Monday, May 26, 2008

Underwear On My Mind

Back from the cabin with a story called "The Gambler" I'd like to post if I can get it out of my head.

A question though:

If a woman has a sizable "tramp stamp" and is worthy of a few head turns, do you expect her to be wearing fruit of the looms granny panties or would that be against the norm?

On a side note, how many got this in their email boxes?


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As you probably know,your site has been nominated in the following categories: Best Private Poker

BlogVoting for this award period ends June 15, and winning sites will be senta personalized award for display. We have received a total of over 10,000 unique ballots during this voting period, and nearly all categories are too close to call. As voting concludes for this voting period, we just wanted to remind you that it is within our rules for you to encourage users of your site to vote at, and we encourage you to do this.

Best of luck with your site,
Richard Bentley
CEO, Golden Chip Awards

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