Thursday, August 05, 2010

The first decade of friendship

I posed this question on Twitter, and its relevance is because I will be opening the box tonight for just the second time in ten years...

For those who are or were married:  you pair a lot of money (most likely but not universal) to have a professional photographer come to your wedding and snap photos, including of course the shot of all of the groomsmen trying to get the lace garter off the bride.  How often or how many times have you opened the box or photo album since those nupitals words were read?

Tomorrow, a flashback, and a look forward for two people who have been through a lot and will continue enjoying getting up at 4:30am each morning to see to happens the next day.

I love you Kari, and while I lose myself from time-to-time you are always there to point the way back to where I want to be.


Jordan said...

Lemme tell ya, the biggest mistake we made in our wedding was hiring a photographer. We got great digital pics emailed to us in 24 hours from our friends and family, and then a year later got crappy photos sent to us from the paid photographer. Between the two, if I have to check out wedding photos, I'm going to the album we made for $30 on Kodak's website rather than the $1000+ album by the paid sonuvabitch photographer.

DrChako said...

It's the biggest racket around, but I'm glad we got it. Good pics of relatives who've shuffled off and some fairly decent pics of my brand new wife on the day she was a princess.


The NL Wife said...

Who do I "awwwww" at more? My softie of a friend on his anniversary? Or my sweet husband?