Monday, May 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hot. Enclosed. Son overheated from lack of drinking. Up all night. No sleep.

Baby crying, cannot sleep.

Uncomfortable couch, too short, fan is too loud.

Say good-byes to friends and father-in-law.

Cool air conditioner feels welcome.

Bambi not looking good on the right hand side of the road.

Beuron 3
Hwy 70 12
Minneapolis 72

Heartbreaker's Adult Entertainment 18+ WELCOME, girl looks like a cross between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba. Think unpure thoughts.

HEY! I could feel pain 12 weeks after conception! HEY! I'm pro-choice, go somewhere else with your moral spewing.

Son cooing in the back seat with a firm grasp on Mr. Turtle, temperature finally normal, prop up baby's head from 90 degree angle.

Bambi's brother and sister lost playing chicken again.

Nice driving sir!

Hormones are for teen-agers! Exclaims the Gold N' Plump chicken!

The Bridges golf course, gone. Welcome Medtronic Mega-Corp! What a waste.

HAHA! Speed trap anyone? Suckers!

Chicken Wrap, Double Cheeseburger, 2 Happy Meals. No, you really shouldn't eat 17 Big Macs. Thank you for the correct change.

New building at work looks nice, can't wait to go back. Sarcasm is fun!

Almost home, baby still sleeping, son dreaming of those chicks at Heartbreakers.

Grass needs to get cut, car washed, hmmm maybe after the baby's bottle and a 12 hour nap.

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