". Its 1.000 you statisical idiot. If you're batting .1000 you are probably either playing on a house league where everyone has to bat, or chewing gum and holding a bat at the same time takes up 99% of your brain capacity leaving 1% to breathe.

On the brighter side of the moon, Drizz is happy again until my trail membership at runs out. Yeah, I had a winning session this afternoon, scoring one for the good guys.

Thanks for dropping by, now go crush some games this weekend. I'll be putting my flowered surfer shorts and playing in a co-ed volleyball tourney this weekend. Anyone want some pics of hot volleyball chicks and some pasty white guys playing volleyball with them? I shall try to keep the pastiness to a minimum.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

My eyes are wide open
But all that I can see is
chapel bells are callin for everyone but-a me
but I don't worry cause
Mama said there'll be days like this

"Mama Said" The Shirelles

I think I have "second best" emblazed on the back of my cards for the past six months. TPTK? Someone has a set. Flop a straight? Don't worry, a flush is coming on the turn. Flop a set? Ah forget it. Gun shy because of it? Damn straight I am. And if I'm going to play scared, I shouldn't play at all.

Top 15% in three tournaments last night, paying out exactly the same. Nada. The only thing keeping my sanity while playing poker currently is chatting it up with fellow bloggers. I've returned to land of bonus whoring since I don't have the chops for this game right now. I tilted away money at the blogger table last night KNOWING I was beat, but I didn't care. It wasn't the stakes, it was my attitude, and that attitude needs to change before I put a serious dent in my bankroll.

Want to see a player with the right attitude? You may have to look down possibly straining a neck muscle in the process, but Iggy showed me last night what makes him a winning player. He correctly put me on a hand last night and folded when it only cost him $2.90 to call. That's talent folks. That's the attitude you need to win at this game. Every chip, every hand counts. The "aw fuck it" attitude will catch up to you in a hurry and if you get rid of that defeatist attitude good things happen at the table, just ask JoeSpeaker.

I didn't value bet any of my monsters, opting to be a push monkey instead. Played scared. I think people do not realize the mental fortitude it takes to play poker as badly as I do on a nightly basis. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, or maybe I'm just not giving the game the attention it requires to succeed. Or maybe I just haven't been getting laid enough.

I've successfully separated the checks from the $$ they represent, but I can't separate my head out of my ass for some reason lately. 85% of my losses in MTTs have come from beats (if you've ever railbirded me in a MTT you'd know how many beats I receive), but its the 15% that could make a difference.

Maybe I'm being too-results orientated. Holy shit I sound like a soap opera today, send Eva Longoria over to my house, I need comforting.

I liked my raises late in an O8 tourney last night and correctly put the opponent on a weak hand. I got called down by a pair draw while I missing all my draws. The reason I busted? Because I tried to push a calling station into folding. It wasn't an "aw fuck it" play (very close to one though), I had a read he was weak, but didn't think about the fact that I needed to make a hand because he wasn't going to let go of that King high pair draw.

While playing the PLO tourney I pushed my flopped straight hard, only to get called by a flush draw that got there. I correctly took away his odds to draw out, but alas I did not receive any mercy. I hope Chad and Joanne had better luck and snagged a couple of FPPs last night.

Very deep into a WCOOP Sat, I stole some blinds with less-then great starting hands in spots other then the button after playing my usual fairly tight game. Lo-and-behold people respected my raises (thank you Mr. Harrington). But, I was unable to muster up that one double up and had to push with presto while having only 4BBs left that ran into 3 callers.

Results orientated? Its hard to be otherwise since my results have been break-even for so long that I wonder if reading a bunch of books is going to do any good. Win $100 one night, give it back the next.

Are you done whinning now Drizz? Yes, I am. Here's a cookie you fuckin baby.

Poker will have to sit in the back seat under a blanket tonight (I might hop on her later because I'm weak and can't stay away like a sex crazed high school kid hopped up on Ecstasy) due to the Randy Moss show being on. I'd like to see if that newly hyped Oakland offense is worth all press they're getting and maybe drop few bucks on the game. I'm liking the Pats at the moment, but I'm reminded they are a slow starting team in the beginning of the season, plus they've lost several key personel (both assistants and their defensive captain). Game-time decision me thinks.

Thanks for dropping by, now please turn the money I've been giving away lately into a WCOOP win so Otis has some work to do :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why Writers Besides DrPauly Shouldn't Be Allowed To Smoke

Chicago Bears are THE pick for the NFC North.

Link from Oddjack, and I second the bong hits comment and raise some peyote.

