Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eat Your Wheatons!

Couple of weekend pimps after I had the lovely audiologist who was a cross between Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria pump me full of gel. Yeah, kinda hard to make small talk while getting your ears encased in wax, but damn she was hot.

First off...

Wil Wheaton is back, but never left, yet is here. Strange.

Anyway, new stuff from the master of the d20 die looking roll a crit hit on the silver plated dragon and playing make believe on a TV and movie set near you.

Found on Pauly's blog, its Wheaton's new book Sunken Treasure on sale over at

Go buy. I just did. If someone has a recommendation on his other books, let me know.



LOS ANGELES – FEBRUARY 12, 2009 – Dream Team Poker today announced the hiring of
Katherine Kowal to be the company’s new director of business development, adding
another industry veteran to their impressive executive team. Kowal will be
charged with further advancing Dream Team Poker’s casino presence and enhancing
brand recognition among poker players.

Kowal was the former
director of casino and player relations at the World Poker Tour. She joined the
poker tour giant in 2003 and was responsible for growing domestic and
international strategic partnerships for the company. During her time with the
WPT, Kowal managed casino partnerships, player relations and event marketing and

"Katherine has a proven track record of success
everywhere she has been in the gaming and entertainment industry," said Dream
Team Gaming CEO Daniel Delshad. "Her poker and casino acumen will help place
Dream Team Poker among the elite gaming authorities in the

Kowal will help Dream Team Poker identify and target new
casino partners to license the patented Dream Team Poker system as well as
oversee DTP’s event marketing, player relations, and strategic partnerships. In
addition, she will be responsible for maintaining relationships with top casinos
and leverage those relationships to build the DTP Brand.

this position at Dream Team feels like a natural next step for me,” said Kowal.
“My background in casino and player management has made working in this industry
rewarding. I hope to boost new player sign ups and help casinos see the unique
value of Dream Team Poker’s exciting team-based tournament structure. ”

Prior to joining WPT, she worked in television production for Nash
Entertainment, where she produced shows for networks including The Learning
Channel and FOX Entertainment. Kowal earned a Bachelor of Science from Boston
University with a major in Communications.

Dream Team Poker hired
Kowal shortly after announcing their second tournament at the poker room in
Caesars Palace Las Vegas on March 27-29, 2009. To register for the Dream Team
Poker Caesars Palace Las Vegas event and for more information on, please visit


About Dream Team Gaming

Dream Team Poker is a new “team-based” structure and scoring system for
tournament poker. Dream Team Poker’s patent-pending scoring system allows
players to compete on an individual basis while getting scored as a team, giving
each player better odds and chances to win money as they compete for individual
and team prizes. Casinos benefit from Dream Team Poker’s structure as players
have new incentives to stay at the property after busting out, resulting in
longer hotel reservations, more meals eaten at casino restaurants, and general
increase on property, which generates more side play revenue.

Founded in 2007, Dream Team Poker is growing rapidly and
licensing its tournament structure to many of the nation’s largest and popular
casinos. It is the first gaming product developed by Dream Team Gaming, a
privately held company headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information,
please visit

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