Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drizz vs. Gravity: Who Wins?

If you want to see Drizz vs. Sobriety, I suggest you be near the Amazon Room on Sunday night after my write ups of the Battle of the Planets and $1 Million Turbo Takedown promotions at PokerStars for the PokerStarsBlog are in.

Yes, that's another brag that I'll be in VEGAS!!

If you want to see two top notched pros battle it out in a re-match of last year's WSOP Main Event heads-up play, see Falstaff's write up of the event here. Details of the event below.


ISLE OF MAN, UK, JUNE 23, 2009 – World Series of Poker Main Event champion and Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate is to take on his 2008 opponent - fellow team member Ivan Demidov, in a unique heads-up charity tournament held online at PokerStars.

When the two first clashed last November, there was over $9 million in prize money at stake, and the match took well over 15 hours, the longest Main Event heads-up match in WSOP history.

Now, only days before the 2009 Main Event kicks off, the two will face-off against each other again, but this time they’ll be slugging it out for charity.

The match takes place on PokerStars, June 26 at 18:00 ET, and will replicate the exact same circumstances under which the two pros played in 2008. Eastgate, from Odense in Denmark, will start with 80,300,000 in chips, while Demidov from Moscow, Russia will start with 56,600,000. The blinds will be set at 120,000 / 240,000, with a 30,000 running ante.
In the 2008 final, Demidov managed to snatch the chip lead early on, but lost it again when his jack-high was beaten by Eastgate’s queen-high. The action then reached Level 39, with a big blind of one million chips - the biggest blind level in the history of the WSOP. Demidov never recovered the chip lead, and after 15 hours and 39 minutes of play, Eastgate was crowned the youngest ever world champion.

The two pros are excited about the re-match, which will see $10,000 go to one of their chosen charities. Eastgate is playing for the Danish Refugee Council and Demidov is playing for The Hospice Charity Fund “Vera” INN.

This is the first time that a major live contest like the WSOP final has ever been “re-played” on PokerStars, and is likely to prove a huge draw. PokerStars players can watch the match live on the PokerStars client.

For more information please email


PokerStars is the world’s largest poker room with over 23 million members worldwide, and more free-to-play tables than any other site. At players learn how to play, and practice poker skills for free. As the premier destination for the top players, with numerous tournaments running every day, PokerStars is renowned for offering the best software and security in the online poker world.

Has dealt over 29 billion hands
Has run more than 170 million poker tournaments
Has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the largest online poker tournament - 35,000 players
Have had over 265,000 simultaneous players, and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the first and only poker website to reach the 200,000 simultaneous players mark

PokerStars is the official sponsor of the: European Poker Tour (, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Latin American Poker Tour (, Asia Pacific Poker Tour ( and The World Cup of Poker.
PokerStars is the home of Team PokerStars Pro, a group of over 30 veteran and up-and-coming players from around the world who play online at PokerStars and are sponsored by the site in international tournaments around the world. For more information please visit

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Corner Kick from Vegas

I don't consider myself but a very causal fan of USA Soccer but after reading Speaker's pre-game take of the Spain vs. US match one could see a similarity between this match and one played at Lake Plaid in 1980.

Except for things like communism, Red Scare, pierogies (which are freakin good, I suggest going to 3 Squares near my house, ask for the steak and pierogie platter) and lingering cold war.

Could this match be USA Soccer Miracle On Ice the Pitch? Will the legions of orange slicing soccer moms unleash the mini-van horde upon the football/baseball/basketball loving US public enough so a win this big isn't over shadow'd by things like Shaq's trade to Cleveland or Carl Kahn's Horseshoe Pitching championship on ESPN?

Sadly no. In fact if Brett Favre left his lawn cut just one inch too high, you can bet Erin Andrews would be down on all fours with a ruler saying this just isn't right (much like in your dream), and the soccer victory would end up being some ESPN7 sound bite to be played after the 2005 WSOP Main Event re-run at midnight AUSSIE AUSSIE OY!.


Its three days to touch down in Vegas. Either I'm so wired about it I can't think, or I'm dreading it.

Me and the wife (not The Wife as she is hosting a gathering/poker tourney this weekend that people would have the means or proximity should must attend) have not had great times in my favorite vacation spot for several years. One could blame a multitude of things like me getting stupid drunk after an arguement, or having an irritable five old with us,. But our ideas of fun in the city of sin just don't mesh very well leaving only the raging solo times of slinging low stakes poker and Pai Gow with random 15 minute table game friends as fun times.

There is Tuesday to look forward to as myself and a couple of other degenerates will unleash the fury to bust some rocks down at Binion's for their poker series. Omaha eight-or-better will be the game, my hopes we can all go down as a group and maybe pick off a win for the online scribes after such a strong showing at the WSOP thus far. Congrats to sprstoner, CK, and LJ on their big cashes!

