Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kick! Punch! Jab! Medic!

Maybe its catching because I got nothing so here's a bunch of links to what you should be reading:

- Start your Fridays off with a funny Canadian and his merry band of ladies. Every Friday folks.

- As it's the holidays for cards players of all shapes and sizes. The Mini-Series at Full Tilt warms my heart but not my schedule. I hate missing all these pint-sized tourneys that fit my bankroll.

- Must read internets from the Amazon Room clipped from Al, sadly Vinny Vinh's chair has zero cashes thus far:

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- Doc went to Spin class, Doc (almost) fall down. If I were to use a poker analogy here, now keep in mind the veteran is no slouch to physical fitness in the first place. A decent gym that has all the fixins like free weights, treadmills, TVs with radio frequencies to the sound, short blonde showing a six-pack with balloon tits that defy gravity while doing crunches, and aerobic classes. If one were to jump into Spin class before anything else at the gym it would be like dropping by Bobby's Room with a rack of redbirds asking for a game. Felted quickly, and wondering what happened.

I like the aerobic classes since I get to do them with my wife and I take one look at the barbeque'd meat-heads in the free weight section all waddling towards that one unfortunate barbie doll because their arms and legs are so over-developed don't allow for a human-like gait, I tend to enjoy free motion.

There's many different classes I've tried. But this is the progression I'd take if I was starting out:

Core: Works your back, stomach, and ass. Usually only 30 mins, fairly slow paced, and helps you burn your gut and prevent looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame while sitting in your favorite bar.

Step: Won't see many guys in this one, and my lanky shape won't try it either but this is a gateway to getting used to moving for 45-60 mins. Basically you take plastic planks and walk up and down while moving in different directions. Not fun, women are cougar-ish aged without cougar-ish looks but again if you haven't done aerobics not a bad start.

Strike: KickBoxing class with weights (I'd try a Kickboxing class before doing this one). You're moving your hands for 45-60 mins straight with minimial rest. Weighted gloves are used along with a weight pole (between 3lbs - 18lbs., I suggest using the 6 or 9). For Waffles, I suggest the backrow for women leering because 90% of the ladies in this class are already fit. You will punch and kick until your legs and arms fall off, then do it again in a pool of sweat. No one leaves this class without a good workout, even the instructor.

Spin: 60 minutes of hell on a bike. There's varations of course. There's the sprint class, the mountain-esque climbing, the interval, and strength. All of them leave your ass and whatever man or woman parts you possess numb and wanting to spend the remainder of the day sitting on a glacier. I've only tried this class twice and left looking like I just spent the last hour drilling my ass with a 12 inch vibrator sans lube.

Enjoy your day.

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