Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Profitable Month

Its been almost as long as the last time I’ve gotten laid since I could speak of being profitable playing poker for a month. This does not include having a one-outer pay off to the tune of a Bad Beat Jackpot, just profitable play at the tables. Over the past couple of weeks the poker playing has been sparse due to an almost 10 pound woman who enjoys long walks at sunset and clean diapers. In fact, it’s been almost a month since I’ve open up a PLO8 cash game table. But, I have managed to change my play (and attitude) for the better and the results are turning slowly around. Even if I’m getting less time to battle the mouth breathers at the tables, I’m having more fun playing (results aside).

Have I jinxed myself enough yet?

Am I crusin’ for a brusin’?

MTTs were surprisingly profitable lately (till last night’s cold-decking/my donkey play) as in the last ten tourneys entered with fields from 100 – 2000, I made three final tables and two penultimate tables (four of them were Omaha tourneys). Standard I’m sure for those who actually know how to play tourneys, but for this hack it was renewed faith that this game isn’t just trying to shank me with a sharpened toothbrush.

Last night’s Mookie tourney was another great gathering of bloggers far and wide. I even got to chat it up with a total rock who “only plays Hellmuth’s top ten hands” that I haven’t heard from in a while (if you haven’t read the latest “Truckin’” then I suggest coming out of your nuclear fallout shelter and click on the link, excellent stories once again). It’s always fun to take on fellow bloggers and throw around a few jokes while playing a semi-serious game. Watching Pauly’s aces go down to KTo was painful, especially when there were only four outs by the turn. I however did not go down with the best hand as I was fortunate enough to pick up Kings vs. the button’s Aces. Not sure if I can get away from those dreaded cowboys with only 10BBs behind after a re-re-raise.

Cold deck? Maybe. I think I made a good decision; it just wasn’t the right result.

A bad decision was made by me in the 180 SnG when I got down to 40ish people left holding 15BBs and deciding that AQs was a good hand to make a stand with. Pushing right into AKo after a re-raise. Smart play sir. The player had been pushing any Ace for two levels, unfortunately this time; he had the gin card for a kicker. I was UTG which makes my decision to call his push even worst and calls for a public flogging or having to listen to the Macarena as sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks for the next 24 hours.

No Ward and June Cleaver stories today as Wyatt was being a brat yesterday and ended up spending quality time in his room… only to come back upstairs with an innocent smile an hour later and watch Riki Tiki Lake host some bastardized C-list celeb version of the Price Is Right with us. At least the chick from Trading Spaces appeared to be having fun, the rest looked like they were reading emotions from a teleprompter. I love game shows, I love the Price is Right, but it seemed too scripted to give the show its “CMON ON DOWN” spontaneous excitement that has gotten people to watch for over 30 years. That or they could have included more close up shots of the Barker Beauties jumping on the trampoline.

Tonight barring spousal and parental roadblocks there will be a night of poker goodness to attack a few cash games and see if I can continue to not suck this month. Maybe even gather up enough dead money to visit some ministers of sobriety in a few months.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven’t heard about the next WPBT event, follow to link and be amazed! H.O.R.S.E. is the next event and may even attract a Princess to attend.

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