Yes, there's shows, restaurants, and the pool to show my new half-way never getting there fitness filled skeleton now with less muffin top! Vegas to me is rinsing off the stressors of everyday life, losing a couple of bucks while shouting for Xiong to spread a ten high Pai Gow as your next lost count of Cap'n Cokes hits the plastic cup holder next to your wave of green and red chips (may be black, purple, and gold for the higher rollers who read here). Its laughing a little too loudly at the Freddy Mercury impersonator and singing Bicycle Race off key but your tiny little rum-soaked brain thinks you belong at on stage at Wembley Stadium.

Its hitting up a strip club, watching acrobatic phenoms slither in sexual ways, or tasting a steak made by chef you'd see on TV. Just letting go for 96 hours.

Think its our turn to get lucky? I hope so.

See some of you on Sunday night.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's KFavre!

Weekly dose of Favre crazy: KFavre! Yes, you can get all your Favre-tastic radio information outside of John Madden's bowel movements now!

Its a mirror site of the official home of the Minnesota Vikings: KFAN, which as of this moment is 100% Favre-free, but according to a Fargo website and Reebok that may be changing soon...


The attemps to cram in as many activities for the past month will continue its familygasm ways for the next two months. Father's day was spent recovering from the night before thanks to friends who were kind enough to help with the rigorous liver training necessary to survive a trip to Vegas with certain WSOP media row degenerates currently several weeks into their alternate reality.

As for poker play, there was Friday night that was spent low rolling the 180 man tourneys on Stars (one cash, one not-so-much), then another final table in a 90 man SnG on Full Tilt where I rolled up a final table short stack into a runner up check. Other than that, nothing. No quicky cash games or SnGs before bed, no watching the 2008 WSOP on ESPN, just earning cash for the summer cushion fund when things get tight around the house since my wife takes a deep pay cut over the summer.

PokerStarsBlog pimp here: Sunday Warm-up recap and Sunday Million recap

Thus the reason for one fitful hour of sleep yesterday as random internet player got lucky for 10 hours straight and finished off a quick heads-up game around 3:00am, brushed up the webpage and recap at 3:30am, my shower started at 4:30am and by 6:00am it was back to the corporate grind with a thank you trinket sitting on my desk for assisting with the ways of Microsoft Access (I'm a green belt g33k on the side). Sobe Energy was liquid gold to keep my half fitness molded body upright to slay spreadsheets and debits with the fury of a cracked out Rio hooker bar regular that just found out she was paid with tournament chips versus the proceeds of rolling five straight points during the dinner break.

Yes, getting in shape have seeped into my daily routine. Not to the point of running marathons or 10Ks under 30 minutes, but to the point where working all-night does not cause walls to get in my way while breathing and walking at the same time increase in difficulty. Losing weight is not something in my gym itinerary as redistributing that weight would suffice. Also, playing softball at the speed I grew accustom to during the days before children, responsiblity, and the choice to pour out my thoughts onto these pages.

I am not, nor will I become a health-nut or start chewing on the bark of the willow tree for breakfast nutrients but sweating with 40 women in a group aerobics class three days a week seems like a win-win situation especially as you watch the mother of your children slim herself back into the body of the three sport athlete and smile a little more due to it.


Parenting question

Situation: Its Father's Day, you receive a freshly cooked breakfast with yummy cooked meats scrambled into eggs and cheese. You go shopping with the family troupe throughout the day and end up at your brother's place for grilled animals on buns. Relaxed on a the laz-e-boy your beautiful three year old with questionable bowel control proclaims an emergency. Your wife decided to break your day-long calm bubble by directing you to get her to the toilet before Dora the Explorer and Boots find a chocolate log in their way to Papa's Party.

Despite frantic efforts you do not succeed, instead a nice Mounds bar surprise plops out causing a mess. Pointing and laughing occur behind you of course.

How do you react?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Truckin'

I'll be enjoying some Father's Day BBQ at my brother's house shortly before an up-all-night adventure at the virtual felt tonight doing the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million final table recaps at

For better reading before 3am CST Monday morning, I suggest the new edition of Truckin' as seen below.

Truckin' - June 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 6

Welcome back to the birthday issue of Truckin' as we turn seven years old this month!