Maniacs 1, Drizz 0

"He owns him"

Chatting about the Chan-Seidel Main Event WSOP final table in Rounders

Head over to Up4Poker this morning and tell G-Rob to sharpen up his Euchre game before attempting to take on this self-confirmed Bad Boy of the Right Bower.

While I SHOULD have been concentrating on a $50 PLO8 table that featured an all-in Every. Single. Hand. I chatted it up with several other of the poker blogger contingent and we had an itch to scratch...

The time: Mid 1990s.

The place: North Hennipin Community College and "The Townhouse"

The game: Euchre

The days of when the Unibomer was an international terriorist and not bouncing the bouncy Jennifer Tilly. The WSOP was something that was on ESPN (if you had cable) once a year and replayed at 2am after Women's Lumberjacking Championships sectional qualifiers. There was a revolving game that was not played for money on most nights, but for pride. It was argued more fiercely then any variation poker. We played at a speed that would make the 6-max table freaks at Party cringe in terror and cry for mommy.

We played Euchre.

We would play until it was time to head to McD's in the morning for a Sausage McMuffin, hash brown, and a cream cheese danish. Then maybe go to a class or two if we didn't drink too much the night/morning before. But, we'd always meet up in the student union to play more. It seems asinine now about how we played for several years at parties and very rarely for more then to be king of the table for the night.

Those were the times though.

People waited impatiently to sit down and square off versus the opposing teams. Many nights we discussed writing a strategy book called "Extreme Euchre" which now sounds about as appealing as heading up to the local Legion/Moose/VFW Hall to see if there's even a game going. We played in tournaments for a dime a point in a "king-of-the-court" styled contest against people three to four times our age.

And loved every minute of it, well that and the beer specials they'd have for tournament players.

Texas Hold Em' is the game of choice nowadays. Sure, if people are tapped or there's no money to trade among friends we'll play a quick game. But gone are the days of 6am runs to McDs while half in the bag. Or going to class trying to understand a professor's teachings of marketing terms and strange symboled mathematic equations with left bower and a back plays from the games last night sitting on the brain.

While it was only 1am that we played until this morning, it was definitely cool to be playing an "uncool" game. Thanks Princess, CJ, and G-Rob for reminding me of days I'd forgotten lately, due to chasing a toddler running around with a miniature football after a long day at work. I don't know if I'll stay up that late again (hey 4:30am for work comes pretty damn early...), but I'm sure there will be some alone bids coming in the future.


The PartyPoker maniac got the best of me last night when I made an attempt to play back at him the draw didn't come through and I was forced to abandon the hand. In fact I never held cards in two hours that WOULD have won. Last night it was about the cards, if you hit, your were going to get paid off. Unfortunately a cold deck slapped me in the face and I lost a buy-in. Not a horrible result considering how many buy-ins were flying around that table last night due to suck-outs and overly aggressive play. I don't think there was much strategy needed at this table since one guy would raise pre-flop 100% of the time and pot-sized bets/raises would come out no matter how coordinated the flop. Three to a flush flopped? Two pair was good enough to take it down. Wild night and I tightened up big time, but for every A23X double suited (all two of them) the flop came out all high or the an A23 flop would kill my hand.

Thanks for dropping by, now who wants to head to Cleveland, OH with me for the WORLD SERIES OF EUCHRE?!?!?!?!?!

I am such a dork. Have a good day folks :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When Newscasters Try To Play Euchre.....

Image hosted by

For you Prima skins players out there...

From a reader named Adam:

There's a tournament on Royal Vegas Poker ( for Hurricane Katrina victims.

The tournament is being held tonight at 9 p.m. EST. It's a $25 buy-in and 50% of the prize pool is going to the American Red Cross.

I know there's a tournament on just about every conceivable poker site, but some people toss sand bags, others cook food, we play poker.

Give as you are able to.

- Drizz

Is It Monday Already?

No, its Tuesday you idiot.

Apologies to my two and a half confirmed readers. I haven't been home to post.

Holiday weekends screw up my internal alarm clock as I got up at 4:30am yesterday for no reason at all. Except to watch a Girls Gone Wild infomercial and go back to sleep for two hours till Little Drizz decided he needed some breakfast. My attempts to defer his appetite were quickly quashed by thrown stuffed animals.

I spent a total of four hours at home for the past four days. I spent three of those hours playing poker and slots while folding the laundry. Exciting life indeed.


