Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

My eyes are wide open
But all that I can see is
chapel bells are callin for everyone but-a me
but I don't worry cause
Mama said there'll be days like this

"Mama Said" The Shirelles

I think I have "second best" emblazed on the back of my cards for the past six months. TPTK? Someone has a set. Flop a straight? Don't worry, a flush is coming on the turn. Flop a set? Ah forget it. Gun shy because of it? Damn straight I am. And if I'm going to play scared, I shouldn't play at all.

Top 15% in three tournaments last night, paying out exactly the same. Nada. The only thing keeping my sanity while playing poker currently is chatting it up with fellow bloggers. I've returned to land of bonus whoring since I don't have the chops for this game right now. I tilted away money at the blogger table last night KNOWING I was beat, but I didn't care. It wasn't the stakes, it was my attitude, and that attitude needs to change before I put a serious dent in my bankroll.

Want to see a player with the right attitude? You may have to look down possibly straining a neck muscle in the process, but Iggy showed me last night what makes him a winning player. He correctly put me on a hand last night and folded when it only cost him $2.90 to call. That's talent folks. That's the attitude you need to win at this game. Every chip, every hand counts. The "aw fuck it" attitude will catch up to you in a hurry and if you get rid of that defeatist attitude good things happen at the table, just ask JoeSpeaker.

I didn't value bet any of my monsters, opting to be a push monkey instead. Played scared. I think people do not realize the mental fortitude it takes to play poker as badly as I do on a nightly basis. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, or maybe I'm just not giving the game the attention it requires to succeed. Or maybe I just haven't been getting laid enough.

I've successfully separated the checks from the $$ they represent, but I can't separate my head out of my ass for some reason lately. 85% of my losses in MTTs have come from beats (if you've ever railbirded me in a MTT you'd know how many beats I receive), but its the 15% that could make a difference.

Maybe I'm being too-results orientated. Holy shit I sound like a soap opera today, send Eva Longoria over to my house, I need comforting.

I liked my raises late in an O8 tourney last night and correctly put the opponent on a weak hand. I got called down by a pair draw while I missing all my draws. The reason I busted? Because I tried to push a calling station into folding. It wasn't an "aw fuck it" play (very close to one though), I had a read he was weak, but didn't think about the fact that I needed to make a hand because he wasn't going to let go of that King high pair draw.

While playing the PLO tourney I pushed my flopped straight hard, only to get called by a flush draw that got there. I correctly took away his odds to draw out, but alas I did not receive any mercy. I hope Chad and Joanne had better luck and snagged a couple of FPPs last night.

Very deep into a WCOOP Sat, I stole some blinds with less-then great starting hands in spots other then the button after playing my usual fairly tight game. Lo-and-behold people respected my raises (thank you Mr. Harrington). But, I was unable to muster up that one double up and had to push with presto while having only 4BBs left that ran into 3 callers.

Results orientated? Its hard to be otherwise since my results have been break-even for so long that I wonder if reading a bunch of books is going to do any good. Win $100 one night, give it back the next.

Are you done whinning now Drizz? Yes, I am. Here's a cookie you fuckin baby.

Poker will have to sit in the back seat under a blanket tonight (I might hop on her later because I'm weak and can't stay away like a sex crazed high school kid hopped up on Ecstasy) due to the Randy Moss show being on. I'd like to see if that newly hyped Oakland offense is worth all press they're getting and maybe drop few bucks on the game. I'm liking the Pats at the moment, but I'm reminded they are a slow starting team in the beginning of the season, plus they've lost several key personel (both assistants and their defensive captain). Game-time decision me thinks.

Thanks for dropping by, now please turn the money I've been giving away lately into a WCOOP win so Otis has some work to do :)

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