1. Pink Dragons by Paul McGuire Charles was skeptical and accused me of being a CIA or DEA agent, not to mention the evil offspring of George Bush. There was a strong anti-American sentiment in New Zealand and Charles epitomized that angst. When I unfurled a wad of multi-colored Australian dollars, he abruptly ended his rant and asked me how much I needed... More

2. Holly of Houston: Google Me! by Johnny Hughes Holly was a former board member of Houston's chapter of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She had donated $140,000 to the Texas Strippers for PETA tour. Her frequent comments in Texas newspapers were strongly anti-gun... More

3. I'll Read Your Madness Later by May B. Yesno The agent freezes; there on that glorious bed lay two figures. The face and name was banging a woman. The woman clawing gently on the back of the face and name, eyes silted in pleasure, yet aware enough to look at the agent coming through the doorway... More

4. The Collector by Milton T. Burton He was questioned by two detectives from the Organized Crime Squad---one older, tall, thin and gray haired; the other younger, short, thickset and bald. Raymond Chandler said they always came paired that way. But the old man didn't read Chandler... More

5. Morrison's Lament By Michael Friedman Society no longer values the divinity of the self, so I find myself amiss all of the technology, discontent, and terror and although it takes only a moment to imagine that I am free from the nastiness that the universe leaves on my lips with every gut-wrenching soul kiss... More

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jon minus Kate

I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Not a rabid fan, nor do I hold the past episodes in DVD but I'll watch it once in a while with the wife. One thing that strikes me about the show is how demeaning and dominating Kate is to Jon versus trying enjoying the little baseball team minus one which should be the focus of the show.

Her compliments to Jon are rare and only when she is the direct beneficiary of his actions. And when he does the smallest thing to annoy Kate? Blow up out of proportion, much like in a recent episode with the family receiving some kick ass bikes from the American Chopper guys. Now, the stories about how Jon may have cheated on his TV/real life wife and the various newstand gossip rags are directing their wraith towards the bad-boy Jon.

If he did it, they're correct.

True, he is in a bad relationship. True, the woman is a self-centered shrill. True, the pressures of the papparazzi honing their Nikons on every drink he sips at a corner bar away from the bright lights could have gotten to him. Despite running a household with eight kids (only 23 less than Mookie and JJ by the way) he comes off as well-adjusted to the pressure cooker family they've created.

In the past I was in a similar situation, torn between my love for a woman and her facade of maritial bliss which really hid her true emotions (which were let out routinely in public and at home). At recess or lunch hour you'd call it "whipped" and I was, blindly led around by my infatuation for her, there were no discussion when I'd take a mental beating from not parking the car perfectly or forgetting something from a grocery list.

Leaving wasn't an option as I saw something beneath the veener of her near sociopathic behavior towards myself. Instead of picking up and leaving, I searched to find my wife, and she in turn chipped through the thin wood as we both tried out this thing called marriage where its my belief that the couple should try work these things out until you get to a point of no return and go on your separate ways.

Yelling, tears, hurtful truths came out but each time the next day became a little easier to wake up to a good morning kiss that meant more than just a routine before slapping on our clothes for work. It could be the hearing aids, it could be getting vertical again from my head injury, it could be her new found interest in going out with friends and family. But, there's a mutual respect that wasn't been there in a while that is slowly seeping into our once broken household, as I in turn find more things to love about her when I can feel no guilt from visiting friends in other states or working for PokerStarsBlog.

While I can see a person like Jon doing what he is being battered for in the press, his options besides running into the bed of someone other than his wife is a discredit to her though. If you don't like the relationship and don't have an "open" one, then cheating on her is cheating on yourself no matter how much of a complete bitch she is. At this point those two are on camera as a couple for the money. Period. Which makes the show unwatchable this year, as it takes the reality out of the reality show and puts in two cardboard figures acting as husband, wife, and parents. Instead you get two poorly trained actors trying to squeeze an extra dime out of TLC, the crowd and general DVD buying public.

Of course I realize my situation is far different to that of Jon's, as my wife's attempts to better herself and our marriage in recent times has woken me up to the fact that instead of sitting around and playing victim I need to get off my well-manicured ass and improve my life as well.

Remember the question I asked here? I think I answered it. Thank you Kari. My hopes are someday we'll get back to seeing each other for the first time on a softball field, with a blank mental slate and just enjoy being around each other again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turning a double play

Poker news:

YMCA and KFAN are teaming up for a charity poker tournament at St. Croix Hotel and Casino this Saturday (June 20th) at 2:00pm. For the low-low price of $100 ($70 tax deductable) you can get to take on fellow KFAN Rubes as well as radio personalities (my guess is Cory Cove aka Sludge from my favorite morning show "The Power Trip" will be there). Check out the link here for more details as well as pre-registration for the event.

I'd be all over this but my wife had something else planned with good friends. An afternoon at Canterbury Park without the kids will have to do :) Horse racing and cards are activities readily approved by the author here and I'm guessing a Lennie's Honey Weiss or six will find their way into my hands. While we'll miss the weiner dog races on Father's Day, but there's nothing like rooting on a 11-1 shot on the rail versus having to watch a simulcast.

