Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things While Approaching 35

Mulitabling used to seem easy. Throw on six tables of PLO8 and go to work. Watching and playing 24 cards at any one given time was easy. Last night as on every other Sunday of every month, I cover the Sunday Warm-up at the PokerStarsBlog. But on the end of the month there’s also the two monthly promotional tourneys I cover: Battle of the Planets $50,000 Freeroll for SnG players and $1 Million Turbo Takedown.

At the crossroads between finishing up the wrap up for the Battle of the Planets and the final two/three tables of the Sunday Warm-up I’ll have fifteen different windows going while covering the action and reporting on it.

I love it.

While doing two wrap ups at the same time can cramp the fingers and brain while keeping the action separated on my little 15” laptop, it’s a challenge I enjoy plus I learn a little bit about late stage MTT play every night that I cover these tourneys. Hopefully the readers here enjoy the labor, if you don’t or have some suggestions please fire away.

Heads up play last night:

First hand in the Sunday Warm-up (A8o vs. TT get it all in pre-flop with A8o having almost 20BBs and shoving over the top of a standard 3XBB raise from the chip leader)

Second hand in the $1 Million Turbo Takedown (Top pair-meh kicker vs. flopped straight get it all in on the flop with over 20BBs apiece after both limp in)

I thought both plays were a little rash considering the stacks and prizes (both tourneys had a $40K difference between 1st and 2nd), any MTT savants out there make the same plays?


Twenty-Five things about me? Hmmmm…

Ok. I’ll try.

1. Despite getting paid to write at times, I came within a re-test of the ACT English portion of having to take a remedial Freshman Comp course at ASU.

2. I switched high school English classes purposely from an award winning teacher, to someone who let us watch Star Trek and Blade Runner for take home exams. Looking back I would have stuck it out and learned something.

3. In middle school I maintained straight As while taking AP Science and Math classes until ninth grade when an Art teacher gave me a C+. I may have cried, and still cringe when my kids ask me to draw/paint with them. And in high school, I no longer cared about getting those As because of it.

4. I worked a total of four days in fast food (Jack in the Box). Tip: Placing a coffee pot under the machine limits your chances of getting burned and might even make a caffeine filled drink!

5. Fear my arm wrestling skills. Unless your name is B.J., then you’d kick my ass.

6. I am embarrassing good at many bar games and have paid several tabs over the years on prop bets. Penthouse Photo Hunt is a winner!!!

7. I do NOT dance. (that was a different person at the Bash, he had very sore legs in the morning and I offer eye-bleach to those who watched)

8. I will also refuse to sing despite being in a choir for several years except to rock out to Metallica.

9. My favorite drink is a Captain and Coke, not rum and coke. Yes, I will know the difference you moron bartender.

10. I’m amazed daily that people read this stuff, and thank people too much when I get a poker writing gig because I just don’t get why I got hired.

11. I got my wife pregnant on the first shot, three separate times. No extra “practice” or “attempts” for me. Booooooooooooo.

12. I do not wish to eat an olive nor drink a bloody mary. I’ve tried several and gagged every time, what is wrong with you people?!?!

13. Wyatt’s middle name is a combination of mine and my wife’s grandfathers. If you can’t figure out my daughter’s I feel sorry for you.

14. I have driven a 400 yard par four with a regulation golf ball and scored a 120 in the same round. My short game sucks.

15. I don’t remember much from 2001-2007 due to the head injury but also I’d like to block out many of those memories.

16. If Red Dawn, Star Wars IV, V, and VI, Bloodsport, Youngblood, or Rounders comes on the TV I physically can’t turn it off regardless of the hour.

17. Its taken me five years to understand why I’m a parent, and learn more every day.

18. I prefer Triscuit with cheese versus nachos.

19. In the last three or four years I’ve become a beer snob thanks to my friend E. Gimme a Surly dammit.

20. I can still remember tossing away A7o in middle position in 2000 at the Stardust thanks to reading Lee Jones’ Winning Low-Limit Hold Em’ book on the flight and watching the flop come out 7 – 7 – 4, three people stayed in to see a turn of 7, all three again saw the river 4. Guy in the one seat turned over quad 4s, I look up to see quads beaten would have won half of the $25,000 bad beat jackpot and 25% would have come to me. Thanks Lee!

21. That ligament that attaches your tongue to the bottom your mouth? I had that clipped in order to give women better oral sex. Or help my speech problems. You can decide on the better reason.

22. I have not eaten a brussel sprout but may do it for $1,000

23. I have only one regret in my life.

24. I am not allowed to use power tools for safety of others as well as myself.

25. Despite hating the cold of Minnesota, I couldn’t picture living any where else (unless I retire that is)

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