Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Game Full Moon

It was not 75 with a cool breeze sitting off the front porch being served cold cervezas.  There was no newly minted news anchors or like-minded degenerates sitting on my left and right.  Instead, my left foot was near frozen after coming back in from taking the garbage out and two kids needed tucking in after watching an Animal Planet special on desert animals.

The laptop was on to check my school email account and sign up for next quarter's classes and run through the personal accounts to delete messages from Adam and Eve and other companies who don't share my wife's opinion that my dick is long enough.  Twitter came on for a debate by various poker friends over the Two plus Two forums and their utility in the poker universe.  It is a great tool, vast amounts of information on just about any topic you could think of within the 52 cards in play.  But, it is also bloated to the point that non-regular users without a direct link to a certain article would be lost to find information on.  The last time I went diving into the forum without a link, I was searching for others having issues with Full Tilt/Stars check cashing problems.  30 minutes later I finally found a thread, despite trying to use the search function which normally I would feel fairly competent at, or even would brag that only the Cray-5000 supercomputer known as KevMath would be a faster researcher than I.  Great information, needs a slim-fast weight loss program.

Moving on.

While the virtual spittle was flying The Mark hopped on to catch a fish looking for some home game action.  The G-Vegas degens above such BadBlood and GRob were enjoy a peaceful southern evening under a half moon while I worried about catching frostbite thanks to a state that doesn't know it's almost April and decided to dump a half a foot of snow on the three million of us already suffering from cabin fever and quashing my plans of testing out my new disc golf set this weekend.

Thanks to PokerStars and their Home Game set-up I was able to sit at The Depot in G-Vegas to play some six handed PL Hold Em'/Omaha.  While I'd rather be downing a half bottle of Captain while losing music prop bets to the table, this filled in nicely regardless of outcome.

The outcome of course was brutal for one table member as I was logging in, BadBlood was all-in after a flop gave him an around-the-world wrap versus Grob's two pair.  Ship buy-in #1.  Happened a short while later with another big, favored draw against Grob's flopped set.  Turn, makes broadway for BadBlood, River ships quads to your new G-Vegas news anchor quietly awaiting his new desk.  Ship buy-in #2.

This went on for the ~2 hours of play with Grob of course giving several words of encouragement for the run-terrible heavy metal fan.  Then after dropping my son off in bed for the third time after the shadows spooked him again, I came back to BadBlood open raising the button for the 10th out of 10 time on my blind while I held 9-6-6-7 and Grob in the small blind making the call.  Badblood had a fresh $50 stack while I luckboxed into a little under $70 and Grob was over $200 with $.25/$.50 blinds.

*puts on reporting cap*

Why don't you take those quads and shove em' up your ass!

With the fixed blinds at $.25/$.50, resident table pinata, BadBlood44, made the raise to $1.50 as GRobman and Drizztdj in the blinds both called to see a coordinated 9c-6d-6c flop.  GRobman, sporting Trey Anastasio's mugshot, made a quick check as did Drizztdj who was fighting connection problems.  BadBlood44 followed through with a $4 bet as both the blinds found the courage to make the call.  Turn card came the Kd as again both blinds turtled up to the muscle bound man on the button as BadBlood44 shoved out $7 and was quickly called again.
River card was the Kc completing a potential stack busting flush, as GRobman starting listening to some Phish bootlegs he picked up at Langerago and checked, Drizztdj came to life and shoved out a pot-sized bet and BadBlood44 equally as quick shoved in the rest of his stack as GRobman said "whatever dude" and folded quickly while grooving to "AC/DC Bag".  Drizztdj holding 6-6-7-9 for the flopped quads quickly called and the half-moon outside may have really been a full one as BadBlood revealed not only the second nuts, but the second nuts made twice showing the flopped top full and rivered top full K-9-9-T and had to watch yet cooler and another buy-in ship outside of his reach.
First drink on me next time we meet sir.


BadBlood said...

Nobody I'd rather have cooler me sir. Nh. Nh.

We were actually on my newly completed, screened in back porch. Room for tons of folks, so next time you're in town....

DrChako said...

I'll be sipping scotch on that porch in a few weeks. Blood may feel free to regale me with the story of this bad beat as much as he wants.

Nice reporting, sir.


Unknown said...

Between now and next summer, I will be sitting on that porch.

Note it.