Related story to my adventures below Baseball talk:

Former Cubbie Sammy Sosa took PEDs. My reaction? *yawn*.

This continued leak of information that was supposed to be sealed should get more attention. If a record is sealed or expunged the person taking the test or on the receiving end of a punishment due to bad judgement about bringing a bottle of Popov vodka in a dormatory room under aged and not using his head that the older looking "kids" are actually undercover cops, shouldn't have to worry about such things as that coming back to haunt them.

Unless of course one were stupid enough to write about it in a blog post, luckily we don't have such lack of intelligence around these parts.

Yes, A-Rod and Sosa, though scummy enough to deny all the allegations for five/six years, deserved the shield of protection they signed up for when the initial testing took place in 2003. And the Hall of Fame ballot in 2013 might contain the most difficult choices:

Sandy Alomar Jr., Tony Batista (HAHAHAHA), Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Jeff Cirillo, Royce Clayton, Roger Clemens, Jeff Conine, Steve Finley, Julio Franco, Shawn Green, Roberto Hernandez, Ryan Klesko, Mike Lieberthal, Kenny Lofton, Jose Mesa, Damian Miller, Eric Milton, Russ Ortiz, Mike Piazza, Reggie Sanders, Curt Schilling, Aaron Sele, Sammy Sosa, Mike Stanton, Jose Valentin, Todd Walker, David Wells, Rondell White (HAHAHAHA), Bob Wickman, Woody Williams

The laughter is for the Twins picking up those two in their gray years for ineptitude unseen since I took the hill versus Cold Springs in 1993 and managed to give up a game-winning home run to the number nine batter.

Only three non-juiced players I see have a better than average shot. Craig Biggio should be a lock, Mike Piazza's vagina lost votes didn't charge Clemens after getting a bat thrown at him but one of the best catchers in the game should warrant a nod, and Curt Schilling's bloody sock should squeeze in based on his rings and K's, not his blog. Bonds, my former idol Clemens, and Sosa will face the purists wall of old sportwriters that remember 5 cent packs of Pall Malls and Budweiser while Pee Wee Reese ruled shortstop.

Whoa, didn't mean for the tangent to go so far.

Forgot how much I miss the game and being a fan sometimes while the everlasting hussle of being a parent is going on. With hope there will be a game for my son and daughter to enjoy while in the new open air Target Field or my current favorite is catching a St. Paul Saints game at Midway and tailgating while the rustle of a freight train going by every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, maybe the next day country bars, beer gardens, ass grabbing, and rooftop Wrigley views. Not in that order as all were equally fun last weekend. Who doesn't like chatting about NYC bar room brawls with a tat'd up ex-con and the sexual mindset of married women with a bachlorette party at 2am with a live band cranking out Fishing in the Dark while holding a clear Solo cup full of beer.

I know I do.

Yes, the hick vibe was thick at that bar and it reminded me of dozens of places you could find lined up in Northern Minnesota minus a lake record-setting small mouth bass hanging on the wall, but wow what a way to cap off another great weekend in Chicago with friends.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sound of Friendship

“Why did you wait so long?”

This past weekend I spent in the company of friends, not a blogger meeting/gathering but with friends. A group of similarly minded yet diversified folks from all sarcastic ranges and abilities to bring their own flavor to the party.

The drive to and from Chicago was not for the weary and luckily my pilot Chad was willing to take the helm since I made the similar trek last year. One thing was set that next time we’re getting our damn airline tickets early. There are only so many cheese houses and spots to purchase beer lube (not the kind you consume or put on a squeaky brake pad, we opted not to delve further as to its proper use fearing for The Gimp to come out of the basement) along I-90/I-94 to keep people interested. Granted the weather was beautiful and the countryside painted with a lush green with spotted bovines enjoying a quick summer nap, but the itch to get to our destination both ways was a bit much. The arrival trip was sedated by a trip to a micro-brewery in Lake Mills, WI which served up some tasty IPAs and nut brown ales.

Once arrived with StB in tow from Milwaukee, the first night was spent cracking some Surlys and other fine beverages at the condo, followed by a trip down to The Beer Bistro. Downtown bar with a back-side of a menu covered with beer and an inside with good nibbles to tame the late-night hunger. Very classy, comfortable, with a private back table, waitresses with a decent knowledge of the selection, and a friendly owner who shocked my system with a shot of rye last consumed here with my grandfather at the family cabin after a double skunk in cribbage.

Back to the spacious condo overlooking the Menard’s plant and a decent view of the skyline it was time to attempt some sleep before golf in the morning.

Nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee, granted I do not imbibe in the beverage but I do enjoy the smell. Thanks to The Rooster who’s second office was located within the coffee king’s logo, there were apple fritters and cups of java waiting for the early threesome to hit up the links. Myself, Chadarama, and our generous host for the weekend DP were set to play nine holes at Sydney R. Marovitz. The views of the lake with the marina in full flock, and the hotties jogging its perimeter made up for the not-yet-ready-for-the-PGA display of golfing talent (minus a 300+ yard blast from my driver and a 35 double breaker putt sunk by DP) being displayed by us three. Despite DP taking lowest score, I managed to snag 7 of 9 skins for prop betting goodness. Money > Ego

Next up it was time to find the rest of the crew at The (Re)Publican sharing a cab with the lovely Maigrey. I only briefly remembered the name of the restaurant and added fiscally restraining policies to its name by mistake. Bad government actions naming aside, Bobby Bracelet holding on to the ten known as Elizabeth and his brother BG were coming out of a corner bar ready to get our foodies on with some high-class carvings.

“Why did you wait so long?”

Hearing BG and Grubby (who was forcefully removed from a Star Trek nickel slot earlier in the evening after he ranted to security about not receiving one bonus game for the past two hours) describe the different dishes on the large piece of parchment and StB mentioning Van Halen currently providing ambiance music was something that reaffirmed my decision to kill most of my poker bankroll and turn it into life. Who wouldn’t want to hear a chef’s description of the Potee or a food lover’s suggestions on the spicy pork rinds (which did kick much ass). All for a little cash, yet I waited several years due to an lingering memory of junior high, to a head injury, to this and that, excuses that flowed out more than believing something was missing and needed to be filled. And finally it did, in the form of wax injected into my ear canal for the purpose to bringing the elegant restaurant and all its patrons into life.

For the story about the ganked bone marrow and competition between the brothers to one-up the waitress that had zero sense to the fun, I’ll need to defer the floor to them. After the top three dinners in my life, we headed once again to The Beer Bistro for a nightcap of good beer for most, while Bobby Bracelet insisted I get my northern cred in for the weekend and drink a can of Hamms and PBR without inviting me to a tractor pull or demolition derby.

I do want to pick up the story tomorrow as the post is bit long for today, for the Twins/Cubs game (Mauer power!), seeing CJ and past co-workers and softball teammates at random bars, lesbian bar revival, and listening to Garth Brooks live at 2am while downing a free Cap’n Coke from a female Cubs fan. But the introspective on that above question was rang my rum soaked head more than few times last weekend and while I was returning home from softball with a dab of rain hitting the minivan along Country Road 30 last night.

“Why did I wait so long?”

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brad Childress is a woman

Sorry but one last post before many Surly products find their way across the Wisconsin border.

Chilly, the toolbox is full in Minnesota. Please stop. Make up your mind on what you want for your team and stick with it or I'm shipping an economy size Midol bottle and a box of heavy Carefree with wings to Winter Park when I get back

I'm off to root for the Twinkies this weekend in my sparkling new Mauer jersey. Hopefully the bleacher bums will let me keep it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You're the Inspiration

Since I currently own nothing more than a phone that struggles to receive text messages and routinely runs out of memory while taking pictures, this is a placeholder for the next five days. It will take in dial-a-shots however.

It's time to adventure to a city that contains more people than this state twice over and I hear there's even places within this city that willingly serve you beer.

To my friends on media row at the WSOP, stay strong.

Poker From the Rail
Dr. Pauly
Wicked Chops Poker
Poker Stars Blog
Ulimate Bet Blog/

Its hard hearing about the conditions there that looked to be improving from last years fun-fest to this year's suck-fest for the media at least. How about the players? Any word on improved seating, rules, happy endings table massages, less kangaroo meat in the beef, Jack Links Jerk-off contests?

That's 18 days to touch down at Mandalay Bay where I'll spend my first five to six hours writing up in my room for PokerStarsBlog (Turbo Takedown and Battle of the Planets promos), then the plan is to crack a smile into the thousand-yard stares of those hard-working bloggers at the Rio. Prehaps even sneak in a quick session at the PLO8 cash game if its running.

But, tomorrow's plan is to enjoy the Wisconsin countryside, eat some cheese curds, drink some decent beer, flick off every Packer fan in site, pick up a Brewers' fan, and head down to Chicago for face boners, poker, baseball, and enjoy friends that can only manage to meet once or twice a year (actually my liver and wallet is thankful for this).

Side note: 1Queens Up1 mentioned checks are flowing from FTP, any word on the PokerStars situation? I heard a bonus was offered to those who's checks were denied, but since that would kinda-sorta hinder my plans to hitting up a decent dinner or two in Vegas I'd need a little more info before transferring my paycheck out.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Good news getting ugly

Bad News for online players:

This one is slowly leaking out and semi-troubling (or moreso in the cases of those at the WSOP or like me the low-roller needing a few bucks for the next couple of week's activities)...

