Friday, May 30, 2008

Can I Have Another Pronouncation?

I saw a woman yesterday gracefully looking inflicted with pyrrhotism in her best beach wear, or lack there of and wondered... what kind of person memorizes how to spell words like pyrrhotism? Damn these spelling bee kids r smrt.

PLO8 at Riverchasers. I finished 25 of 75 simply because Kyra didn't feel like sleeping and logging on would have meant a wraith from the sleepy spouse that will rival those in the octagon this weekend. It was my last legit shot at a BBT3 seat but my thanks go out to those who set up this beast, and hope the next one is similar with better results :)

Enjoy the weekend folks and stay tuned for a little expansion to my need to plague more ears and eyes with my babbling style of writing.

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