Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kids in the news

A hearty congrats to Willis' this morning as they welcomed their second into the world. As stated on facebook, I hope Otis opted for the child volume control package.

My daughter seemed to have lost hers, as well as the ability to know what time its optimial to scream for waterblanketslippersrainbowcarebear. This leaves an issue since I avoid drinking caffeine at all cost and already wiped from my daughter's "after party" with some good friends this weekend.

Is there a non-Monster/Red Bull or Coffee alternative out there? Sobe? Crystal Meth?


Anyone catch this non-story from daddy's little precious thing getting his hat knocked off by the big, bad NBA player (Big Baby Davis) who just hit a game winning shot?

Honestly. For where the kid was standing maybe something like this should have happened:

or if you're a sports fan you know about what happens to band members when they come on the field too soon:

Use common sense people, it was given to you by someone, if you lost it I suggest taking a daily read of Bobby Bracelet to obtain a little bit back before you end up in the Express Line with more than 15 items writing a check out with the wrong hand because your screaming four month old won't let go of the Blow Pop she snag while you tried to rope in your other five kids that are dancing to the Kidz Bop version of "We Got the Beat" on top of the check out line belt.

Next time send them off with daddy (or whatever father-figure they get) to the Aerostar so he can deal with the mayhem while you spend your paycheck on lottery scratch offs in the customer service area next to the Rug Doctor rentals.

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