Thursday and Friday were spent up at Chateau De Drizz as I tried to catch up on my Sklansky and got myself ready for the impending Fantasy Football draft. Vowing not to fall into a Twins like late-season slump which cost me 1st last year, I was determined to pick players that don't suck. Easy isn't it??

While reading the Theory of Poker I wondered how much I could derive anything important from it, being a small-stakes player. I got plenty. The chapters on overcalls, calling/betting on the end, folding/betting/raising instead of calling, and sizing up your opponents were excellent reads. If you have a tough time reading this book and want the cliff notes? Hit up the summaries at the end of each chapter and repeat to yourself each outlined verse. Being a low stakes player note a word of caution in not reading between the lines, especially on the several chapters on bluffing. There's several notations through out the book warning the reader to match the level of play to the level of your opponent's thinking. Make sure if you read this book you are taking a special note on his explaination of the three levels of thinking in your opponent before attempting a bluff check-raise on the river. I probably have thrown away more bets then I'd like to admit due to making a play on a pot against someone who needs a crib sheet on how to breathe.


Saturday was spent at my friend Bobby's wedding (no, not THAT Bobby). As a truly international affair there were several countries in attendance as his new wife's family was coming from Europe. The matron of honor was a rugby player from England, I think BadBlood would shiver from an arm wrestling contest from her. I watched an older Katherine Hepburn look-a-like order a double Jack and Vermouth and down it in AlCantHang fashion.

Then order a wine with another shot.

Me? Free bar? Yeah, I hit it hard but since I promised the loving wife I would not puke in the car this time I kept the Cap'n Cokes to below double digits. Barely. I was able to drink a bit quickly since the wonderful dinner of Chicken Wild Rice soup (I don't generally eat soup but its damn tasty after too many sugary drinks), a Garden salad with parmesan cheese dressing, and a meaty Prime Rib with skin-on whipped potatoes went the distance and soaked up my alcoholic tendencies. For the guy who normally dines on frozen pizza counting as cuisine... this dinner rocked.

I snuck out of the reception several times to see my Notre Dame pick over Pitt was coming through. And to spy on an Air Force wedding reception. Pretty people? It was like a wave of them coming out as they took pictures in the hallway. It was quite possible that MTV was lurking in the background ready to snap up two or three of these ladies/guys for the next "Road Rules" or "Real World".


Sunday was spent with Little Drizz as I took him on several walks around the park and took him mini-golfing. His version of mini-golf comprises of hitting the ball off the carpet/tee-box then picking up the ball and hitting it in from two inches. On the walks, he still gets scared anytime a golf cart comes down the road (which is better then running out in front of them I suppose). There's something about walking and talking to your kid that's therapeutic and makes you forget about the times he throws his scrambled eggs across the room to let you know he's not eating them this morning. When we purchased the cabin I first thought of the properity value, but now I see its true value in spending time with the wife and little guy without TV, movie, or poker distractions. Plus, friends are right next door to chat into the wee hours of the night about life as newer parents and even a little poker ;)


Monday afternoon was spent playing a little poker at InterPoker, doing battle with those crafty European players. I finished down for the session due to some inane beats at PLO8 when I put a manaic on a hand correctly and he managed a runner-runner full house. I'm playing at Interpoker not for the reload bonus, but for the free Super System 2 they're giving after 700 raked hands (not to mention a free hat after 300 hands) in the month of September. Free bonus plus free swag and I'm in bonus whoring heaven. One problem, I'm not playing four games mindlessly anymore, so the clearing of the bonus will take longer then expected. Granted the PLO8 play is pretty straight-forward and the manaics are easy to pick out, but when I add three tables of NLHE it makes it difficult to keep tabs on the tight players and those who are pushing all-in pre-flop for $100 with 66 (this happens WAY too much on this site). Tight is definitely right at this site (I'm a lyrical poet don't you know it?), but I did manage to take a few pots that normally I would not have play at prior to reading Theory of Poker. I'm fast becoming a 2+2 book groupie, is this a bad thing?


Sunday night was a party for my friend Rice as he got the call about his national guard troop being sent to Iraq in six months after training in the south. The air was kept light as our whole "group" played some football and prepare for our fantasy football draft later that night.

Much later.

As we were hoping to get home around 8:00pm, it was 11pm when lights were shut off back at the Drizz household. Because everyone didn't have the same lightning fast draft selections as myself (I took between 5 to 10 seconds making my picks... and it probably shows, see below)

QB - Culpepper, David Carr
RB- Rudi Johnson, Fred Taylor, Jerome Bettis, Stephen Jackson
WR - Rod Smith, Darrell Jackson, Donald Driver (I pick a Packer and hate myself for living now)
TE - Jason Whitten
Def - Ravens
K - David Akers

I seem to do well with the worst team, this season will be no exception having only one true fantasy stud (Culpepper) is going to hurt. Hopefully I'll overcome my four game lead with four to go meltdown that I had last year to go from 1st to 3rd because I failed to recognize the playoff teams that were sitting their starters.

