Tuesday, May 06, 2008


A friend of mine that I haven't heard from in quite some time dropped me an email to join Facebook.

No, it was not Niki Belucci coming to whisk me away to show off my white boy dancing skillz at techo-clubs in Zurich, not unlike these bloggers shown here.

So I joined.

What happens now?

(looks at watch)

Ok then.

A congrats to our resident scientist Biggestron, all-around great guy that sadly has fallen to the evils of Red Sox Nation, on his well-fought heads up win at the Hoy last night (that cost me $15 to watch as I got home late from softball and pulled up a PLO8 table to pass the time).

As I wait for something exciting to happen besides cleaning up another ass-plosion while trying to dine out with a potty training child, I'm going to infect your auditory senses with this damn song I can't get out of my head thanks to the Buddy Dank crew (who is still rocking the Borgata by the way).

Skillz series and Bodoggie tonight which I can't play since I'm being whisked back to the diamond this evening despite my knee protesting the very reason I only wanted to play one day a week. Walking around work like I just enjoyed a welcome shower at San Quentin isn't my idea of fun.

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