Saturday, December 06, 2008

World Cup of Poker V Live Blogging

With Otis and Pauly currently putting their lime tossing aside while the federales squabble over who gets the under-the-table payment to continue cancel the LAPT Mexico tournament...

... join us over at the PokerStarsBlog tomorrow for live blogging coverage of the Divisional PokerStars WorldCup team tournaments. A complete freeroll in which nine teams from all across the world will be trying to reach the PokerStars Caribbean Adverture in a little different manner. They'll will be playing along side the PCA main event for $100,000 to the winning team of five.

I'll be on the morning crew with Texas April, Short-Stack Shamus, and Falstaff bringing Deutschland, U.K., Europe, and the Rest of the World divisions to friendly doorsteps of the internet.

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