Payment processor problems at Full Tilt and PokerStars causing multiple checks to bounce. Including mine.




Yes, its only seven bucks, and yes Full Tilt has returned the funds to my account but this is the first bad check I've ever cashed in the 25 years I've had this account.

Not happy.

Understanding, yes because right now there's some zealot up in New York still batting at the ghost of the UIGEA (the wrong way since tangling up WITHDRAWLS is NOT LEGAL and not covered by the UIGEA). First found at Pokerati where they had a link to the PokerStars returned checks discussion at 2+2.

I hopped on 2+2 last night after softball to see if Full Tilt had a similar thread. And they did. Sure enough my small check above crashed and burned this morning, but I was unable to find if I could request a new check, and damn skiddish about doing so as I'd rather not get this account frozen three days before a road trip to Chicago and three weeks prior to WSOP madness.

If anyone has some insight as to the smoke clearing on withdrawing funds I'll sing praises of you with the force of Pavarotti knocking out an aria in front of the New York Philharmonic.

Good News for Viking Fans:

Chilly (not this one) but (this one) grows a backbone and gets The Brett a deadline!

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has imposed a deadline of this week for Brett Favre to decide whether he will be the team's quarterback for the upcoming season, according to two sources.

Favre, however, is apparently reluctant to commit to playing a 19th NFL season without first being more confident the arthroscopic surgery performed recently on his throwing shoulder has succeeded in eliminating all of the problems related to a torn biceps tendon. Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery.

It would seem reasonable that both Favre and the Vikings want to know his shoulder is healthy before reaching an agreement, and the team is virtually certain to insist on seeing the 39-year-old quarterback throw before any contract is signed. Minnesota has four organized team activity sessions this week, beginning Tuesday.

Monday, June 08, 2009

PokerStars 2009 WSOP Round-up Week 2

PokerStars weekly round-up – 8 June 2009

Tom McEvoy wins Invitational

Tom McEvoy (
demonstrated that age is no barrier to success this week when he won the first Champions Invitational
( at the World Series in Las Vegas. It may be 26 years since McEvoy won his main event bracelet but the twenty champ line up, featuring the likes of young gun Peter Eastgate (, and legends like Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson were unable to stop McEvoy’s surge to repeat success.

His prize?

A beautifully restored 1970 redCorvette, claimed after he defeated 2002 winner Robert Varkonyi heads-up. He probably took the bus home. McEvoy was also awarded the Binions Cup,presented by World Series founder Jack Binion himself.

Hall of Fame calling?

McEvoy’s success in the Champions Invitational brought new praise for a player who is among those meriting induction to the Poker Hall of Fame.Membership is the ultimate mark of a top high stakes competitor, one who hasstood the test of time. And now it’s a decision that will be made in partby the public, who this year will be able to register their support on theWSOP nomination page(,and PokerStars is backing McEvoy( for an invite.

After decades in the game McEvoy is a worthy candidate. The former Michigan nativet urned his back on a comfortable accounting career, moving to Las Vegas towin four bracelets, including the main event in 1983, author 13 successful poker books and be instrumental in banning smoking from tournament floors.

He’s now an invitational winner. Could this be the year of McEvoy?

Good results for Team PokerStars Pro It’s not just Tom McEvoy( getting results among the PokerStars ( ranks.

Hevad Khan (, who famously reached the final table of the main event in 2007, finished 11th inthe $2,500 pot limit hold’em/Omaha( event this week, collecting $18,170.

Then Angel Guillen, a new member of the PokerStars fraternity from Mexico finished second in the $2,500 no limit hold’em( $318,200.

That result was matched by team mate Daniel Negreanu ( enjoying good form.

After finishing 10th in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud event( $36,266 Negreanu narrowly missed out on his fifth gold bracelet when he finished second in the $2,500 six-handed limit(

Negreanu was disappointed, something not even the $138,280 prize money could prevent.

FPPS provide ignition Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri( did it first butnow he has someone to race after second player landed a Porsche Cayman sports car using nothing but Frequent Player Points. Let’s be clear - that’sa super car for free. Canadian Foreign exchange trader Brad “tops10” Sweezey(,a PokerStars VIP Club regular from Toronto, made the “purchase”. Explaining his glut of FPPs the 26-years-old pointed to his hobby of playing 16 tables of 2/4 six-max no-limit hold’em - while watching a game of TV of course -sure to ratchet up the FPPs. But with the keys in his hand Sweezey still sawsome room for improvement – he’d prefer a Ferrari. At this rate he might not have long to wait.

