Monday, February 16, 2009

I Won A Headache and a Monkey

I don't know if you guys want to be outed as helping me on the road to being hooked on hearing phonics but a big thank you these guys making my decision a simple one:


And over the weekend I got a letter from the Palmetto State with the envelope labeled "G-Vegas Collective". Begging for a letter from G-Rob offering to play PLO and PLO8 again, inside the letter said such a table couldn't be spread until Samson gets done with his private lessons from Robert Williamson III and Jeff Hwang.

*cough* Like that's going to help *cough*

Instead two friends sent me a note and money reminding me why our invisible internet friends that we've met over the years despite miles of trees, congested roadways, and regional accents in the way, feel like they're in your kitchen mixing up another martini before shouting "I raise dark!".

While we might not play poker on the internets as much as the glory days of Party Poker, bonus whoring, and these pages being more about poker then whining about my so-called life, the friendships still remain.

Humbled, smiling, and graceful.

Thank you BadBlood and Otis.


On the note of internet poker there are two things I will not be doing in the near future.

1) Playing eight tables of PLO and PLO8 with half of them 6-max.

2) Playing the $10+$1 $200,000 guarantee at PokerStars

The first one was to chase those juicy 25 billionth hand giveaway for four hours, of which netted me $1.87 (playing with over half of my depleted bankroll on the tables), a handful of Frequent Players Points (to buy another cute monkey from the FPP store), and a headache that required a few double Cap'n Cokes with an Excedrin chaser.

Did not win any bonuses since the randomizer choose all Hold Em' tables while I played. RIGGED!!!

How I ever used to do this on a daily basis for far more hours is beyond me. Forgetting that PL/NLO8 was on one side of the screen and PLO-Hi was on the other is a bad mistake.

The 27,000 player donkfest saw me getting thru 26,000 players (finished in the 900s)...

... only to find out that players 271 - 4,000 got paid the same. Maybe some basic reading skills found on Wyatt's kindergarten "Reading is Fun!" workbooks would tell me that the proper strategy is to push, push, push with hopes for a big stack since finishing mid-late field means shit.

No gold star for me, but that $28K for first is a neat apple to shoot for since it only cost $11 to enter.


Hearing aids will be ready in two weeks with a program button to include "ignore nagging wife", "decipher drunk", and "read your soul".

I like.

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