Tuesday, February 26, 2013

115 days


These people.

My people.

The Bar Olympics at Sundance Bowl

This is who I am.

Work hard, play harder, rinse, repeat, find a wheelchair (proverbial or not) if needed.

Day yesterday started at 4:14am according the muted blue glow of the alarm clock.  It would end at 9:23pm due to sheer exhaustion which today my throat is telling me, "don't grab those 2 for 1 margaritas tonight at your sis-in-law's birthday dinner". 

But, I'll ignore that.

One thing that has gotten me this far is time management, especially this quarter with a full four 4000 level classload.  Bed before 9:30pm every night, only exception is Saturday and only then if work is done to a certain point.  Playing with kids for at least an hour a night as getting sucked into social media can happen after they are tucked in.  Help around the house as much as possible.  As last night despite sending in a concerned customer service call to Comcast about value for what I'm paying (and getting double the amount of channels, internet speed/usage, and free phone for what I pay now), doing a load of laundry because my daughter's bladder is on par with the Bellagio fountain show as not knowing when those streams are going to leap after she is sent off to learn about magnets and singing robots. 

Yes, daddy washed the "backup" pants so you return them to school.

Because daddy doesn't want to be an invisible figure anymore.  Over the past half of year, I tried a little experiment with asking them to name one thing EVERY day that they did at school.  For three month I got crumbles of salad and mutters of "everything".  But, now both are happy to share something different like my toothless girl's singing robots or my son's report of taxidea taxus.  See example below:

Won't do this everyday, or maybe in once a week but typing a few letters on these pages may slow my sprial into the abyss of become a corporate drone.  Or a bar olympics semi-pro.


KenP said...

Hey, what with this stuff? Yesterday, you are all woe is me and Mr. Stress. Now we get the party animal surrounded by admirers buy him beverages of choice.

If you are going to serialize, like the Perils of Pauline, stick with the script. We want somebody tied to the railroad tracks. Maybe get a Greek chorus from Hand Ringers R Us.

Actually, this all looks like you're doing just fine. You can see the end and that great but the new beginning is a bit scary. Don't sweat the small stuff, Dave. You handle family well. Nothing scarier than that.

Unknown said...

It's give and take. Trying to remain social while being responsible enough to get the important stuff done.

That's where the stress is.