Thursday, February 28, 2013

113 days

No, this is not regular, but a post should wander into these parts as I'd like to look back a gaze into the madness before donning my cap and gown and getting my whole life returned after graduation.

Today:  feel like a forearm shiver to the left temple but happy


Your business model is broken, or at least cracked as the rush to gather modern media outlets and stay with the times of internet programming is at least a step in the right direction.

However, your downfall is the base of that programming. The customer.

For months I paid $160.00 for BLAST!!!!11111 internet service and a pretty shitty/basic lineup of cable channels such regulated me to watching Netflix if I wanted something semi-fresh (and magically found a free hour or two) or a Sunday Gibbs-marathon treat while I work the Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStarsBlog (ya'll are reading there I hope).

But, in those 6 or 7 months of paying this amount, magically there was a bigger media package for the same cost with my name on it sitting on some call service desk in Mumbai or Minneapolis. After calling not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE different 800 numbers and one local number (that basically were the same thing) I finally reach the destination of the “retention office”. Your online chat was quick, crisp, and honest. Well done. But, the multitude of glut with these numbers to reach this place was horrible. It was like one of those time share places offering a TV/Set of Steak Knives which seemed very much reach until they pulled you through another door.

Once reached, the CSR was VERY polite and understanding to my hearing issue and repeating things calmly. Again. Well done. And after seeing for the same price I could get HBO (yes, I already watched half an episode of Game of Thrones, Holy Dinklage! BOOBS! BEHEADINGS!) some assorted movie channels, all the kiddie channels my sugar-induced kids could handle and twice the internet speed/usage. While tiffed that I’ve been overpaying for less service, again, you gave ME value (others may not agree), I like.

But, here’s the cracked part. I did not ask for a phone. I did not want a phone. I did not need a phone.

You gave me a phone.


According to the CSR my rate actually would go UP if I excluded the phone. What kind of kickback are you receiving that a land line equals discount coupon? Right now I have not the time to dive into the interwebs and research but a customer shouldn’t pay more for less unless they’re shopping for La Perla.

Work on this please.

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