All aboard – PokerStars backs F1 PokerStars is no stranger to speed. We’ve paid for two Porsche Caymans, ridden alongside Aston Martin, backed Brazilian stock car racer Gualter Salles (, and even dabbled in international kart racing. That’s land conquered; now we’re racing on water.

Or more accurately Finnish F1 boat driver Sami Salio is( He’ll have 420 horsepower (capable of 140mph) under his foot thanks to his new PokerStars sponsored boat that should help the 34-year-old, who has been racing since he was just 13, repeat his world championship title of twoyears ago. His PokerStars powered campaign begins next week.

Champions yet again

I'm ready Sir Waffles (picture from the fine folks at LasVegasVegas)

Roger Federer takes home the French Open, completes the career Grand Slam, snagged a free hat from the crowd, and still gets free Toberlone.

Tiger Woods does what Tiger Woods is supposed to. He wins, he actually hit fairways which I've heard makes the game of golf much easier. Personally I don't see the need to hit off of perfectly manicured turf when a nice piece of gravel behind a 20 foot pine will help the ball spin to within five feet after banking off the ranger's cart.

Waffles wins the Battle of the Bloggers TOC and will spend his $10,000 at the WSOP following Evy Ng wearing night vision glasses while toting a sign for asking her to come his suite at the Imperial Palace for five two minutes.

Or not.

Congrats to whoever won, can't find a story this morning at there were 7 left. I saw Hoy, CK, and JJ in the mix when I nearly passed out for non-alcoholic reasons thanks to the cabin being a bit chilly this weekend and my wife deciding that taking covers from me was perfectly acceptable.

While you 43 or 44 lucky bloggers were battling it out for those juicy WSOP ME seats, I was working (Sunday Warm-up final table write up at PokerStarsBlog found here, of course the bigger story was Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu grinding his way to a WSOP bracelet, but fell short heads-up). Wish I had the time to play more, give myself a better shot as I probably played six actual tournaments and four of those were Skillz series ones, while signing up for a few more and forgetting to sign out. No excuses for another great promotion put on by Full Tilt, special hat tip to Al of course.

Daily dose of Favre: Shoulder surgery and Peter King wasn't there holding the golden boy's hand as they had him put on the ass crack robe and shower cap? Chilly, Ziggy you two need to stop this now or Sportscenter along with the rest of the NFL-rabid media will blanket your team with QB talk instead important things like getting ready for the season and comforting one Antoine Winfield as the contract talks heat up.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The noise, its too much

Peter King.

Why must you say such things (from Twitter)?

SI_PeterKing: note to all who want people like me and Mort to not write about Favre: It's not our choice. The Vikings QB is news. And he might be it.

Favre is not news, if he does become the quarterback the players who attended all the mini-camps and headed over to Manny's for steaks, and Rick's for a nightcap with the local talent will be teammates. Favre will not be able to bring the good ol' general gist to a team that is a QB away from topping the NFC (at least on paper). He would bring a false display of camaraderie to a team already rich in talent and vets that will not put up with the 24 hour virtual reality show that is Brett Favre.

So, Mr. King please explain why this retired land baron mocks the media on a daily/weekly basis and my favorite team by placing non-stories with vague "sources" out there for Favre lapdogs like yourself to scoop up like freshly baked chocolate chip bars from mom's kitchen.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Becoming a number greater than K

All's well that ends well.

It was night of crashing and burning on the virtual felts and on the softball diamond with our previously unblemished record taking a beating. Mostly my play versus the wunderkind poker abilities of my fellow low limit players. They of course were playing perfectly as described in the encyclopedia of new poker books they've ingested while 15-tabling $5/$10 NLHE tables.

Thanks to Dr. Chako on the rail, I managed to squeak out a profit for the night with another deep cash in a 90 man tourney wiping out another futile attempt at the nightly $20 NLO8 tourney and assorted low limit shovefests at Full Tilt. Trying and failing is better than the alternative 100% of the time whether you're talking about relationships, sex, talking to your kids about their wonderful behavior at Applebee's that ended with those free crayons getting embeded into the table, or while playing this card game.

I'm off to the cabin as usual after picking up the boy at his last day of Kindergarten.

Big day.

Lofty day.

I think ice cream is deserved don't you? Peppermint bon bon? Dipped cone at the DQ? Mr. Misty?

Since my brain is fried at the moment the words escaping onto the page today are just a placemark for when I return to do the Sunday Warm-up and start the countdown to degeneracy in Chicago at five days.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kick! Punch! Jab! Medic!

Maybe its catching because I got nothing so here's a bunch of links to what you should be reading:

- Start your Fridays off with a funny Canadian and his merry band of ladies. Every Friday folks.

- As it's the holidays for cards players of all shapes and sizes. The Mini-Series at Full Tilt warms my heart but not my schedule. I hate missing all these pint-sized tourneys that fit my bankroll.

