Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Flops

Quick hits:

Minnesota Wild fire their GM/President Doug Risebrough.

After years of horrible management of draft picks (hey at least its in line with the rest of Minnesota professional sports!), good decision by the Wild. But, with the loss of Lemaire behind the bench and most likely Gabby this "Team of 18,000" is going to have a tough time pulling in folks to the X to pay for $9 beers and $15 wings without recognizable names or a decent team.

Its still hockey at its highest level, and we are a hockey-rabid state but it will be tough to cheer on a team with aspirations on grabbing the eight seed for the playoffs each year.


Madden gone.

Who's going to hand out the turducken to random Detroit Lions players that only the Nardi Brothers could name and write neon yellow circles around tight ends and go off on a lineman tangent for five minutes while the team your cheering on drives for a game-tying touchdown and Al Michaels is forced to break Madden's train of thought to announce T-Jack's wounded duck somehow was grabbed by a player wearing the same jersey color as him by waving a tube of Tough Actin' Tinactin in front of his face.

Some announcers should (and did) work until their death: Herb Carneal, Harry Kalas, Vin Scully, Howard Cosell, Jim McKay, (add your regional long time voice of baseball here).

Madden should have given it up after this first video game came out and let Keith Jackson do double time working college football and NFL.


A question for the masses since last night I did not play my usual round of low-stakes tourneys since I enjoy being employed and working a rare Friday (instead dusted off a buy-in to someone who couldn't let go of top pair in PLO when I missed):

If you could go back to your 18,19,20, 21 year old self and give yourself one piece of advice that's non-financially driven (Buy Microsoft! Sell Enron! The numbers of the Powerball are 9, 19, 20, 37, 45, and 5) what would it be?

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