Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Liver Still Processing

I couldn’t get on the bandwagon. They lost way too many games down the stretch (despite sweeping the Sox in the second to last series). I hated the fact the Sox got a home game despite the Twins winning the season series 9-7. To be honest, I got chills when Braun smashed that home run sending the Brew Crew into the playoff despite being a die-hard Twins fan, I’m a baseball fan first and the Twins just seemed to give up in August-September and played uninspired ball causing a cloak of apathy to be laid over several fans, myself included.

Next time show that spunky play (including last night) during whole season instead in spurts and Twins fans will be behind their team.

In other sports news, Al Davis needs to don a head wrap or find his precious should he feel the need to fire another coach and call a press conference. I almost heaved my Fruity Pebbles this morning while enjoying Sportscenter.



Pirate Lawyer got me to play my first blogger tourney in almost a month playing H.O.R.S.E.

Played one Stud H/L hand poorly, exited for bed eager to turn off Ozzie Guillen’s gloating.

Might find me playing more often online, as frost tickled the lawn this morning. October 1st is the first day of winter in Minnesota, the igloo is ready for the remaining six months of snow, sleet, and sub-human temps.


Random Bash rambling…

This is easier then mashing together three days friendship and alcoholic bliss so I'll throw up (literally) some random pieces (chunks?) of the weekend.

The first day found me sitting across from Buddy Dank at the swanky Marriott airport bar after figuring out the rat maze of Philly International’s skyways. The burger $15.00, the drinks $8-$10 a piece, the chat fueled the weekend as Dank wasn’t even supposed to be here. Pure degeneracy to hop on a plane to the middle of nowhere with no logistics plan, ending up eating overpriced (but damn good) charred animal and fries with more to come later on.

Otis and Badblood would trickle in from G-Vegas as they insisted we take the Philly to Canada to Phoenixville route since missing out on the landscape of the Northeast would be detrimental to the theme of the weekend. The song being played for Friday and Saturday was to party without a care for what happened tomorrow or even the next hour. My smile began after seeing the big haired Dank walking down the terminal B skyway and didn’t leave until my last freshly baked cookie was finished on the Philly to Milwaukee flight on Sunday afternoon.

After grabbing some duty-free hookers and blow from the border, Otis and Badblood checked into the “hotel” (which was the loosest definition of such a business) as me and Dank walked towards the doors of the James Tyler Bar in Phoenixville to meet a man about a drink.

As always that man did not disappoint.

Possibly tomorrow:
- “Three Canadians and a Minnesotan get into a car...”
- Poker was played while women laughed
- More Packers (**shudder**) gear acquired but gladly accepted (go see Doc's take on the weekend, the man puts some great words and letters in the correct order)
- Is there hope for Team Otis at the Pub Olympics or will a breathalyzer DQ Team Al's all-star lineup?

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