Thursday, July 29, 2010

A note to financial planner Michelle Bachmann

Hi there Michelle.

Photo cred at her website

I heard you were busy yesterday during the hearing on Internet Gambling Regulation.

Your quote:

"With our economy struggling as it is and unemployment hovering around 10%, this bill rewards offshore gambling corporations at the expense of American workers," Bachmann stated. "This legislation will kill American jobs and open up another revenue source for an already reckless and bloated federal government. We should be putting forth legislation that promotes responsible behavior and sound financial planning. This bill completely misses the mark"

I'm afraid my dear YOU are the only one "missing the mark".  The bill, if you bothered to read it, is to bring regulation and most likely those offshore gambling corporation back home creating jobs in *gaps* America!  Yes, home of the Freedom Fries, Nicole Scherzinger, and people who pay your salary might play online poker.  Your babbling about the unemployment rate makes no sense because online gambling didn't just spring up yesterday.  It was there for the boom and bust of the economy, and it will be there for the next boom and the next bust.  If someone's flush draw doesn't get there, the person does not lose their job.

It is not going away.

Tell me madame representative do you understand how many people these offshore gambling sites employ?  Did you bother to try to understand there are potential jobs coming home for those who were forced to move away when the UIGEA was slipped underneath the Watergate hotel room's door?   Those jobs include many different sectors:  advertising, marketing, accounting, management, IT, and even some writing jobs for us bloggers who manage to wrest away from our crippling Red Bull and Atomic Fireballs addictions. 

Promote responsible behavior and sound financial planning?  Oh, like my 401k which took a 40% nosedive in the past two years?  Or how about my underwater mortgage that I have dilegently been paying on and improving for the past four years but the property value continues to sink despite adding a new roof, new driveway, new windows and siding, and stainless steel appliances and a rockin' hardwood floor in the kitchen that doubles as a slip and slide for my kids when they get bored.  Does this shock you that a loving husband of ten years, doting father of two for seven years, who holds two jobs and goes to school full-time might play online poker and has not resorted to knocking over the local Chuck E. Cheese for game tokens?

Kill American jobs?  Tell me Michelle Bachmann just how does this bill effect YOU.  It does not.  It effects me greatly.  With the extra income from writing about online poker I was able to return to school because my second paycheck allows me to pay the portion of the tution that federal education loans would not cover. In fact YOU are trying to kill MY job and my education in attempt to earn a bigger piece of the "American Dream" that seems to be your song-and-dance presented to rile up more vote.  Next time you think you are helping the American people and those who reside in your own state with unresearched spew like your actions and statement above, look at the toes you are stepping on to get there.  Please explain which American jobs are going to be loss when online gambling sites no longer need to flee to Isle of Man or Gibralter because of reckless politicans telling hard-working Americans how they should spend their paycheck.

I admit I have but one vote but I have a voice and if someone else reads this and agrees it becomes two votes, and so on. 


A life-long Minnesotan


AgSweep said...

Bravo. Count me as vote two. Ms. Bachman is an embarrassment to our State.

Anonymous said...

That's a fine rant, and I don't disagree. However, if anyone thinks that the government getting involved in "regulating" online gambling is a good thing, I've got some nice ocean front property in Maple Grove that I'd like to sell you.

Wolfshead said...

Well, what did you expect from someone who is more worried abour BP than the folks who live on the Gulf?

Unknown said...

It's true that regulation isn't without its faults and it will be hard to get used to, but at least our game will no longer need to hide.

stacksofgold said...

The goverment could this. it wouldnt even be a hard bill if they put a little thought into it.
If they passed a bill that would only allow U.S pokersites or make the off shore sites pay tax , it would be a great tax rev and as you said ads ,employment ect...

So sick of congress both sides
reps and dems

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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