Fellow fantasy fans may go ahead and laugh at my picks if you'd like.

Thanks for dropping by, now check out this site for all your fantasy foosballing.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Getting Hungry

I like mine with lettuce and tomato

Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes

Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer

Well good God Almighty which way do I steer for my... Cheeseburger in Paradise

Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger in Paradise

I admit to only being an avid fan of Mr. Buffett but his song woke me up this morning before the long holiday weekend and he gets the nod as I try to incorporate yet another pop song into a post. Just be happy Pantera's "Fuckin Hostile" didn't come up again as it did during my cash in a MTT on Noble last night. ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!!

Good god Drizz, is that a "teaser"?

Yes, yes it is.

By the way, my cheeseburger would have 2 hearty strips of bacon, 3 kinds of cheese, Honey-BBQ sauce, and deep fried onion shavings on it. Hold the pickle. Don't forget the cheese fries and tall Cap'n Coke to wash it down.

Gott Sei Dank heute ist Donnerstag. Imperfect Deutsch from two years of sleeping thru Mrs. Tischer's class in high school. If the pretzel is on the chalkboard you may only converse in German. A slice of Apple Pie? English is acceptable. Sleeping? Would get you a spray of water in the face. Stehe auf Herr Drizz!

I couldn't help it that her class was the first of the day and right after 5am pitcher's practice that lasted two hours before even the janitors showed up. Working at Target till 11pm most nights then getting up at 4:30am to listen to Coach Darby demand all pitchers to hold the flamingo position for five minutes or run a lap around the school's perimeter during the afternoon practice with the rest of the team made for a tired kid. One lap = One mile. Not a good way to start out the 2 hour practice after school.

With all the extra practice, why would you want to be a pitcher or a catcher? In my case it was my ticket to a varsity letter since a strong but wild arm was no good in the outfield. Throw it over the 20 foot backstop from 250 feet away? Yes, I've done it, more then once. But, on the mound I could put the fear of god into the opposing batter by throwing a perfect strike one pitch and peg the mascot Nuke LaLoosh style on the next pitch. Most high school games lasted 2 hours, tops. My games averaged 3.5 hours. Walk, strikeout, walk, strikeout, walk, ground ball. Not to mention my pre-pitch routine of walking around the mound and straight up to the rubber. Every. Pitch. Patience was something I had in abundance. My teammates? Well, there was a reason why I led the team in unearned runs given up.

Last night I found that patience again in a MTT. I threw the strikeouts when needed getting the double ups in spots where I was a big favorite. Errors were kept to a minimum with the help of a coach on the sidelines reminding me to stay patient despite someone who value checked his runner-runner full house to suckout my flopped straight.

Normally I go broke there.

Instead, I made the final table and a cash. It didn't feel like I was deep in the tourney as I was busy chatting with the bloggers and adding some songs to my iPod. I had one scare as I pushed with AQ in middle position with 17 people left and got called by a weak player who had been getting lucky. He flipped over KQ, care to guess the door card? Sigh. Ready to let loose with a line of profanity that would make Sam Kinison roll over in his grave, a beautiful Ace came on the turn and I took those chips to the final table after getting 2 orbits of non-playable cards. Card death again led me to run AJs into KK for a 10th place finish out of ~80 or so players.

Drizz is happy. And he's gonna go eat his cheeseburger now. No cold draft beer till after work though.

Have a good weekend folks, wedding reception and Labor Day cook-out are on tap for the holiday weekend. I had a rant about the gas prices but that's a little insensitive considering the conditions in Mississippi and New Orleans. I watched a report the other day where a woman's husband of 53 years, died on the highway of a heart attack and the cops response? "Push him somewhere so he won't smell bad". Oy. I know law enforcements are streched thin with patience but damn, use just a little bit of tact in a situation like that.

Thanks for dropping by, now go tell CJ to get some damn sleep. He's working his ass off to provide awesome coverage of Katrina's wreckage.

Edit addition: Paul Phillips does it again. He takes you inside of several hands of his most recent tournament except.... he doesn't tell you what he's holding, nor what the opponents turned over. Definitely a brain teaser for those tournament junkies out there.