- Must read internets from the Amazon Room clipped from Al, sadly Vinny Vinh's chair has zero cashes thus far:

Poker From the Rail
Dr. Pauly
Wicked Chops Poker (you guys deserve a 15 minute time-out for that Freddy Deeb pic, the googles, they do nothing)
Poker Stars Blog
Ulimate Bet Blog

- Doc went to Spin class, Doc (almost) fall down. If I were to use a poker analogy here, now keep in mind the veteran is no slouch to physical fitness in the first place. A decent gym that has all the fixins like free weights, treadmills, TVs with radio frequencies to the sound, short blonde showing a six-pack with balloon tits that defy gravity while doing crunches, and aerobic classes. If one were to jump into Spin class before anything else at the gym it would be like dropping by Bobby's Room with a rack of redbirds asking for a game. Felted quickly, and wondering what happened.

I like the aerobic classes since I get to do them with my wife and I take one look at the barbeque'd meat-heads in the free weight section all waddling towards that one unfortunate barbie doll because their arms and legs are so over-developed don't allow for a human-like gait, I tend to enjoy free motion.

There's many different classes I've tried. But this is the progression I'd take if I was starting out:

Core: Works your back, stomach, and ass. Usually only 30 mins, fairly slow paced, and helps you burn your gut and prevent looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame while sitting in your favorite bar.

Step: Won't see many guys in this one, and my lanky shape won't try it either but this is a gateway to getting used to moving for 45-60 mins. Basically you take plastic planks and walk up and down while moving in different directions. Not fun, women are cougar-ish aged without cougar-ish looks but again if you haven't done aerobics not a bad start.

Strike: KickBoxing class with weights (I'd try a Kickboxing class before doing this one). You're moving your hands for 45-60 mins straight with minimial rest. Weighted gloves are used along with a weight pole (between 3lbs - 18lbs., I suggest using the 6 or 9). For Waffles, I suggest the backrow for women leering because 90% of the ladies in this class are already fit. You will punch and kick until your legs and arms fall off, then do it again in a pool of sweat. No one leaves this class without a good workout, even the instructor.

Spin: 60 minutes of hell on a bike. There's varations of course. There's the sprint class, the mountain-esque climbing, the interval, and strength. All of them leave your ass and whatever man or woman parts you possess numb and wanting to spend the remainder of the day sitting on a glacier. I've only tried this class twice and left looking like I just spent the last hour drilling my ass with a 12 inch vibrator sans lube.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Minnesota Poker Magazine Debut

Please go to Otis' page as he got a wake up call a parent dreads daily. My prayers are with little Dos this morning with hopes this blows over quickly so he get back to rocking semi-quietly with a bottle in his mouth at 3am to Sham Wow! infomericials and looped Sportscenter broadcasts.


Work, too much sex, softball, blah blah blah. You get the gist so we won't mention the dreaded "why aren't you posting?".

Yet I still did it.

First thing this morning was a tip from my cousin's wife about a new poker magazine coming out for those who read here from my favorite state of the nation that may own GM in a few weeks. Anyone think Obama has a few ideas on the new design of the PT Crusier? Enlightened that he spoke about developing new fuel-effiecient/electrical batteries/engines, saddened that the government is stepping over the boundary of the private sector of business because the corporate types became so large that letting their poorly run operation just die, as capitalistic views should let it, had too many consequences.

Back to poker...

A tip. Yes, coming out just this prior weekend is a new magazine by poker players from Minnesota to cater to those of us in the great northern state that delude themselves to be poker players for better for worse. Minnesota Poker Magazine will debut at several bars and casinos across the state with stories about the card game most people come here to read about. The funny thing was I taken back to a time of a school-bound kid with a clueless view of the world but knew about its cruelness from daily avoidance of those who couldn't accept my disabilities.

A meer two doors down from my parent's place on 69th Ave. two blocks from Kenny's Market where the cold Black Cherry New York Seltzer was sold for 50 cents a piece, an all-around athlete and a good friend until the cliches of junior high started up that would go to become a poker player and now is directing this publication about poker. Small world. Bryan Mileski runs what appears to be a weekly blog on the magazine's webpage as its main contributor, I wished him luck in success of the magazine and let him know if there's a need for someone who may or may not write about poker once in a while, where he could find me.

Funny thing is that our brothers have worked at the same radio station for several years, and now find out that both of the big brothers are poker freaks. At least Bryan is, he at least shows up on Cardplayer's rankings and does play higher stakes tourneys than the $5-$10 ones I enjoy.

Who knows, maybe you'll see my scribings over there in the future should they have a need for some bad Omaha advice and how to get free wheelchair rides in Vegas.