Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Up for Poker - Luckbox Challenge Act II

Ok, ten or twenty people who drop by my little place here.  It's a far reach when this used to be a poker blog that morphed into a personal diary/poker/parenting place to vent.  The WPBT Winter Classic is kicking off it's seventh (?!?!!?!?) year of existance with a huge bang.  No, some lucky blogger is not getting married way above their means again (looking at you Mr. Buddy Dank). 

Instead Otis, CJ, and G-Rob the self-proclaimed Frolf champion of the G-Vegas upper east side past McDonald's but not before Barley's Taproom have put together the biggest promotion yet for our still growing community.  Yes, poker is a fad and that fad has faded, except that it hasn't, and barring some heavy DOJ action between now and December, let us welcome the second edition of the Up for Poker/Luckbox Challenge!

You and two other degenerates.  Yes, degenerates, we don't take kindly to straight laced white-collar folk around here, leave that shit at home to be a good parent or spouse, come to Vegas to punish your liver and laugh with friends without volume/social graces control.  PokerStars despite the WCOOP raging on (I'm on for Friday's O8 tourney and working nightly (morningly?) next week, got together a package for us scribes of the four suits that will have me foregoing any prop bets that involve myself staying awake for 48 hours in Vegas.  Other prop bets on bar games will be gladly accepted.

$3,000 prize pool for a team of three to enter (by shipping CJ the cash or PokerStars transfer).  My team is pretty much set so you will not have the pleasure of me finishing second-to-last unless you a) like the Vikings and can name at least five Vikings quarterbacks not named Favre (my favorite will always be "Touchdown" Tommy Kramer) b) had the pleasure of going to work while its -10 or below for a solid two weeks  c) plan on tilting Yankees fans when we win the World Series this year! 

Minnesota homer much?  Yes.  It's who I am, but I still refuse to eat lutefisk or tell an Ole and Sven joke.

$500 Hammer Challenge!  Still play Grubby's hammer like it's 2006?  Get rewarded!  $50 to the first POST-FLOP hammers to take down a pot.  This should lead to some interesting first and second blind level post-flop play which will probably get someone Pauly's copy of Gigli.  If you find me sober, please be kind and order me a wine (or a Cap'n Coke is always accepted).  I play sober poker like Paris Hilton's cocaine stash and legs, open for all to see.

O.G. challenge - there were 14 original players in the WPBT at Sam's Town, some of which arrived like the rock stars they are in a limo.  Knock them out, buy them a drink, tell them to peddle their segway ala Tony G outta here, and take their trinket to CJ in exchange for some more cash.

It's 85 days to my birthday when I touchdown in McCarran that Wednesday and hopefully retain lifeforces without ending up in the Nevada desert as another sad sap tale of degeneracy gone wrong.

I don't know who will be there for birthday shots, I don't know where I'll end up doing my usual disappering act, but come noon on December 11th at the very classy Aria poker room, my presence will be with friends who have given me more than they'll ever know.  Check out April's WPBT facebook page for more details on the tourney and buy your damn ticket already! 

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The Bracelet said...

What about a Toivel and Anol joke?