Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bringing on the Pimp Hand

I'm going to be link happy today because well, I need to write for school and a side job for the walking party himself.

First off, Dr. Pauly steps over to Poker From the Rail at Full Tilt to give his thoughts on the summer festival of poker love otherwise know as the World Series of Poker.  Check it out here:  Dr. Pauly and the 2011 WSOP Schedule.

Next up Grange has been crushing the law books for humble folks like myself who want to know more about what roadblocks are ahead in this uphill battle for legal virtual felt poker on United States soil.  Read his latest:  The Intersection of Law and Online Poker - Personal Jurisdiction and feel your brain expand a bit in the process.  Do not however, follow his advice on NFL team teams to root for tomorrow ( NO PACK NO!!! ) nor how to play 58 offsuit in position (he will never live this down, until of course the Packers win tomorrow and we're forced to bow to Rodgers Nation and do the Raji for a year.)

If you don't read these two blogs already, I suggest stepping up your 9600 baud modem to something more modern.  Or zombies may eat you.  Hyperbole and a Half and The Bloggess think somewhere between the box, the moon, and that back corner seat of  a muni that no one sits in. 

Your humble writer blogger will be covering the Sunday Warm-up at PokerStarsBlog tomorrow during the Super Bowl but the peace and quiet will make up for missing out on my buddy's chili.

Have a great weekend folks and remember NO PACK NO!


Pauly said...

Thanks for the pimpage!

DrChako said...

This was a great post until the closing. And the tag.



BamBam said...

Clay Mathews for MVP and then naturally in your US of A, full blown, (no Clinton Joke!) VP!



Grange95 said...

I was a favorite with 85o. You sucked out with your pitiful Cowboys. Oh well, variance.

Thanks for the link.


Packers 31
Steelers 14

Grange95 said...

Packers! Winner winner chicken dinner! Go Pack Go!