Monday, January 09, 2006

Dog Eat Dog

I think the only reason anyone watched that show on NBC years ago was to catch a glimpse of Brooke Burns (photo by Stuff Magazine) or some hot nubile contestant who was usually as bright as your basic Vegas porn slapper. Strip Quarterback? Yes, ma’am please trade that bra for another chance to throw a nerf ball through the circle, no I’m not looking. Did you know that Las Vegas is the capital of Nevada? Neither did I until I watched the show.

Plenty of pokery things done this weekend as my play chip balance on Full Tilt went down, and PokerStars went up. Full Tilt is currently offering a $50K freeroll to those people who earn 50 “Full Tilt points” each day for 28 consecutive days. I am on day 4, and plan to ride it out despite some, um, server problems last night. Maybe it was for the better as the limit O8 games have been kicking my ass sideways. Second best hands and the “its only $X.XX to call” syndrome of limit poker has me bleeding away bets that I would be saving. I believe Caro said: “Bets saved are bets earned”, or something to that nature. And he’s completely right, for every bet you don’t waste, you are earning money as this is what separates the average and good players. Average players break-even because the cards eventually break-even, good players “save” those wasted dollars and invest them more wisely, like on super-duper draws that send the table coach into a tilting frenzy.

On Stars I have been branching out to the turbo PLO8 SnGs that I forgot about. When you cash in 10 straight, you’d think you’d remember how profitable that game was for yourself. I cashed in four more this weekend until my string was snapped by some stupid weak-tight play on my part and I bubbled. Gamecock was kind enough to point out the competition at the $35 level wasn’t much better then the $16s then I was accustomed to.

The players didn’t disappoint.

My bankroll can safely play these, yet I’m looking at the money too much, which is bad. There must be some +5 Magic Concoction of the Donkey that I can quaff to get more confidence to play at higher levels (like the $35s that I played last night). On the cash game side, I have been dabbling in the 3/6 and 5/10 games as promised with mixed break-even type results. The only difference in these games is better hand selection (but still not great) and more turn check-raises by slow-players. It’s true you shouldn’t slow-play often in O8, but my aggressive monkey side comes out when I see an orphan pot that no one wants and I make bets that are -EV. Except in the SnGs where I mostly play a “sit-and-wait” type game and get paid off by overly aggressive players who probably mis-clicked the type of game they wanted to play.


Christmas was celebrated for the 15th time this season last night, as my father-in-law toted over my wife’s two half-brothers and some of the best fuckin wings I’ve ever had. Wing Joint in Blaine (franchise?), the flavor and buffalo styled dipping sauces made for some gluttony only matched by a Thanksgiving Day spread. A couple of 32 oz Cap’n Cokes, a little time in the hot tub, plus all those wings safely in my belly should have put me in a deadly sins induced coma…

What about the dog from the title, Drizz? Lucy, the kind and wonderful canine next door, was thoughtful enough to sing inspirational hymns at 2am for me and the wife. With God’s voice in our ears, sleep would have to wait until the divine’s projected voice got a fuckin milkbone shoved up his ass. Is there any reason the dog needs to be let out when non 3rd shift working stiffs are blissfully dreaming of playing $2/$4 limit hold em' with Brandi from California at the new Hooter’s casino in Las Vegas (watch TLC's Vegas Week for more details)? I guess the neighbors exotic birds were not enough amusement around the house, so they acquired a Rot with a penchant for waking up the neighborhood after the witching hour.

Now I’m at the office just waiting for this Sobe energy drink to kick in so I can be semi-productive as usual.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out Pauly’s latest guest writer BigMike of the Boathouse and ACHE fame.

And for those of you who need your daily poker affirmation from Phil Helmuth…

Phil’s tip of the day… “Patience, patience, patience”

Drizz’s tip of the day… “Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, Phil?”

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